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You Must See Men Ride an E Trike for First Time! - 3 Wheel Electric Bike Inaugural Ride

Hey, guys. I'm Dustin, CEO of sixthreezero, and today we've got men behind me, 5'6" to 6'2", also varying weights from 135 up to 250. They're going to take their first-ever ride on an electric tricycle. We're going to see how they like it and, also, how their body types fit on the e-trike, so stick around. Okay, so before we get into the fittings and sizing of all of our men today, I just wanted to walk through a couple of things.

The EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle has our proprietary four custom-adjustment points. That's what's going to allow this electric tricycle to be fit and customized to each of these men's bodies. We have two adjustment points up on the handlebars, one you can loosen to tilt up and down, and one you can loosen to raise and lower. Then, when you move to the seat, you have a bolt here to tilt the seat, and you also have a quick release to raise and lower the seat. The handlebars are going to be adjusted with an Allen key. The seat is going to be adjusted with a wrench for the tilting, and then a quick release to raise and lower. These are all simple, common tools, and it's really easy. You just click and loosen.

I can show you right here. Here's my Allen key. I can pop it in here, loosen it, and adjust it. And you're going to see in the fittings in the videos, I'll actively adjust and dial in the e-trike to each of their bodies. But it's simple. It's easy. And the four custom adjustment points make this the perfect fit for all types and heights of men. So stick around.

Dustin: All right, we're here with Damon. He's 6'2", and 250 pounds. And if you want to watch our fitting video, we've got his inseam and arm length on there, but you can also tell the camera. What's your inseam and your arm length?

Damon: The inseam is 32. I think the arm length is 20, 21, or somewhere around there.

Dustin: Okay. And so have you ever ridden a tricycle before?

Damon: No, not since I was five years old.

Dustin: Okay, so never as an adult?

Damon: No, never as an adult.

Dustin: And never an electric trike, I take it.

Damon: Definitely never an electric trike.

Dustin: Okay. So if you want to get on, and we've already pre-adjusted everything from our fitting video with Damon, so it's set up to be perfect for him, and I'll walk him through everything. All right. So right here, you're going to turn the power on by holding this button.

Damon: Okay.

Dustin: When you pedal, the bike will go. I'll put you in level two, and then you have a throttle here. You can actually just push that, and it'll go. You don't have to pedal. Now one piece of advice, this is a little sloped up here.

Damon: Right.

Dustin: Try to stay to the left a little bit, so you're not as much on the downslope. But other than that, you can just go ahead and give it a shot.

Damon: So I'm just pressing the throttle.

Dustin: You can press the throttle or a pedal. And so this is your pedal assist level.

Damon: Right.

Dustin: It goes up to five. You can tone that down or tone it up, totally up to you.

Damon: Okay. So maybe I'll start off by pedaling and then do the throttle back.

Dustin: Yeah, whatever you feel like.

Damon: All right.

Dustin: Do you feel it kick in?

Damon: Oh, snap. I feel like I'm cheating.

Dustin: Oh, boy. This is why I said trikes do take a little bit of getting used to. There you go. Now he's doing the right thing by leaning into the turn there, which is good. And you can see the motor though. It's no issue with his height and/or size, or weight. There you go. Give the throttle a shot now.

Damon: Yeah, I got the throttle on.

Dustin: Yeah. And it's the harder you push it, the faster you go.

Damon: This is weird.

Dustin: What do you think?

Damon: I feel like I'm cheating. I definitely feel like I'm cheating. It's pulling to the right.

Dustin: Don't get sucked in here.

Damon: Is that because of the slope?

Dustin: Yeah, the sloping, but it's also... On a trike, you have to trust that you're balancing. And I think a lot of people... You just turn the wheel, and the bike goes. You don't have to...

Damon: Yeah.

Dustin: It's different, right?

Damon: Yeah, it does take some getting used to. But yeah, it feels like I'm cheating. On a regular bike, I'd have to pedal six or seven times to get going. Here, I just push it down, and the bike just goes.

Dustin: Yeah, yeah.

Damon: Yeah, that's a different feeling. It will take a second to get used to that, but I like it. I like it. I could definitely go a lot farther with this.

Dustin: Yeah, cool.

Damon: Absolutely.

Dustin: Cool. Well, there's Damon's first ride. We got it adjusted perfectly to his body height and weight, and he did it. So let's check out our next rider's first voyage. All right, we're here with Andre, who's 6'1", and how much do you weigh, Andre?

