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Pave n’ Trail Men's Bike

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of SixThreeZero. I want to tell you today a little bit about the men's Pave n' Trail. Where is it best to be ridden and who is the best candidate for this bike? So let me start off by saying the Pave n' Trail is a hybrid bike. What we mean by hybrid bike is it uses lots of different features and elements from different types of bikes. So it doesn't fit into anyone's specific class like mountain or road. We call it a hybrid bike and this bike is best for the guy that wants to ride paved surfaces, but also may want to do a little bit of off-road riding. And when I say off-road riding, I don't mean climbing mountains. I don't mean getting aggressive on some crazy downhill mountain trail, but I mean hard-packed trails, grass, forest preserve trails, things like that. So if you think you might use this on some streets, sidewalks, but then you still may want to do a little bit of off-roading, it's a great bike. It's an all-purpose bike.

The other thing too is if you're someone that's interested in exercise, you're looking to break a sweat while you ride, you're going to be a little bit more aggressive on your bike, again, this is a great option. So if you're thinking you're a little more recreational, looking for more leisure, more comfort-based, I would go a different direction, maybe take a look at our EvryJourney Around the Block, something in that. This bike, the Pave n' Trail is more geared towards performance. So on the spectrum of all the SixThreeZero models, this one lands more on the performance side versus the comfort side. We've put more thought and engineering into how will it ride on the street, how will it ride in the dirt, on the trails? Things like that. Again, with less focus on the comfort of the actual rider. So let me explain some of the features that make this bike what it is and why it's good for these different elements.

Number one is looking at the tires here. These are sort of a medium-thickness tire. They're great because they're still thin enough to allow a decent roll on paved surfaces, but thick enough so you can go off-road and they're still durable to withstand the trails, things of that nature. Another cool feature on the Pave n' Trail is the suspension fork. And this is something that's going to allow, again, this bike to go off-road or on paved surfaces. There are two options with the suspension fork. It's either locked or unlocked. When the fork is in a locked position, the suspension actually will not move up and down. And what that's good for is if you want to ride on a paved surface and you're concerned with speed, you want to keep that fork locked out because the wheel, it'll stay stiff and roll a lot faster.

Now, if you unlock it, what that's going to be good for is it's going to absorb the bumps and the rocks and the curves, whatever you're rolling over. So it's going to make the ride more comfortable for the rider. And that's especially great for going off-road and riding over dirt, things of that nature. It's beneficial to have it unlocked. So that makes this bike versatile off-road and on-road. In addition, coming over here, you have a similar feature to the front suspension fork. You have a suspension seatpost. Now what this is going to do is the same thing. Now on the seat post, it doesn't lock or unlock. It's always in suspension mode. So whenever you're riding over curbs or you're on a dirt trail, that seat post is going to move up and down and absorb the shock so you don't feel it as much in your rear or in your body period.

So while I say this bike is performance-based, you're still getting some comfort elements because it's SixThreeZero, we always want to keep that in mind. And the seat post is a nice feature. Now, looking at the seat, you can see it's a narrower seat. Again, we're focused on the performance aspect here. We want to use a slimmer seat, a little bit more aerodynamics, which is why I say that this bike is geared more towards the exerciser or a little bit more aggressive of a rider. If you're less aggressive of a rider but you still want the same kind of role, same tire thickness, you may want to look at the Explore Your Range, or something like the Ride in the Park could be a better fit. But this bike's more of a chameleon in terms of where it can go, where it can be ridden, things like that.

So still features a back rack, which is great. You want to bring things with you, go places. Now, the riding position, it's going to be a little bit of a lean-forward ride. So there's going to be a touch of pressure on your back, but nothing too bad. Again, at SixThreeZero we want to try to keep everyone in the most comfortable riding position. So we have other bikes that are more of an upright ride. This one's a little bit more aggressive, but it's going to allow you to get more into the ride, go faster, be more aggressive, again, catering a little bit more towards the performance-minded rider. And then lastly, this bike also comes in a seven-speed and a 21-speed option. So you have two different speed options. The 21 speed is great. If you're going to be going up lots of hills, have lots of variants in terrain, need different speeds to get you up to different hills, go to different places, you can always opt for the 21 speed.

If you like the suspension and you think you're going to go off the road a little bit, but you don't need all those gears, there's a seven-speed option. Maybe if you're someone that goes and rides at the local forest preserve, it's a hard-packed trail, you're not going to be doing that many hills but like this type of bike, seven-speed will be a great option for that type of terrain. So the different gear options that we have to offer can facilitate different types of riders. So if you have any other questions, curious about fit or other elements of the bike, or if it will be good for you, please reach out. You can email us, You can also call us at (310) 982-2877.

Also, check out below on the product page. You can look at all the specs, measurements, the detailed elements of the bike. And lastly, don't forget you can enter your dimensions, your height, and your weight, and it'll tell you thumbs up, thumbs down and our body fit tool if it's the right bike for your body. If you do get a thumbs down, please connect with us. We can figure out a way to customize the bike so it's the right fit for you. And absolute last but not least, free shipping both ways and we have a 365-day return policy. So if you hate the bike after even keeping it that long, send it back. Our guarantee here at SixThreeZero is that you'll love your bike.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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