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30 Day Standard Bike Test Ride/30 Day Electric Bike Test Ride


30 Day Standard Bike Test Ride/30 Day Electric Bike Test Ride


Restocking Fees

Even if it shows some wear, we won’t charge you a cent.


Return Shipping Fees

We'll pay the return shipping.


Ride Satisfaction

If it's not right for you, we'll take it back with open arms with the allotted return window.

What's this mean?

Exactly what it says. We don't care what you do, ride It, store It, take it to buy groceries, get some exercise, the choice is yours. Either way if anytime between when you receive the bike and 30 Days you decide you don't love the experience, send it back, and we'll pay the shipping.

We understand it may get some scratches, dents, and dings. We get it, you tested it. We don't charge restocking fees either. We're committed to you loving your bike, and don't want you keeping it unless you do. The 30 day return policy only applies to our standard analog bicycles; this return policy does not apply to our electric-powered bicycles. Please see below for the details regarding our electric bike return policy.

Limitations Regarding our 30 Day Test Ride Policy

Our 30 Day Test ride policy is a generous return policy that is only available through bicycle purchases direct through our homepage Our products are sold on various websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, Academy Sports, Bed-Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, as well as eBay. These 3rd party retail websites do not allow for such a lengthy return policy. This is why we encourage our customers to purchase directly through If you purchase from any other retailer other than, the 30 Day Test Ride policy will not be included with your purchase.

We still provide warranty service and repair on our products regardless where they are purchased from, however the return policy of the site or business the bicycle is purchased from is all that will be available to you. Please contact us if you have any questions at

Electric Bicycle 30 Day Test Ride Policy

We hold the same values with covering the shipping and making sure our customers who wish to return their product experience a smooth process, however we must limit the return window on these products due to the nature of electric-powered bicycles. Return Shipping will still be covered to and from you, the customer. If you have any questions prior to purchase, please don't hesitate to call us at (310) 982-2877 or email us at

The 30-Day Return window will begin from the date your Electric Bicycle is delivered to your door.

Holiday Extended Return Window for Bikes & Ebikes Purchased after November 1, 2023

In celebration of the holiday season, we're extending our return window for all bikes or e-bikes purchased after November 1st. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we understand the importance of having ample time to ensure your complete happiness with your purchase. Hence, we're thrilled to offer an extended return window until January 31, 2024. This means you have more time to test your new ride, ensuring it perfectly fits your needs and preferences. Shop worry-free and make the most out of this extended return period, allowing you to embrace the joy of the holidays while feeling confident in your choice.


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