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Is the Radwagon or Ebike Rickshaw the Better Option for Family Fun? Sixthreezero & Radpower Review!


Hey everyone, Dustin here. 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry. And today we're going to be comparing Rad Power RadWagon, my daughter Dylan's showing us, and Trey. And the sixthreezero electric tricycle with a passenger seat. Two great options if you want to ride with your kids. I kind of want to walk you through the different specs and show you guys the mounting and dismounting and how easy it is for the kids to get on and off. All right, so let me just walk you through a couple of things here. With the RadWagon, walk you through the specs. So, you've got 22-inch tires on the RadWagon, and 3-inch wide, 22-inch tall, 3-inch wide. On the sixthreezero electric Rickshaw, you've got a 20-inch in the rear, but a 4-inch wide, and then a 24-inch in the front. So, it sets it lower in the back, which is awesome for the tricycle, just creates more stability.

And then motor sizes, both are 750 watts, so you get a lot of power, which is great if you're bringing passengers. But the batteries are different. So, on the electric trike here, you got a 21 amp hour 48 volt, which is over 2,000 watt hours. And the Rad Power is 672 watt-hours, which is what it says on their website. So, you're going to get more range out of the trike, but you've got three wheels and you're going to have more friction on the ground than the RadWagon. So, you're getting maybe a little bit more out of your battery with the RadWagon, but you got a huge battery on the trike here.

So, let's see, in addition to that, top speeds, going to be similar. Although I wouldn't recommend it, you can go up to 20 miles an hour with a throttle on both of these. But, I wouldn't recommend getting up to that speed. Let me see, what else do I want to show you? Let me just walk you through these a little bit. So, coming up close, we got a nice display here on the RadWagon right in the middle. This is a seven-speed. So, they're both seven speeds for the regular aspect. So, you can go ahead and shift.

Dylan: So if you sit here if you stop... Probably I'm a little too big. So, if you're sitting like this, it gets weird over here.

Dustin: Oh really? But, you like it though, right?

Dylan: Yeah. It's comfortable and it's very material good.

Dustin: Yeah. But, the one thing is actually if I let go of the bike and she's sitting there, it's going to tip. So, you have to get riding with them positioned correctly.

Dylan: Or, you're going to fall.

Dustin: Yeah. Okay. So, go ahead and get off. You can leave your helmet on. Just go ahead and get off.

Dylan: Don't know how.

Dustin: Slide through. You're good.

Dylan: [inaudible 00:03:15].

Dustin: There you go.

Dylan: Okay. That was [inaudible 00:03:17].

Dustin: Or you can lift and lower your kids onto the bike. Okay. So, now moving on to the trike. Trey's already on. Can you scoot over so sissy can jump on?

Dylan: Oh, you have to hold it. Okay.

Trey: No.

Dustin: Okay. So, a lot easier, and this is, I've heard sixthreezero, next batch there's going to be a break on here. But, they just hop right on. And then the cool thing is you have the seatbelt right here

Dylan: And-

Dustin: Oh, let's get the seatbelt.

Dylan: ... On our other bike, we have something that's... It's basically the same thing but skin color. And then-

Trey: Are we going to ride now?

Dylan: It's peach.

Dustin: Yeah.

Dylan: And then there's-

Dustin: Do you want to ride?

Dylan: ... There's a little basket down here. Not like this, but-

Dustin: Yeah. The next ones will have baskets down there.

Dylan: Right.

Trey: Where is my seatbelt?

Dylan: Put the seatbelt on. Sissy, can you get the seatbelt on?

Cool. So, you can keep your water there. Or maybe if you are going to the beach, you could keep your beach stuff under there.

Dustin: That's true.

Dylan: That's what I would prefer, because why would you not?

Dustin: Yep. Okay. Trey, can you get your helmet on then we'll show him how this works.

Dylan: Are we going to ride-

Dustin: Can you help him?

Dylan: ... Around the neighborhood?

Dustin: Yeah. We're just going to show quickly what it's like on the tricycle and then we're going to go for a quick ride on the RadWagon.

Dylan: This [inaudible 00:04:41]. To what? To the park?

Dustin: We'll just go real quick around the block, and then we'll come back and go to the park. Okay. Let me go ahead and get my helmet on, and then we'll show you guys a quick test ride. Or you know what? I'll just go ahead and leave the camera rolling. No problem. Here, can you hold this on Daddy? Don't push any buttons. Don't push... Put it on me. Show me. There you go. Okay. No, what are you doing?

Dylan: Just in case, remember, on this bike, you don't really have to hold it, only if it's on a curb. So, it's not like the other bike where you have to hold it. Only if the-

Dustin: Right.

