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Assembly Instructions

BodyEase 3 Speed

RideInThePark 7 Speed

RideInThePark 3 Speed

EVRYjourney Casual Edition 7 Speed

EVRYjourney Casual Edition 7 Speed w/ Integrated Cable Lock

EVRYjourney Casual Edition 7 Speed w/ Integrated Cable Lock & Basket

EVRYjourney Deluxe 7 Speed

A/O Frida 7 Speed 500W Electric Bike

A/O Maya 7 Speed 500W Electric Bike

A/O Amelia Single Speed

A/O Frida 7 Speed

A/O Jackie 7 Speed

A/O Rosa 21 Speed

A/O Serena 7 Speed

A/O Maya 21 Speed

In the Barrel FAT Tire Single Speed

Pave n' Trail Consistent 7 Speed

Ride in the Park Consistent

Relaxed Body 7 Speed

Body Ease Tricycle

Around the Block Single Speed

Around the Block 3 Speed

Around the Block 7 Speed

EVRYjourney 250W Electric Tricycle

EVRYjourney Tricycle

Body Ease Consistent Rider 7 Speed

Around the Block Casual Single Speed

Around the Block Casual 7 Speed

EVRYjourney Steel 7 Speed

EVRYjourney FAT Tire 7 Speed

EVRYjourney Single Speed

EVRYjourney Electric Bike 7 Speed

Classic Edition 3 Speed

Scholar 7 Speed

In the Barrel Single Speed

Serenity 3 Speed

Breathe 3 Speed

BE 3 Speed

Paisley 3 Speed

A/O Amelia 500W

Dreamcycle 3 Speed

Teal 3 Speed

Scholar 3 Speed

Serenity Single Speed

Breathe Single Speed

BE Single Speed

Dreamcycle Single Speed

Teal Single Speed

Paisley Single Speed

Classic Edition Single Speed

Serenity 7 Speed

Breathe 7 Speed

Classic Edition 7 Speed

Teal 7 Speed

Attaching Seat Post and Components

Attaching Seat Post

Disc Brake Assembly

Installing and Using the eBike Electronics

How to Unlatch and Reattach Your Brakes

Connecting the Tricycle Chain

7 Speed Gear Adjustment

Explore Your Range 3 Speed

Pave N' Trail 7 Speed

EVRYjourney Internal Gear 7 Speed

Around the Block 7 Speed Electric Bike

Simple Step-Thru 500W

Simple Step-Thru 7 Speed

Ride in the Park 3 Speed

Around the Block 21 Speed

Explore Your Range 7 Speed

Body Ease 21 Speed

Ride In The Park 21 Speed

EVRYjourney 3 Speed

EVRYjourney 7 Speed

EVRYjourney 21 Speed

Attaching the Brake Cable

Fender Rubbing

Stem Adjustment

Tilting the Handlebars

Stuck Seat Post

How to Charge the eBike Battery

Linghui M5 Display for (Maya/Body Ease/Ride in the Park/Reach Your Destination/Pave n' Trail) eBike

eBike Charging & Troubleshooting

Body Ease 7 Speed

Reach Your Destination 7 Speed

Pave n' Trail 21 Speed

Ride in the Park 7 Speed

EVRYjourney Casual Edition 7 Speed w/ Integrated Cable Lock, Light & Basket

Scholar Single Speed

In the Barrel 3 Speed

Getting the Chain Back onto the Bike

Quick Release Front Wheel

Brake Adjustment

Tricycle Basket Assembly

How to Unhinge Your Bicycle's Brake Latch

How to Adjust the Tilt of Your Bicycle's Handlebars

The Correct Position of You Front Fork

How to Get a Seat Post Out of the Bike Frame

How to Mount Your Bicycle's Left Pedal

How to Fix Your Fender if it is Rubbing Your Bicycle Tire

Why Fender Dents are Supposed to be on Your Bicycle's Fenders

How to Attach Your sixthreezero Front Brake Cable

How to Adjust Your sixthreezero Bicycle Handlebar Stem

A Guide To Assembling & Maintaining Your Sixthreezero Bike (Hybrid, Cruiser, City)

How to Install and Adjust Your Disc Brakes

Is Bike Assembly Easy? What Will I Need to Assemble the Bicycle?

How to Mount Your Front Wheel on Your Bicycle

KD-58C Display for (ATB/EVRYjourney/Amelia/Frida) eBikes

APT LCD 500S Display for All Electric Triycles

KD-21C Display for All FAT Tire Electric Bikes

Pave n' Trail 500W

Body Ease 500W

EVRYjourney FAT Tire 500W

EVRYjourney Steel 3 Speed

EVRYjourney Steel 1 Speed

EVRYjourney Steel 21 Speed

EVRYjourney Internal Battery 7 Speed Ebike

Reach Your Destination 500W 7 Speed

Ride in the Park 500W 7 Speed

All-Terrain Zip n' Fold 750W

Easy Transit 750W Folding Electric Trike

EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle Rickshaw 750W with Passenger Seat

How to Charge the EBike Rickshaw

How to Operate & Ride the sixthreezero E Bike Rickshaw


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