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Peter Kaltreider


How to Install Bike Fenders on a sixthreezero Around the Block Beach Cruiser Bike

So, we're going to install the fenders for your Around the Block.

Electric Tricycles

What Bike & Ebike is best for Heavier Riders? Plus Size Riders Must Know This!

Electric Tricycles

How Electric Bikes Can Help with Your New Years Resolution to Get Back in Shape?

Electric Tricycles

What is Ebike & Bicycle Quality Control Process? | Electric Bikes & Bicycles QC

Electric Tricycles

How Can Electric Bikes Make You Happier? Click to Find Out! Ways to be Happier

Electric Tricycles

How to Remove Front Wheel of Electric Trike | Change Flat on Tricycle Front Wheel

Electric Tricycles

Can I Fit My New Tricycle in My Apartment or House? - Etrike Sizing & Space Needed for Storage

Electric Tricycles

Does your New Electric Tricycle Feel Too Big or Too Fast? - Adjusting to Your New 3 Wheel Ebike

Electric Tricycles

How do Bikes & Electric Bikes Get Shipped? - Bike Box Sizes & Shipping Info

Electric Tricycles

Electric Tricycle Motor Size - What Level of Power do you Need?

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