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Sarah Mendy

Sarah is a volleyball Player and likes everything about sport. She also coaches kids volleyball from time to time, but her main hobby is writing. She enjoys the most writing about sports and active lifestyles as she feels more connected to those who think alike.


Creating a Fun Working Out Routine at Home

Electric Tricycles

10 Ways To Incorporate More Movement Into Your Day

Electric Tricycles

Bike Riding While Pregnant: 9 Things You Need To Know

Electric Tricycles

Everything You Need To Get Started With Indoor Cycling

Electric Tricycles

4 Ways To Create A Healthier Indoor Space For More Physical Activity

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How To Stay Active Without Sacrificing Study Time

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Nutrition for Cycling: What to Eat & Drink When You Start Cycling

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Best Recreational Activities to Keep You Inspired and Calm

Electric Tricycles

Home Gym: How To Promote Healthy Lifestyle Habits In Your Family

Electric Tricycles

Preparing For Your First Commute to Work By Bike

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