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How Much Can an Electric Trike Carry | E-Trike Towing Challenge

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero and I'm here with Alana. And today we're going to answer the question, "How much can an electric trike carry?". And we're going to see if it can carry Alana, and then we're going to see if it can carry me, so stick around.

All right, so today we're going to answer the question," How much can an electric trike carry?". But before we do, hit that subscribe button. Be the first to know about all new content, giveaways, new products that we're doing here at Sixthreezero, so hit subscribe. All right, so we've got our electric trike here. We've made a slight modification, we took the back half of the basket off. Now, I would say do this at your own risk. We're doing it just to test the trike and see how much weight can it carry. Our trike is a 250-watt front hub motor. Alana is 110, I'm 220, so that's good. We're going to do things in increments of 110 pounds today. So we're going to start off with, I'm going to drive. We're going to have Alana sit in the back basket and we're going to see can trike carry her? A. Can it go with her on pedal assist and B. Can it go in full throttle? So stick around, we're going to saddle up and you'll see the results. Place your bets, if you think it can do it. All right, we're all saddled up. We've got helmets for safety. Alana is in the basket. You fit pretty decently actually.


I think ideally you probably could put some kids and obviously dogs in there, so I've got it set to pedal-assist five. And here we go. All right, oh yeah, once that pedal-assist kicked in we're off. 330 pounds, easy money for the electric trike folks.

Speaker 2:

This is fun.

We're up to 10 miles an hour. How's the ride?

It's great, smooth, 10 out of 10.

10 out of 10. Ease into the turn, break and come out. Okay, now I'm going to hit the straightaway here. I'm going full throttle, no pedaling. Look at this, no pedaling. Just the throttle, feet aren't moving. And we're rolling like nothing, like butter. Eight hit a little bump there. Nine, should I stop? Just kidding, breaks and ease into the turn. Wow, this baby's a workhorse. All right, now we're going to switch roles. Put the big guy on the back and see how it performs.

Are you ready?

Well, yeah. Are we still filming?

Here we go. Pedal-assist-

All right, I'm in.

...level five.



Well you're in, she's in third gear, so takes a little effort-

Don't blame the gear.

... but she's off, we are off.

There we go.

Wow. No, like nothing though, right?

Yeah, once you get going, it's effortless.

Just remember I still have to be CEO tomorrow, so.

Okay, hold on for the turn.

Taking a wide turn. Probably best for safety-

Wide load.

Okay, now full throttle.

Okay, full throttle.

No pedaling.

No pedaling, oh gosh. This turns, okay. Okay, no pedaling.


Throttle, only.

This is fun. We're going to come up-

It is fun.

...with a configuration to hold the feet.

Nine, eight.

There it is.

Nine miles per hour folks.

Woo, 330 pounds, no problem. You can see the electro trike are capable of carrying a decent amount of weight. What we should try... although you can't operate the camera. Maybe next time we're going to, we'll maybe double up with two people my size and see how the trike handles it. But you could throw maybe a kid in there. I think what we have to come up with is a good way to strap them in safely. But you want to throw extra things in the trike, don't worry about it. So, 330 pounds no problem. And I honestly think at least 350 pounds, no problem. I think up to 400 pounds, no problem. Hope you guys enjoyed that. You have any other questions about anything, the trike, comment below or email us at or call us at (310) 982-2877. Don't forget. Visit our website

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Enjoy the ride.


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