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Can I Fit My New Tricycle in My Apartment or House? - Etrike Sizing & Space Needed for Storage

Hey guys. Peter Kaltreider is here at sixthreezero. I want to talk to you about if you can fit this tricycle into your apartment.

Hey everyone, Peter Kaltreider, sixthreezero. I run customer service, quality control, and also operations here at sixthreezero. I also, through all that, know a lot about all these bikes. And one of the main questions or issues that we see is that folks will get an Etrike and not realize how large it is. So can you get it into your apartment, or can you store it there? Et cetera, et cetera. All right, let's go through a couple of items.

I think the main two things you need to think about are, one, the size, the dimensions, and then also the weight, especially if you have to go up any stairs. Okay? First of all, the weight. Etrike is about 80 pounds. And why is that? Well, it has a battery, which has a bunch of small, lithium batteries in it that make the large battery. It's the same thing as a Tesla, basically. Just, this has 50 cells, whereas the Tesla is about 7,000. There's also a motor here. This is full of copper windings, it's heavier. So an electric vehicle is a lot heavier than a regular tricycle, or regular bike. Okay? So this guy's about 80 pounds. All right, can you lift 80 pounds? All right.

It's pretty heavy. All right? Now, think about if you have to actually go upstairs with that thing, okay? Also, if your staircase is narrow, you're going to have to be able to carry that 80 pounds, a large cumbersome 80 pounds, maybe make some turns and things like that. You got to think about that, okay? Because it may not actually be possible. So I would want to take a look at it and see if your situation can handle that. So most doors, interior doors, et cetera, are about 30 inches wide. All right? So that's a good, general benchmark, about 30 inches wide. This tricycle, at the widest point, will be a little on the conservative side, is just a hair under 30, and it can go through most doorways, but it's really close. All right, it's really close. This guy's coming in right at about 29 to 30 inches there at the widest point.

It's also pretty long. Okay? We go from end to end. We're looking at about, I would say 80 inches. Okay? 80 inches, that's almost seven feet long. Okay? So it's pretty long, really. So you got to think about that. So if you think about storing it in a small bedroom, I don't think you would ever get it in any closet unless it's like a walk-in closet. But if it's a small bedroom and there's another furniture in there, you definitely want to think about the dimensions there. It's almost seven feet long, and it's pretty much a door's width wide. Not to mention the fact that it really is 80 pounds. A lot of people don't realize that they may not know if they can lift 80 pounds or not. 80 pounds is a lot of weight, quite frankly. A lot of people are 80 pounds. It's heavier than most dogs.

So you may be able to get into your apartment, but you may not. If you live upstairs on a second story, I don't think that it's really viable for you to get this as your daily driver or whatever. Taking it up and down the stairs every day, or even every weekend might be difficult and cumbersome. Especially a lot of folks that like to buy our Etricycles, we find out, are getting older. So you're not as strong as you used to be, et cetera. Other things too, we find also that a lot of folks who get tricycles, obviously have some trouble with balance, right? One reason why you would get tricycles is because you might have trouble with balance. And so again, being able to maneuver this, if balance is already a difficult thing for you, can be tougher. So it's usually best if you have a driveway and a garage you can just roll it into or maybe some other situation.

But some apartment buildings do have that. Of course, if you want to do that in a more public space, like an apartment building, I would definitely lock it up, get yourself a really good lock. You can inquire about it at a bike shop, which might be the best for your particular situation. You don't want to buy necessarily more locks than you need, but you definitely want to buy enough locks. And the thing about locks is that they range in price. It's a huge range in price, and also weight. But with better security comes more cost and also more weight, as a rule. And I always like the folding ones, those seem to be really hard to get into. Unlocks are pretty good too. I would use a key probably, over combination. I've seen some hacks you can find on YouTube where you can usually get through a combination lock pretty quickly.

One time, we locked my son's bike and then the combo didn't work, and then we figured out on YouTube in 45 seconds how to undo it, and that was a $90 lock. So I'm not going to tell you which one. Well, I probably should. I'm not going to. So anyway, definitely think about your capabilities of picking up a tricycle, and maneuvering it in the space that you live in when you're thinking about getting a tricycle or an Etrike for your apartment building. All right. I really hope that was helpful. If I think of anything more, I'll make another video.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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