Andre: 184.

Dustin: 184. And what was your inseam?

Andre: 29.

Dustin: 29. And your arm's length?

Andre: 20.

Dustin: 20. So we may need to do some micro-adjustments on the bike here, but we're going to witness his first voyage on an electric tricycle if you want to go ahead and hop on. All right. How does that feel?

Andre: Yeah, it feels good.

Dustin: Feels good?

Andre: Yeah.

Dustin: Any adjustments or do you think you're good?

Andre: I think I'm good.

Dustin: Okay. All right, so he's going to keep the same adjustments as our 6'2" rider. Okay. I'll walk you through this now. You're going to turn this on. Now you've engaged the motor and everything. These are your pedal assist. Have you ever ridden an e-bike before?

Andre: No.

Dustin: So you've never ridden a tricycle either, right?

Andre: No, not like this.

Dustin: Okay. Okay, so first time as an adult, my first time on an e-trike. So this is your assistance level, so one, two, three, four, five. When you pedal, that's going to kick in. You're going to feel it, okay? I'll keep you in level three to start. You can either pedal, or you can use this. This is a throttle.

Andre: Oh, okay.

Dustin: You push that, and you go. Now tricycles are a little bit different in that you've got to turn the wheel to go in the direction you want to go.

Andre: Okay.

Dustin: But you're going to be balanced. You have a little bit of a slope up here, so stay to the left.

Andre: Okay.

Dustin: And then just remember, turn the wheel in the direction... If you want to go and make a loop, you can try the pedal assist, try the throttle.

Andre: Okay.

Dustin: Just be careful if you get close to the cars and be ready to brake.

Andre: All right, sounds good.

Dustin: And go for it. You'll feel that motor kick in. There you go. Do you feel it?

Andre: Yeah, I feel it. Shit. Ah, shit.

Dustin: Turn. So yeah, we're witnessing a true maiden voyage here, and it does take some getting used to. We'll get his thoughts when he comes back. Oh. Get ready with the brakes if you need the brakes. There you go. It's different, huh?

Andre: Yeah, it is different.

Dustin: You can try it here. Go a little slower here. Just stop for a second. Let me try it with you. Let me put this down to one. There. It'll be a little slower now, and you can also use the throttle. There you go, and then get ready on the brakes. Pull the brakes.

Andre: I think I got it.

Dustin: Let off the throttle. There you go. When you go into the turns, you want to let off the throttle a little bit.

Andre: Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Dustin: But it's definitely an adjustment, huh?

Andre: Yeah.

Dustin: What are your initial thoughts?

Andre: Yeah, it's different, but it's kind of like Mario Kart, got to slow into the turns.

Dustin: How does it feel, comfort-wise and everything like that, though?

Andre: Yeah. I mean, it took a little bit of adjusting, but once I got the hang of it, yeah, it felt good.

Dustin: It felt good, yeah. Do you want to try another lap, or are you good?

Andre: Yeah. I'll try another one.

Dustin: Okay. Be careful on the cars here, and pull off the throttle if you're...

Andre: Yeah.

Dustin: There we go. He's getting better now in lap two. There he goes. Now it's important on a tricycle, you have to turn the wheel. It's not like a bicycle where you can lean in. You have to physically turn the wheel. And that's really the biggest adjustment for most people when they ride a tricycle for the first time. There you go, a much smoother lap that time.

Andre: Yeah, definitely have to turn a lot more.

Dustin: And you got to lean into the turns too.

Andre: Yeah, yeah.

Dustin: Yeah. All right.

Andre: All right.

Dustin: Andre took his maiden voyage. He did it. In lap two, you can see he's already getting comfortable, and it was a good fit for his body at 6'1". Let's check out our next rider on their maiden voyage. Okay, we got Brent. He's 6' tall, 230 you said, right?

Brent: 230, yeah.

Dustin: And then what's your inseam?

Brent: 28.

Dustin: And then your arm's length?

Brent: 20.

Dustin: Okay. And you've never ridden a tricycle as an adult?

Brent: I haven't, no.

Dustin: Have you ever ridden an e-bike?

Brent: I haven't.

Dustin: Okay.

Brent: Yeah.

Dustin: First time for electric, the first time for a trike. We're going to bring the seat down a little because we had our 6'1" rider on. Brent's 6', obviously. Okay, go ahead and get on and see if that height is okay.

Brent: Nice. Oh, that's good.

Dustin: Good?

Brent: Perfect, yeah.

