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Preparing For Your First Commute to Work By Bike

Preparing For Your First Commute to Work By Bike

There are several obvious reasons why you might want to commute to work by bike. It is not a bad idea, anyway. Aside from the fact that it provides a cheaper alternative to transport, it also allows you to move at your convenience and pace. However, it is only possible to get the maximum benefits from commuting bikes to work when you get the best commuter bike.  

It might take a lot to find the best commuter bikes, but it is undoubtedly worth the stress. Finding and using the best commuter bike will make the journey more comfortable and smoother. It is understandable if finding the best commuter bike seems a hassle due to the several options available. However, understanding your needs and proper preparation for your trips will make the whole process and experience completely hassle-free.  

There are some factors you should consider while looking for the best commuter bikes for you. These factors will help you make the best choice, making the process entirely hassle-free.

These factors include; 

●        Brake and control system  

●        Tire size, grip, and comfort  

●        Relaxed positioning and proper fit 

●        Stability and balanced ride  

●        Cost-effectiveness and the durability of bike parts  

Understand Different Types of Bikes  

One of the first steps to properly prepare your first commute to work by bike is getting the most suitable bike for you. There are different types of bikes, and each of them has advantages and peculiar shortcomings. Understanding various cycles, strengths, and weaknesses will make it easier for you to meet your needs.  

One of the most common types of bikes is electric bikes, also known as e-bikes. Electric bikes are popular because they are one of the best of all kinds. It has an integrated electric motor that helps to propel the bike. Likewise, it is efficient, reliable, and offers intuitive controls. Other types of bikes are not bad, either. They have impressive benefits as well, including being relatively affordable. 

You will also find some gas-powered bicycles that are efficient and comfortable. These options leave you with an open offer of choosing the most suitable bike option for you. What matters the most is getting the most suitable bike that matches your needs, and it will make your first commute to work by bike a remarkable experience.  

Men Bikes Vs. Women Bikes  

Making gender-specific bikes is no mistake. They are designed to match the specificity, physiology, and body demands of each gender. Both men and women bikes are not entirely different. They have a lot of intersections because they both operate on the same basic principle.  

The significant similarities between male and female bikes are that they have similar basics. The framework of both types of bikes is quite identical. Likewise, the basic structures like tires (front and rear), seats, propellers, and control are the same in both types of bikes.  

The primary difference between the two is fit. Women’s bikes are cuter (whatever that means) and less rigid than men’s bikes. Likewise, the geometry and frame of the two bikes are equally different. Women are averagely shorter than men; hence, women’s bikes are designed with this in mind. Similarly, women have shorter torso lengths; consequently, women's bikes generally have a shorter reach. Some women's bikes also feature downward-sloping top tubes, aiming to help women wear skirts while riding. Other notable differences are in the handlebar, seats, brake levers, suspensions, and other factors that can aid comfort and control.  

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean men cannot ride women’s bikes and vice versa. The key is to find a bike that fits your body proportion. You can also find some unisex bikes that will work well for both men and women. Some other bikes are also adjustable and can sync with various body appearances and proportions.  

Safety Measures While Commuting By Bike 

Whatever mode of transportation you are taking, safety is one of the essential considerations. One of the crucial safety tips for riding bikes is getting headlights. You cannot be so sure of not moving at night. A right bike headlight will help you navigate safely on roads and highways. In fact, in some countries, it is illegal to (as much as dangerous) ride bikes on public roads in the dark without reflectors and lights.  

Other safety features include the use of helmets and other safety gear. Likewise, it would be best if you watched out for traffic and traffic lights. Watch out for fling doors with parked cars and keep an adequate distance away from them. For instance, if you happen to live in Kansas City, you want to make sure that the bike ride to coworking spaces in Kansas City is safe and sound.  

Finding Suitable Cloths and Gears 

Cloths and gears are one of those factors that will decide your comfort while riding bikes. Wearing smart and fitted clothes will make you feel comfortable while commuting to work by bike. It is good enough that you don’t need cycling-specific clothes to commute to work by bike. All you need to do is ensure that your office clothes are smart on you, and they provide the free movement of your body parts. Bright colored clothes will also help you to be more noticeable by motorists.  

Other clothing accessories like rain jackets will save you from getting drenched on rainy days. A waterproof backpack will also help to protect your laptops, documents, and other valuables from getting damaged by rain. In addition, there are many benefits of wearing bike gloves as they play a protective role. However, there is no need to make a big deal of clothes to wear. All you need is just something comfortable and protective.  


Commuting to work by bike is not a bad idea. It offers a cheaper and personalized mode of transportation. In fact, it can help as a form of exercise to keep fit and sharp. Also, it is equally important to stay hydrated because it is crucial for your health. Riding bikes in some specific weather might be exhausting and cause you to get dehydrated on time. Getting a good and handy water bottle will help you with it. You can place it in your backpack or find a comfortable part of your bike to attach it.  


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