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Top 5 Florida Bike Trails

The Sunshine State offers some of the best bike trails in America. For Florida trail riders who live in the state to cyclists across the country looking for mild weather and beautiful temperatures year round, Florida off-road trails and some of the other diverse Florida bike trails are a biker’s paradise. Here are five of the most gorgeous biking trails in Florida, from the Keys to Jacksonville:

  1. Shark Valley Loop in Everglades National Park

One of the best all time biking trails in southern Florida is the Shark Valley Loop in Everglades National Park. The 15-mile loop is smooth and meanders through the scenic Everglades. The trail is 20 feet wide, and even after the very first mile, you’re bound to have it mostly to yourself. Be sure to look out for gators basking in the sun!

2. Old Culter Trail in Miami, Florida

This 11-mile trail in Coral Gables runs through the loveliest neighborhoods throughout the Miami, Florida area. The trail doubles as a sidewalk so be on the lookout for pedestrians. Also, it isn’t extremely wide and is sometimes studded with obstacles or tree roots so be sure to keep your wits about you and your attention on the road.

One of the local treasures you’ll discover along this trail is the Matheson Hammock Park, which boasts a spectacular view of the skyline and manmade atoll pools for swimming after a long, hot ride. Stop here to catch your breath and take a break in the shaded marina.

3. Nature Coast State Trail

Explore 32 miles of northern Florida as you ride through parts of Dixie, Levy, and Gilchrist. The paved trail isn’t completely linear and glides through forests, everglades, and more. Be sure to keep your camera ready as you’re bound to see deer, manatees, and more types of majestic wildlife.

4. Big Pine Key in Florida Keys

This trail starts at Mile Marker 30. This area is a huge residential neighborhood and home to the endangered Key deer, a very small type of deer. It’s a wide trail and sidewalk that runs along the main road. There are side roads too with not much vehicle congestion.

Head north on Watson Boulevard to No Name Key where the Key deer are spotted easily.

5. Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail

This great trail, only 16 miles long, is super diverse. It traverses some of the most scenic areas Florida has to offer, including the University of Florida, the rural town of Hawthorne, and the Lochloosa Wildlife Management Area.


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