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Dustin Gyger

The Chief Executive Officer at SixThreeZero Bicycles


Simple Step Through E Bike from sixthreezero | The Lowest Step Thru Electric Bike

Simple Step-Through Electric Bike from Sixthreezero is the lowest step-through e-bi...

Buy Electric Bike - The 5 Most Important Things to Know Before You Buy E Bike

The Simple Step-Thru electric bike from Sixthreezero has a perfect ergonomic...

The Absolute Best E Bike for Seniors | Electric Bike for Seniors You Must See

Our simple step-through e-bike has what I believe to be the lowest possible ...

Why Step-Thru Ebikes are More Safe | The Benefit of a Step Through Electric Bicycle

E Bikes Under $1,000 | Are Electric Bikes Under $1,000 Worth It?

"Is it right for you or not right for you?"

Step Thru Ebikes - Everything You Need to Know | Step Through Ebikes

Step-Thru frames have been around for a long time. They're very practical a...

How Much Does an Ebike Cost? | The Cost of an Electric Bike

Many factors like the size of the battery, the size of the motor, the type o...

Step Thru Electric Bikes | 3 Things You Need to Know

The first thing you must know about step-through electric bikes is not all s...

Step Through Electric Bike | Everything You Must Know About a Step Through Ebike

I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about low step-through Ebi...

500w Electric Bike | Everything You Need to Know about 500w EBike

I'm going to walk you through a 500-watt electric bike, all the ins and outs...

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