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eBike Scavenger Hunt Fun Bike Activities

We actually completed the scavenger hunt. I can't believe it. Well, actually, at first, I was...

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Top 5 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

The second reason why you would buy an e-bike, you want to go fast. So if...

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Riding eBikes through LA Streets Bike Cup Holders

Our drinks made it safely, no spills, it's still cold. It was about two miles each...

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Beginner's Guide: What You Need to Know about Electric Tricycles for Adults

Electric tricycle could be a good option. It's not going to be scary. You're not going...

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How Covid-19 is Affecting the Bike Industry

COVID-19 started to kind of have a major effect on the US in early to mid-March....

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Bike Cell Phone Holders That We Ride With

These particular cell phone holders, there are actually several companies, I noticed on Amazon, doing the...

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What You Need to Know About Adult Tricycles

The one thing about a tricycle is, while you do want to be able to get...

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Hands On Guide to eBikes

E-bikes have come into the market recently. Some are expensive. Some are not. I think a...

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What is a Comfort Bike? What to Look For in a Comfort Bike

Another characteristic you may or may not see on a comfort bike is actually a suspension...

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The Best Bikes For Moms What to Look For

Now, typically women's frames do have a lower step-through height than most men's. Don't ask me...

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Can You Ride Bikes on the Beach & Sand? Best Fat Tire Bikes & Beach Cruisers

A Beach Cruiser is sort of a name for a bike in the idea that you...

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Choosing the Right Bike for Your Riding Distance

So, let's say now you're going to go somewhere in the two-mile to 10-mile range. Actually,...



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