Dylan: It's like-

Dustin: You can hold onto the side if you want.

Dylan: Yeah. And there's a little bar where you can hold.

Dustin: I'll show them. So, you can hold onto the bars right there is what she's saying. I'll go ahead and-

Dylan: Ride this thing.

Dustin: That's right. Okay, let's show. So, I'm going to power it on. Dash comes on. And I'm going to use the throttle. Just get us out of here. Okay. Throttle's right there. And now we're off and running. No problems. Oh, you got disc brakes on both the Rad Power and this one. Back here, you guys see me? Do you like it back there?

Dylan: Yeah.

Trey: It's a little cold.

Dylan: Sometimes you give it a nice breeze if you're going fast.

Dustin: Yeah.

Dylan: Like 50 miles per hour.

Dustin: Here, do you want to hold it?

Dylan: Yeah.

Dustin: Be careful. Did you get it?

Dylan: Yeah.

Dustin: The camera's on.

Dylan: Oh, okay.

Dustin: You want to show yourself or show... Okay, we cut out. My daughter pushed some buttons. Let's try round two. Here we go. Okay.

Trey: No.

Dustin: We're going back downhill. And there they are back there. Wave guys.

Trey: [inaudible 00:06:43].

Dylan: Trey, wave.

Dustin: I like this too because, yeah, you feel like you're completely balanced. And sorry, my finger's in front of the camera. And we're turning right here.

Trey: Oh yeah. No. No, kissy. I never-

Dustin: And I can do pedal assist as well. Okay, now I'm going to pedal assist, and there are the kids behind.

Trey: Blow kiss.

Dylan: And guys, I have a private channel.

Dustin: No, you don't. Stop.

Dylan: [inaudible 00:07:16], it's called DillyDally.

Dustin: Okay. All right, let's come in and park. Now I want to show him how easy it is for you guys to get off.

Dylan: Yes, I will demonstrate.

Dustin: Okay, hold on. Stay there. Don't get off yet.

Okay, so let me just show you guys... So, just push this off right here. Now it's off. Okay, now show me how you get off.

Dylan: So, you're going to press the thing that is like... And then you're just going to go up and just step down.

Dustin: Okay.

Dylan: It's easier than that bike, because-

Dustin: Trey, come here. Now we're going to try this one really quickly.

Dylan: This bike, you have to get under-

Dustin: Come here, Trey.

Dylan: ... Go off. Takes [inaudible 00:07:59]-

Dustin: We're just going to do it real quick just to demonstrate.

Dylan: So, weird.

Dustin: Okay. Dylan, hop on, show them.

Dylan: Oh, you have to hold it.

Dustin: Yeah. Okay. Go ahead. Do you want to just wait there then? Okay. He'll just wait for the next ride. Okay. Go ahead and sit down, Dyl. I got it. All right, I'm going to go ahead and hop on. Okay, now that we're on, I'm just going to hold the handlebar here. Okay, now we're off the kickstand, so you just have to roll forward a little.

Dylan: That was not good.

Dustin: And let me... You're fine. Okay, so we have a twist throttle on this one.

Dylan: Yeah.

Dustin: So, you got to get moving. You want to get your momentum going because you have the weight of the rider on the back.

Dylan: In the end guys, my brother and I are going to choose which bike is better. Oh. But, we're choosing.

Dustin: Okay, here we go.

Dylan: We're [inaudible 00:08:57] all our stuff. Guess what? I was in a magazine. Sorry.

Dustin: Okay. Where's Dylan? There you are. How do you like this one? Comfortable?

Dylan: I like this one, but the last one was cooler-

Dustin: Coming Trey.

Dylan: ... Because, my brother was there, and I kissed him. I liked it.

Dustin: Okay.

Dylan: I think I like the other one. I have a-

Dustin: And you have a horn. All right everyone there you have it. We just did our comparison of the sixthreezero electric tricycle, passenger, and Rad Power RadWagon. Both are awesome options if you want to bring your kids on rides. The trike with a passenger seat is better for bigger riders, heavier riders, and older children. RadWagon is going to be great for little kids.

Dylan: But, not little kids like-

Dustin: Fun to ride back here.

Dylan: ... Two or three.

Dustin: Obviously, the two wheels are nice.

Trey: This is orange.

Dustin: Yeah, it's orange.

Trey: You said red.

Dustin: So, there you have... Watching. Don't forget to hit Subscribe on the sixthreezero channel. You can actually find that bike right now on the website, and the RadWagon on, or So, you can check those out, and thanks for watching. And-

Dylan: See you guys later. Bye.

Trey: [inaudible 00:10:18].

Dustin: We're going for a bike ride now. Don't forget your journey and your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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