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3 Speed
$ 299.99
3 Speed
$ 429.99
Men's 3 Speed Bikes
Learn More About Men's 3 Speed Bikes

Men's 3 Speed Bikes

If youre seeking versatile and stylish 3 speed bikes for men, then youve come to the right place. At sixthreezero, our handcrafted bicycles for sale are the perfect combination of both form and function. We are your premiere destination for cycling fun and safety and have a vast selection of 3 speed beach cruisers for men. Whether you plan to commute to work on a cruiser or recreational ride, our bikes are built to last and available at extremely affordable prices.

Why Get a 3 Speed Bike?

Multiple-geared bikes, such as a 3 speed cruiser, are more complex than single-gear bikes and offer plenty of benefits. Utilizing an internal hub system, a 3 speed bicycle keeps the tension on the chain. A cable is attached to the shifter that pulls the derailleur pin toward or away from the hub as you shift.

If you plan on riding on different types of terrain or live in a hilly city, a 3 speed bike may be the ideal option for you. The different gears allow you to shift comfortably, accommodating hills, dirt, concrete, and flat land. This enables you to have a more relaxed ride, no matter where you choose to pedal.

Our Bikes Were Made for You

One of the best bikes that we make is the In the Barrel. The extended frame and forward pedaling design delivers a superior smooth ride. Additionally, the specially-crafted comfort mechanics and big, cushy tires provide for a relaxed, enjoyable experience wherever you take the bike.

We also offer mens single speed beach bikes and mens 7 speed bikes at our shop.

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