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How to Bring Your Dog on a Tricycle Ride - Electric Bike Ride with Your Dog

Hey, everyone. I'm Sherry, and this is my riding companion every time I go out unless I'm just going to go to somebody's house and drop something off two doors down. Anyways, this is my companion, Sophie, and she's my riding buddy. And Sophie is my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and she's seven years old. And Sophie says, if I so brazenly told you how old that she is, she said, I must disclose my age. So Sophie, and for everybody out there watching and listening, I am 61 years old.

So Sophie's a 22-pound give-or-take dog, and she loves to come on rides with me every day. So I thought it would be nice if I could show you how much she enjoys riding the bike and what I have to take with me. Now, when I take things, I don't take a whole lot. I used to have a frozen water bottle, but I've upgraded to just a regular thermos. And then when we want to stop and get a drink... Because our rides aren't too long. We ride for about an hour, maybe 45 minutes, and we'll stop a little bit halfway or towards the endpoint. And then I'll take a little sip of this, and then she'll have that.

And I always take a cell phone. My husband is using my cell phone to make this video. So I'm going to just put his in the back. And if I remember to use the app, I will. Most often, I don't. So I have this wonderful liner that I got made for my sixthreezero bikes, and this girl on Etsy is wonderful. So I don't know if you can get a close-up of this. This is me putting the cell phone in my pocket, and I have these two clips. And when I have the girl make it from Etsy, I told her to put these little whole things on the sides in the middle and she did just that. So they always stay in there.

So let me show you how Sophie gets put into her basket. Come on, sweetness. Oops. I'm sorry. There we go. She's a little heavy, [inaudible 00:01:49]. So she gets in her basket. I normally don't take her leash because I really don't need it. After all, when I hook this to here, I hook this on her collar, and then she's hooked from this side, so she's in there nice and secure. One of the things I love about Sophie besides lots of things is when we go riding, because this is a trike and it has a tendency to tip over, when I put Sophie in the back, she adds weight to that, so I feel much more secure. So it won't tip over so easily.

So she's got her pillow. My cell phone is in the back. Here's my water, and here's the cup that she and I are going to share. And that's really all we take because we really don't go real far from the house. Now because we are dealing with sun and wind, I love my little girl and everybody loves watching her do it. She doesn't like it. And when I take her to go to the bathroom, she definitely shakes her head, and she doesn't like it. They go on very easily, and they're very adjustable. You see. Now, come on, isn't this just the cutest little thing?

So I'm hoping that you all will go on a little ride with Sophie and stay to the end of the video, so you can see just how much she loves it. When I do ride, a lot of times, I'll lean back and I'll pat her and let her know that I'm thinking about her. I have to tell you, I have my matching sixthreezero helmet. Full disclosure, I bought the helmet, but I wear the helmet only in the evenings because I can't ride in the sun without complete protection. So I'm going to set this aside. So I do wear this at night, which is why I bought it. And then I'll put my lights on and everything. But one of the... This is a mail key too because when we get to the mail, Sophie knows we're almost done. After all, we get the mail on the way home. So I just put this in here. I've got a couple of pockets. I've got a zipper.

And another thing about taking Sophie with me, I'm hoping that people will notice my gorgeous bike and my gorgeous dog won't look because I do have skin cancer issues and I need to keep my face covered. So believe it or not, you're not going to believe it, my family and friends cannot believe that I actually leave the house like this, much less ride a bicycle like this. But you know what, before I got this bike, I couldn't enjoy walking during the day because it's just too hot when you're walking, but when you're riding a bike and you're wearing all these clothes, I stay much cooler. So I was never outdoors during the day. So this bike has really been a lifesaver for me because I can ride this.

And if people look and stare, that's okay, because I'm only going to see them for a minute. This protects my whole face from the sun. This keeps my ears covered. And I tried to wear this with the helmet, but the problem is that the helmet has open ears and then this thing has open ears. So believe it or not, this is what I look like. She's all secured in there, and she's just ready to go. I did turn it on, but after I turn it on, it kind of times out after a few minutes. So I'm hoping you stay to the end of the video so you can see just how much Sophie and I are enjoying riding this. I'll see you soon. I hope you come along.

I got a little shade so I can let my mask down and let the wind through my hair. Are you having fun riding with this yet?

It's so invigorating. How's my Sophie girl doing? Does she look happy? Does she look happy? I'll see you at the next stop.

Hello again. If you've got to this part of the video, then that means that you've been coming along with Sophie and I for the day. We've got one more stop to make after this, and Sophie knows that once we stop here at the mailboxes and I get my mail key that we are almost done with our ride. So when she gets thirsty, she might not be thirsty because did you know, we just got to have rain and it's nice and cool out. I take a sip of water myself. And then all I do is take that little plastic cup that I packed along for my Sophie gal. And like I said, she might not be thirsty. Come on. She can't ever resist ice water. The girl loves her ice water. And the reason it's taking me so long to get here is because I've already been stopped by three people along the way. After all, she's just so gorgeous. Isn't she?

Well, the pedal assist has been turned down to one, and I am surely slowing down. And I think after this invigorating ride after this gorgeous rain, Sophie will be sleeping sound at night and she'll be snoring. So anyway, I hope that everybody here enjoyed our ride with Sophie. Because the sun's going down now, I can take off my hat and take off my face protection and feel like I am one with the universe again and not stick out like a sore thumb. And so my Sophie girl, I don't know if you can see this, but she is tired of wearing those glasses. Yes, she is. She says, "I have been in this pony and dog show for everybody to see and everybody to comment." And she says, and I'm tired of acting like the cute little thing that she is. She is just such a love. This is just so easy to unhook her. It really is.

And even though Sophie is a very good girl all the time, yes, she is, even though she's a very good girl, if she were to see a person going by here or another dog, she'd have no sense. She'd be out on the street. So I always like to keep her leash on her when she's getting out. So thanks for joining us today. Sophie and I thank you. Have a blessed day. Goodbye.


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