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Custom Fit Bikes

A guided fitting and customization process that pairs you with the perfect bike for your body and riding style.

Why it matters

if you were a runner, would you wear a shoe that is too small or too large when you go running? Most likely, you would not. The same concept applies when selecting and setting your bike up for optimal comfort. the better the fit, the longer and more enjoyable your riding will be.

1. Get Fitted

We make it easy with our 5 minute fitting quiz.

We have a number of different styles and models of bicycles, and we have developed a simple questionnaire to help narrow down your bicycle selection. The recommended bikes result from your height, weight and desired use. You will see a percentage match in the top-right corner of the resulting bicycle models we recommend.

2. Select your favorite frame

What to consider during this step

Please consider how you will be riding your bike. Some of our riders prefer to leisurely ride around the neighborhood, some ride through the city to get to work, and some ride for exercise and sport. Take into account the topography of your routes and how often you will be riding up and down hills.

3. Customize!


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