Dustin: Handlebars?

Brent: Yeah, handlebars feel good too.

Dustin: Okay.

Brent: Nice.

Dustin: All right, so let's walk you through this.

Brent: Okay.

Dustin: One thing I'll say, too, is a lot of people have an adjustment. You may be great at it.

Brent: Yeah, yeah.

Dustin: It may take an adjustment.

Brent: Okay.

Dustin: We'll find out.

Brent: All right.

Dustin: So you have five levels of pedal assist. You can adjust them here, up and down.

Brent: Okay.

Dustin: This assistance will click in when you pedal, okay? The throttle will engage if this is at least in level one.

Brent: Okay.

Dustin: The choice is yours. You can just use this throttle. You see, push that, and it'll go.

Brent: Oh yeah. Wow, okay.

Dustin: Or you can pedal and do it, up to you.

Brent: Okay.

Dustin: Try to stay to the left.

Brent: Okay.

Dustin: Another piece of advice, tricycles need... You need to turn the wheel. So they're not like bikes where you can... It's about leaning.

Brent: Okay, cool.

Dustin: Yeah. Just stay to the left, and then on that slope, lean a little bit into the slope.

Brent: Okay.

Dustin: That's important. And go for it.

Brent: Take it away. All right, here we go. Wow.

Dustin: And I only have that in one, so you can also go up to level two if you want more.

Brent: Okay. If I want to, okay. Oh yeah. Woo-hoo, cruising.

Dustin: Oh. Try the throttle too.

Brent: Oh yeah, wow.

Dustin: Be careful getting sucked down into here.

Brent: Okay.

Dustin: A little bit different, right?

Brent: Yeah, I like it though. And this seat is...

Dustin: You can take another lap if you want.

Brent: Okay. The seat is super comfy.

Dustin: There you go. You're feeling it now, right?

Brent: Oh yeah. That's a nice cruiser. This is so cool.

Dustin: So that's your first time for electric. What do you think of having that?

Brent: I like it.

Dustin: Yeah.

Brent: I like when it kicks on, yeah. And this seat is so comfortable. Ah, really cool.

Dustin: Great, awesome.

Brent: Really cool.

Dustin: Well, there you have it. We got Brent fitted at 6' tall, and he likes it, and he was able to figure it out in his first ride. So let's check out our next rider. All right, now we're here with Michael. He's our 5'11" rider. Now, have you ever ridden a tricycle?

Michal: No.

Dustin: Never ridden an electric bike?

Michal: No.

Dustin: Okay, first time for an electric experience and a tricycle. And you're 5'11", 165. And what's your inseam?

Michal: 25.

Dustin: And what was your arm's length?

Michal: 18.

Dustin: 18. All right, go ahead and get on.

Michal: All right.

Dustin: And then we've already adjusted it to be a good fit for his body. All right. So you're going to power it on here, and we're going to keep you in level one to get started. So when you pedal, you'll feel that motor kick in. Now with the throttle... Go ahead and let go of the brakes. We'll just let you feel it. You're going to see. The throttle will go.

Michal: Yeah.

Dustin: You can do either/or. When you go down this straightaway, there's a little bit of a slope. You want to lean into the slope. Also, stay at the top because this will be a little less angled. And be ready on the brakes if you should need them. And just remember that you've got to turn the wheel to go in the direction you want to go.

Michal: All right.

Dustin: So go ahead, take it slow and see what it feels like, a maiden voyage. So turn the wheel to the left.

Michal: Ooh.

Dustin: Turn it to the left. There you go. Turn to the left. Left. There you go. And then if you want to hit the straightaway and do the throttle, don't pedal at all. Stop pedaling. There you go. Just do the throttle, yeah.

Michal: Oh, nice.

Dustin: A little bit different than a regular bike.

Michal: It is different.

Dustin: If you want, you can go all the way down to the end and make a loop.

Michal: Sure. I'll use the...

Dustin: Just stay away from the cars.

Michal: I'll use this.

Dustin: Stay to the left.

Michal: Oh my God. Wow.

Dustin: Getting close to the cars there. What do you think?

Michal: It's pretty cool.

Dustin: It's a little bit different to steer, huh?

Michal: It really is. It'll take some time to get used to, but it's fun. I like this little throttle thing.

Dustin: Cool. Well, he got it, and it's a fit for his body. Let's check out our other rider's maiden voyage. All right, we're here with Denver now, who's 5' 9". And how much do you weigh?

Denver: 175.

