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How To Stay Active Without Sacrificing Study Time

How To Stay Active Without Sacrificing Study Time

When reading or getting some assignments done, it is necessary to ensure that you stay active during the academic activity. A lot of brainwork is done during study times and it is only natural that it gets tired. Science suggests that a 15-minute workout may boost your brain activity and its ability to create the neural networks required for learning. Exercising and staying active during study time is good but learning not to lose too many study hours while staying active is also necessary. Here are some ways to stay active without sacrificing study time.

Leverage online resources

It is good to use textbooks when studying but online learning resources usually provide more. It is like giving you options from different textbooks on the same academic topic and the student will be able to gather as much information as possible. Online resources provide a positive impact on students’ academic self-confidence because of the extra pieces of information that will be provided. Osmosis resources provide top-notch content online for those in Nursing and other medical fields. If you hope to stay active by doing some exercises in between study periods, then you want to be sure that when you start your studying, you do not have to be searching for one textbook or another. Using online resources will save you the time spent on staying active.

Practicing some of the things you study

Staying active can be made possible when you are involved in physical activity. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to enroll at a gym and pay expensive membership fees all the time. Sometimes, it could just be a few minutes of moving around the house or doing a quick physical activity. For example, if you are reading about how seeds germinate or about gardening processes in Agriculture, you can carry out some practicals which would be part of your learning process. Taking on some gardening activities will be a very good option. It would be enough activity to keep you active but not sacrifice study or learning time. You can even practice indoor gardening with the help of grow lights. It is an activity that will help you better understand what you are studying and also help you calm your mind and stay active.

Indulge in activities that won’t interfere with studying

There are some physical activities that you can indulge in while reading that won’t interfere with your studying. It would only help your brain be open to assimilating more and also free up your tired muscles. For example, you can cycle on a stationary bicycle while reading. There is some other gym equipment you can use while studying that would still help you concentrate on your studies. You can even use a projector to display what you are studying on a screen in your home gym. That way, you can take on your gyming activities and read from off the screen. You can also do some mild dancing while studying. All these will make you stay active and still not disrupt your study time.

Make use of text-to-speech software

Staying active without sacrificing study time can also be achieved if you only need to listen to a read-out version of your study material. This is where text-to-speech software’s importance comes in. Some of them are free and can convert Microsoft word files, webpages, PDF files, and even emails into spoken words. NaturalReader is a free text-to-speech program that can do this and it includes Microsoft Voices that can allow you to change the voice and adjust the reading speed. If you can get this software reading to you, you can take on some quick physical exercises like riding your bike for a few minutes. This way, you can achieve reading and exercising your body at the same time.

Fidget while you study

Fidgeting while studying is another way to stay active. This won’t need sacrificing study time. For example, you can wiggle or drum your legs under your desk while studying from time to time, you can also replace a stand-up desk that you use for studying with an exercise ball. Sitting on the exercise ball will force you to stabilize yourself so you don't fall off it. Making yourself stable on it will work on your abs. You can also take a slow walk around your house while still reading to exercise your legs. If you have a flight of stairs in your home, climbing up and down it several times can help you also stay active, energized, and refocused. All these little movements amount to something useful. 

Final word

Studying regularly is something you have to keep up with when you are still in school, especially in college. Some people are able to assimilate faster than others and those who find it difficult to understand what they read usually spend more time studying. Whether you study for long hours or you take your studying at short intervals, you still need to exercise your body to keep fit and refresh your memories. If you are trying hard not to waste any study hours, you can consider these tips to help you stay active without sacrificing study time.


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