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Choosing a Bike
Kids Bikes: How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Child

Kids Bikes and Why We Did Not Sell Them Before Kids bikes were not in the...

Choosing a Bike
Folding Bikes: Everything You Need to Know

Folding bikes have become a popular method of transportation in recent years. Watch this video to...

Choosing a Bike
Tandem Bikes: Why You Need Two to Make Things Right

Tandem bikes have always been the most unique style of bikes, carrying two people instead of...

Choosing a Bike
Road Bikes for Sale: A How-To Guide for First Time Riders

Road bikes for sale and how much to spend on them varies during the time of...

Choosing a Bike
Giant Bikes Compared: Powerful Advice and Affordable Quality

Giant Bikes is a bicycle manufacturer with factories in Taiwan and China. Click here for our...

ride ideas
The Best Way to Bike in a Big City

Riding a bike in the city is a refreshing way to get around or to just...

ride ideas
UNC Bike Riding, Chapel Hill Edition: Nothing Could Be Finer

With four majestic seasons and a history going back to the nation’s founding, the leafy University...

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Fall Bike Rides In Chicago

When your summer spent eating all the carbs along the Magnificent Mile has seen its last...

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Exploring Houston by Bike Guide

You could easily bike around Houston and enjoy an entire day of fun and exploring. But,...

ride ideas
Biking In The Hamptons: Our Top 5 Bike Trails

Biking in The Hamptons is an ideal way to get some exercise and soak up beauty....

ride ideas
Biking In San Francisco: A Beginner’s Guide

This might be one of the most thrilling bike rides in the world. The scenery is...



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