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10 Ways To Incorporate More Movement Into Your Day

No time or gym? But still, want to maintain fitness? Don’t worry, we surely have a solution for all your problems. Avoiding junk food, controlling portion size, and maintaining an active lifestyle are great ways of staying fit even without a hard-core gym routine. It may not be a complete alternative to a gym routine but will surely help you stay in shape with some light exercise and a healthy eating routine. Let’s have a look at the 10 easiest ways to incorporate more movement into your day. 

Choose Cycling Over Driving 

To begin with, quit the habit of driving to nearby destinations which can be reached by simply walking or cycling. Avoiding engine power and utilizing your muscle power for reaching close enough places and then slowly increasing the distance will keep your body active during the day. And the best part is saving on some fuel as well. 

Get The Chores Done 

To many your surprise, housekeeping is a great way to stay active during the day. It may seem the bare minimum but at least you are trying. Get up early, make your bed, and get started with all the pending chores. Being involved in cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping will keep your mind and body active. 

Take The Stairs 

Do not waste even the tiniest opportunity to stay active, especially on the stairs. Why keep waiting for the elevator when you can take the stairs to reach the next floor? Taking the stairs will get your muscles moving and help you burn some calories. 

A Daily Dance Session 

Dancing is a great way to get full body movement while getting bored. Dedicate half an hour daily to dance all your worries out and stay energetic and stress-free. You may even invite your friends along and have a dance party. 

Get Yourself A Pet 

If you want yourself to keep running all around the house then get yourself a pet. An energetic pet like a dog will provide you enough chances to get up from the bed and run behind it. You can also enjoy a good walk with your pet. 


Next comes a method catering to two problems at the same time. Yes, we are talking about gardening. Taking care of the plants will firstly bring you close to nature and secondly help you stay active throughout the day. Having a huge backyard is not a condition to adopt gardening as a hobby, you can invest in indoor plants as well. For proper growth and nourishment of indoor plants you should get an indoor grow tent kit. Proper water and soil content coupled with the indoor grow tent kit will make your indoor plants grow at an unbelievable pace.

Walk And Call 

We usually tend to be sitting or lying on the bed when on a phone call. And if it’s your best friend on the other side of the call then it can continue for hours. To change the narrative, walk while you listen to your best friend’s silly but important stories. 

Track Your Fitness 

Getting an app or gadget to track your footsteps can be great motivation to stay active. Getting a constant reminder to do better from the previous record will inspire you to walk more during the day. And with every step taken you are getting closer to developing a habit of staying active rather than just sitting idle. 

10 Min Walk Break 

The people most likely to get obese are the ones employed in computer-based sit-and-work jobs or the students studying most of the day. All such people should set a timer for a 10 min walk break after every 30-45 minutes. This way they can their muscles and mind working simultaneously. 

Leisure Time = Activity Time 

Again talking about the ones involved in sedentary jobs should utilize their free time for some kind of physical activity. Rather than using a mobile phone in the little free time you get, utilize this time for running, skipping, or getting some outdoor chores done. 

Nothing can be better than staying active before reaching a point of developing any serious health issue. There can be several ways to stay active during the day including keeping the right mindset, cycling over driving, doing the chores yourself, taking the stairs, dancing, taking care of a pet, walking while calling, using a fitness tracker, taking a walk break every half an hour, and turning your free time into activity time. 


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