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Guide To Biking In The State of Texas

If you’re a two-wheel adrenaline junky, grit, speed, and amazing vistas can be found in the state of Texas. Mountain biking trails go unparalleled in the Lone Star State, which boasts heart-pumping canyon trails, sweeping mountains, and terrain of every texture imaginable within its 270,000 square miles. If you’re looking for great bike riding in Texas, don’t look any further than our guide to Texas bike trails. Here, you’ll find the best mountain bike trails in Texas. We’ll also talk about how to prepare to ride in the dramatic weather and landscapes Texas is famous for.

McKinney Falls State Park

This 726-acre park, located in southern Austin, has 3.5 miles of paved trails along with six miles of off-road trails, offering you the best of both worlds.

Pedernales Falls State Park

Situated in Johnson City, Texas, this gorgeous 5,212-acre park is nestled on the banks of the Perdernales River located in Blanco County. The 20-mile biking trail offers steep inclines and heart-stopping descents, all through beautifully lush landscapes.

Government Canyon State Natural Area

This San Antonio Park is a rugged, natural area of 12,011 untouched acres. It has 26 miles of front and back country mountain biking that caters to all skill levels.

Northshore Trail

Located in Flower Mound, this trail is a mountain biking Mecca. It has everything to offer, from steep climbs to lakefront views and even a mile or two of pavement so you can catch your breath. The 18-mile path offers back country trails and is open year round, expect after rain.

Memorial Park Trails

A short ride from the city of Houston, this six-mile trail is perfect for novices and experts. Take the Yellow and Orange trails for more challenging rides, and the Green or Red trail if you’re a real expert.

Rowlett Creek Natural Preserve Trail

Located near the city of Garland, this 10-mile lollipop loop trail offers easy to extreme terrain and is a true gem.

Essentials for Mountain Biking in Texas

If you want to play hard, you need to be prepared. Here are some essentials to take along with you for the ride:

  • Spare tubes: Carry two spare tubes if you’re going to be covering tough terrain. Double flats do happen!
  • A patch kit: This takes up almost no room in your pack and is an essential if you’ve used your last tube.
  • Tire pump: The aforementioned items are useless without a pump.
  • Chain lube: Texas off-roads are known to have streams, dusty trail conditions, and inclement weather. So it’s best to pack a small bottle of chain lube with you in your pack.
  • Sunscreen: Man, it can get hot! Lather up with some sunscreen and apply every hour or so to avoid getting burned.

For the best biking trails in Florida or the best city bike riding trails around the U.S., check out the rest of our blog! Join our Journey Club to uncover new and exciting ride locations around the globe!


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