What Is A Hybrid Cruiser Bike, | And Why Buy One?

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December 30, 2016
What Is A Hybrid Cruiser Bike, And Why Buy One?
What Is A Hybrid Cruiser Bike, | And Why Buy One?

A Hybrid cruiser bike is the veritable best of both worlds, as it is a blend of a street and mountain bicycle that allows for substantial riding in both types of terrains. While hybrid cruiser bikes are perhaps the least specialized of all bicycle designs, they address a vital need considering that many riders today want and need their two-wheelers to be able to handle these two different sets of conditions on a regular basis.

What Is a Hybrid Cruiser Bike?

These cruiser hybrid bikes typically are built for comfort and easy, efficient pedaling and boast a design that allows for upright biking or a more aggressive, crouched posture perfect for moving fast. In addition, they offer strong suspension, comfortable seats and wide, thick tires that offer cushioning and durability. Check out sixthreezero’s collection of hybrid cruiser bikes here.

City Riding

If you plan on using your hybrid cruiser bike for commuting purposes in an urban or suburban environment, you will need it to be built accordingly. The beauty of a city hybrid bike is that has a lighter construction, relatively comfortable seat, strong suspension system, and higher, more accessible handlebars. This makes it a great choice if you use it to go to work, exercise in your neighborhood and other Monday-through-Friday endeavors that have you riding in and among traffic and around debris typically found on roadways.

Off-Road Riding

Let’s face it. Just because you need your bicycle to get you to and from work, the store and gym, doesn’t mean you never want to take it off-road. More and more, urban and suburban areas are located within either a short bike ride or drive from mountainous or back-road environments that are perfect for off-day biking. A purely city bike could not handle the wear and tear of this kind of riding, but a hybrid city bike can. Find a sixthreezero off-road bike.

Unless you are purely a leisure bicycle rider or completely an off-road biking junkie, hybrid cruiser bikes offer the best mix of function, speed and durability of virtually any bike design. Think seriously about the type of place in which you live, where you will most often use your bike, and how often you plan to go off-road, and that will lead you to choosing the best match for you. And because they are blends of different types of bikes, you can find them in pre-designed sixthreezero styles or build your own bicycle!

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