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Ladies Bike: Introducing Colorful and Attractive Options

Ladies Bike Selections Have Increased

Ladies bike options come in a wide variety here at sixthreezero. We make sure to put special attention into each one we manufacture. The idea behind our ladies selection was to introduce variety in this category. When you look at the options across other brands, there aren't great color options. Most times the colors used are heavily subdued and understated. With sixthreezero we wanted to encourage individuality across our comfort, hybrid, and cruiser categories. It's a great opportunity to separate yourself from every other bike brand. We feature an experience unique from any other bike company out there.

Once we found out what we had to offer, our customer-base grew substantially. As a result, ladies bike purchases contribute to a big percentage of our sales. In fact, ladies bike sales are a bigger portion than men's! This as a direct result of our selection and color variety. And it will be a continued promise of ours through our future plans for expansion.

How a Ladies Bike Differs from Other Bikes

What makes a ladies bike different from other bikes? There is an element to designing bikes specific to women's bodies. Usually, a ladies bike has a different frame featuring a lower sloping down tube. In this day and age, there is no purpose for this lower bar. Once upon a time, this design became popular because women used to wear dresses when riding bikes. Hence, it made it easy for women to mount, dismount, and maintain their appearance. This is the main factor besides differing average heights and arm lengths of women and men. However, the look of the frame, in reality, doesn't have to be different between men and women. Frankly, a men's bike could work for a lady as well, and a ladies bike could work for men.

The biggest factor that distinguishes a ladies bike is the colors. We try to produce colors that connect culturally with events in the world of women. It doesn't have to be specific for ladies. But we're looking at the most common colors showing up in fashion trends and magazines. And when you look at our bikes, it's a reflection of the times.

Now, anything can be gender neutral, depending on what is good and right for you. However, society is more progressive than ever and has developed across gender lines. And so these are factors that distinguish a ladies bike within our lineup.

How Women Can Find Bikes for Them

We can help someone looking for a ladies bike by first identifying their needs. The first way we do this is by determining their body type. And second, by identifying the terrain and environments they will encounter. Easy things like whether or not they have short arms, long legs, or a combination of the too.

Once we figure this out then we can dive into where they're going to ride. We have a good selection of ladies' bikes that are all used for different. We have a ladies bike that is for riding on paved trails, we have a ladies bike that is good for exercise. And so, as we can get to know the rider, we can start to identify what product is going to be best.

We also have a tool on our website called the Body Fit 360 quiz. It identifies the perfect bike for you based off of your interests, style, and dimensions. Our proprietary algorithm can help any lady find the right bike that's best for her. If you would rather have this done with a real person we also offer phone consultations. We know that no one rider is the same. This way you can take advantage of the knowledge of our experienced team. And make sure the bike that you choose is customizable to you.


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