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9 Safest Electric Bikes - Chosen by our Experts

The 9 Safest Electric Bikes - Chose by Our Experts

Rather than getting into the car and paying high fuel costs, more and more people are seeking alternative options for work and school commutes, daily errands and leisurely excursions. Today's commuters have more options than ever, but electric bikes, or e-bikes, have become a fast favorite. 

In November 2021, John Surico of The New York Times shared that while e-bikes were already gaining popularity before the pandemic, electric bike sales increased 145% from 2019 to 2020. What's more, sales of e-bikes rose more than double the rate of classic bicycles.

Perhaps those numbers show that people discovered e-bikes as a means of combining the pleasure of bicycling with the practicality of adding an electrical component for commuting. An e-bike allows people to get to work on a hot morning without breaking a sweat, or at least not as much of a sweat. 

But you might wonder whether e-bikes are safe. Are they good for exercise? If you are thinking about investing in a new bicycle or commuting vehicle, you might have some questions. 

Are you considering buying an e-bike and need more information? Our team has you covered. We decided to go through some things to consider when deciding to buy an e-bike and which ones are the best, safest and offer you the most fun and functionality. 

What Makes E-Bikes So Appealing? 

While e-bikes can take a lot of the heavy pedaling out of the riding experience, if a rider wants that, they don't do it all. It isn't like riding a scooter or motorcycle. You still need to contribute to the commute with some pedaling, but you get a lot of breaks, so to speak. In brief, it's cycling with a kick to it.

You'll find e-bikes in various bicycle styles, including mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids, commuters and beach cruisers. As you can see, you'll have plenty of options to complement your personal riding style and preferences. 

For more options, think about the three classes or levels of e-bikes available:

  1. A basic e-bike provides assistance—sometimes described as a feeling of an invisible hand giving a push—while pedaling up to a top speed of 20 miles per hour.
  2. A throttle-based model allows riders to reach 20 miles per hour without any pedaling at all, then holds steady at 20 miles per hour.
  3. Another basic, invisible hand model that reaches 28 miles per hour. 

What to Look for in an E-Bike? 

When searching for your new pedal assist, sometimes known as pedelec, e-bike, you might not know precisely what to look for. Here are some things we think are essential features and specifications for all e-bike riders at any level. 

Type of Motor

The two primary electric bike motor systems you will come across are the hub motor and mid drive. Don't worry, they both amount to less effort while riding as soon as you kick off and start pedaling. The mid drive motor is most commonly found around the bike's bottom bracket. Every time activated, force is applied to the electric bike's drivetrain. A hub motor is located at the front or rear wheel of an e-bike. 

Mid drive e-bikes serve as a crank motor assist, featuring electronic sensors that pick up how much exertion you are putting out and how hard you are pedaling. At a certain threshold, the motor will kick in and assist according to your needs. They handle hills well but are a little noisy. 

Hub motors are quieter than crank assisted motors, but they don't handle hills as well. Most commonly used in the rear hub, these motors work in tandem with the chain and cassette, measuring the force of pedaling to determine whether any motor-enhanced adjustments are needed and how much.

Other Considerations for Buying the Right E-Bike 

While the power behind an e-bike is crucial, it isn't everything. You have other things to consider, such as the bike style, cost, accessories and safety features. Once you put it all together, you'll be on the road to finding the perfect e-bike. 

But for many new electric bike owners, safety is an area of particular importance. It's reasonable for something new to give you pause and cause you to dig deeper. Let's explore the safety factors for electric bikes.

Are You Ready for an Electric Biking Adventures?

What Makes an E-Bike Safe? 

According to Easyebiking, electric bikes are as safe as any other type of transportation because there is a risk to using any type of transportation or doing any type of activity. Fortunately, much of the riding safety factor associated with riding involves common sense knowledge you've already used when using a classic bike, skateboarding, riding a scooter or driving.


While it's new gear, safety is still about knowing and observing the rules of the road, taking care of your equipment, monitoring your personal safety and the safety of others, and staying vigilant of potential risks. Using common sense and thoughtfulness, you have control of the situation. 

However, you need to know how to keep your e-bike running safely and how to use it wisely, as a specific mode of transportation. As a relatively new classification of transportation—and can reach up to 30 miles per hour—there are some new rules to keep in mind, including:

  • Determine Where You Are Permitted to Ride Your E-Bike. You might think that you can ride in the bike lane or on any trail, but the rules may vary according to your state's laws. In many states, you can ride on any street, road or highway, as long as you comply with traffic laws. 
  • Wear a Helmet. In this case, riding an e-bike is no different from riding a classic bike. Protect your head. 
  • Light Up Your E-Bike. Ensure that you are visible and can see the road and your surroundings clearly by adding the right lighting equipment to your e-bike. 

The 9 Safest Electric Bikes - Chose by Our Experts 

Now that you know more about e-bikes and e-bike safety, it's time to explore the safest electric bikes. Our experts sat down together to come up with our nine picks to help make your decision easier and help you roll out your new adventure faster. 

We hope our safety ideas and list of our favorite SixThreeZero bikes helps you make the best choice of bike for your electric biking adventures. We have a passion for bikes, e-bikes and your loving whichever bike and line you choose.

If you need more information on e-bikes, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team to learn more.


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