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At sixthreezero, our goal is to get as many people pedaling as we possibly can so everybody can keep moving happy forever.

If you want to be a part of this cruiser community and spread the word about our cool, comfortable and affordable bikes, you’re at the right place :)

Why Become A Sixthreezero Ambassador?

Be a part of a fun Pedal Ambassadors Community
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How To Apply

Follow us on @_sixthreezero_ and like us on Sixthreezero Bicycle Co
Fill out the Ambassadors form below
Wait to get approved and follow the steps requested by email
Welcome to our pedal community 🙂

Meet Our Ambassadors



I’m sooooo excited for my new bike! When I lived in NYC I would ride my bike everywhere and I really missed having a bike. Since I moved to Santa Monica a few months ago I started riding again and it’s feels amazing to ride to the beach and spend time outside!



Life is like riding a bicycle; you have to keep moving if you want to keep your balance!! Thanks to my friends over at@_sixthreezero_ I’ll be reaching my destination much faster on my new wheels 🚲 “Reach Your Destination” looks like a #cruiserbike but it’s a hybrid; perfect for riding around town or hitting the trails.

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