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Best Recreational Activities to Keep You Inspired and Calm

On those days where you just can’t think or don’t feel like doing anything, there are

recreational activities that will help to make you calm and inspire you and your creativity.

Below are just a few things that will bring you the inspiration that you may desperately need.

Morning Walks

Going for an early morning walk is beneficial for mental and physical health. The serenity

and peace of early mornings are an experience where you can enjoy the dew drops, the

chirping of birds, and cool breezes. Most successful freelancers and entrepreneurs start their

day early in the morning because it is the most productive and creative time.

Beneath the Stars

Camping lets you get further away than a simple day trip and gives you the option of sleeping

in a tent, camper, or cabin. Either way, you can sit and take a nap underneath the stars at

night and relax.  Just leave the high-tech at home. An outdoor office can get your creative

juice flowing! If you are your own boss, then taking your office outside is easy. If you work

from home for someone else and have a laptop, then you still have the option to go outside.

Go sit on your patio, or head down to the beach! If you feel like connecting with nature,

consider making the outdoors your daily office. It’s lunchtime and no matter if you work in a

building or your home, pack a picnic lunch with your favorite healthy goodies and have lunch

among the flora and fauna.


We all know that walking is good for you. Unfortunately cruising down the urban streets

doesn’t provide the same mental boost as hiking a local trail or feeling the sandy beach

between your toes. But while riding a bike, you don’t have to have a specific destination in

mind, you can just aimlessly immerse yourself in the natural world around you. It can

rejuvenate a weary mind. There are numerous health advantages that range from both mental

and physical benefits that you get from regular bicycle riding. According to a study

conducted by scientists, riding a gas powered bicycle is just as good as riding a traditional

bike for improving fitness. Although cycling with an electric bike is pedal-assisted, it’s still

exercising and therefore good for your health, both mentally and physically.

Cycling is a healthy sport that has been around for decades. It gets you out of your busy work

area and mindset. There are aches and pains we get when all we do is sit behind a desk typing

on our computers. Riding can help with those pains and relax your mind. People who ride a

bike regularly build more confidence when cycling. You can either be cycling to get fit, for

competitive reasons, or even for social reasons. There are several mental benefits of cycling

that include: reduced risk of depression, better sleep, reduced stress, improved memory,

improved creative thinking, and boosts personal productivity


Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a specific technique to train attention and

awareness and to achieve a state of mental clarity and emotional calmness. It can produce a

deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. This can be done by focusing the mind on a

particular object, thought, or activity. So, leave your electronics behind and listen to the

melodies nature has to offer. The babbling brooks, bird songs, wind whistling through the

trees, and the scurrying of unseen animals. It’s more relaxing than the honking of horns and

text message alerts and it offers the opportunity to practice some meditative mindfulness in

your tranquil surroundings. Hot springs can be used as a meditation practice and are known to

have healing effects on the body and mind. Traveling to one of nature’s jacuzzis is a great

way to soothe your soul.

Final Words

Just remember that there are multiple options to inspire you and to keep you calm. Some are

things that I am sure you didn’t even think or realize would give you the calming effect that

you wanted. Who thought that any type of exercise would have that effect? The key is to find

the one that works for you.


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