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Why Bike Riding Helps Improve Mobility for Seniors

Older adults who hope to remain healthy and physically active should remember the o...

What Bikes are Best for Different Terrain Types

Buying a bike that fits the terrain you expect to ride is the difference bet...

The Best Bikes and Cycling Habits for Weight Loss

Comfort cycles suit bicyclists who plan to most ride on paved streets or bik...

The Best Electric Bikes of 2021

E-bikes are particularly ideal for the senior citizen population or anyone w...

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Gear Range Difference between 7 Speed and Internal 3 Speed Bikes

Now, the three-speed doesn't have quite the range of the seven-speed as you ...

Gear Ratio, Gear Range and Gear Steps on Electric Bikes and E-Bikes

The gear ratio is the relationship between the front chainring (there's the ...

The Best Electric Bikes for Back Pain

Almost 65 million people in the U.S. suffer from back pain, and 16 million o...

Electric Bike WEIGHT LIMIT

They have what is called double-wall rims, which are strong. They've built a...

Tools You NEED To Assemble an Electric Bike the RIGHT WAY | E-Bike Tools

What tools do you need to assemble an e-bike?

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