Dustin: 175.

Denver: Yeah.

Dustin: And what was your inseam?

Denver: 25.

Dustin: 25. And arm length?

Denver: 20.

Dustin:20. And have you ever ridden a tricycle as an adult?

Denver: No.

Dustin: How about an e-bike or an electric bike?

Denver: Yes.

Dustin: You have ridden an e-bike, okay?

Denver: Yes.

Dustin: So you have a little bit of experience using the pedal assist and stuff like that?

Denver: No, actually. Yeah. I tried an e-bike for five minutes. So yeah, it was not a lot of...

Dustin: Cool.

Denver: I didn't get a lot of experience with the e-bike.

Dustin: Well, no problem, so the first time for everything.

Denver: Yeah, it's exciting.

Dustin: So go ahead and jump on. Let's see if the seat and everything are right for you. We can adjust the handlebars. How does that feel?

Denver: Yeah, I feel comfortable.

Dustin: Okay.

Denver: I feel really nice.

Dustin: All right. So let me show you everything here. So we're going to power this on right here.

Denver: Okay.

Dustin: And you're going to have five levels of assistance. I'm going to leave you in level one to get started. When you start pedaling, the motor will kick in. You can adjust this up or down. You have, like I said, five, or go ahead and let go of the brakes, and then you could just do that.

Denver: Oh, fun.

Dustin: Yeah. So now one thing with tricycles, you have to turn the wheel to go in the direction you want to go.

Denver: Okay.

Dustin: You can't lean. You just have to trust that you're balancing. You can take a shot down here, and make a big loop around that berm with the lights. Stay to the left, away from the cars, up to the top. Stay at the top of the slope.

Denver: Yeah.

Dustin: And then-

Denver: So, yeah.

Dustin: Yeah. Be ready on the brakes if you need them.

Denver: Okay. So all the way to the pole over there?

Dustin: Yeah, you can go around it, just go straight down. You can test the pedal assist, use the throttle, or whatever you want to try.

Denver: Yeah.

Dustin: And then just, yeah, give us your thoughts.

Denver: Okay, cool. Let's go. Oh yeah.

Dustin: So turn to the left.

Denver: Oh, oh.

Dustin: Turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it.

Denver: Oh, wow. Wow.

Dustin: There you go.

Denver: That's a learning curve. This is cool. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh, got it. Okay, yeah. Oh. What is it? Does that do anything? How about this? Oh yeah.

Dustin: Turn this way. And if you want, try the throttle. Stop pedaling.

Denver: This? Oh wow.

Dustin: Yep.

Denver: So you press this, and it goes. Oh, it moves for you. Wow.

Dustin: Yeah. You don't need to press it all the way down either, just as much or as little as you want. There you go, yeah.

Denver: Yeah. This is really fun. You got to get used to this.

Dustin: Yeah. Different, huh?

Denver: Yeah, because you think that you're going to lose balance, but you don't. You just turn, and it's the support.

Dustin: Yeah, yeah.

Denver: It's wonderful.

Dustin: Cool. Well, I'm glad you liked it.

Denver: Yeah, yeah.

Dustin: So we had a good fit for his body, too, at 5'9". Let's check out our other rider's maiden voyage. All right. Now we have KJ. How tall were... You're 5'8"?

KJ: 5'8".

Dustin: And how much did you weigh?

KJ: 215 pounds.

Dustin: 215. And what was your inseam?

KJ: Inseam for my...

Dustin: Leg.

KJ: Leg, it's 25 inches.

Dustin: Okay, and arm?

KJ: The arm is 17.

Dustin: 17. Okay, cool. And have you ever ridden a tricycle as an adult?

KJ: Never. That'll be a first.

Dustin: Okay. And have you ever ridden an electric bike?

KJ: No.

Dustin: Okay. All right, so we're going to witness firsts for both trike and electric. Go ahead and get on. And we may need to make some adjustments. We'll see. All right, how does that seat height feel?

KJ: That feels good, actually.

Dustin: Okay. Handlebars?

KJ Yeah, they're just right.

Dustin: Is everything good?

KJ: They're good.

Dustin: Okay, all right.

KJ: Just like the guy before me. No, it's all good.

Dustin: Okay. Let me walk you through everything here. Okay. So this number two indicates the assistance you're going to receive while pedaling. So when you start pedaling, I'm going to put it in one, you're going to feel the motor kick in.

KJ: Oh, okay.

Dustin: Now you can also opt-out of... You can not pedal, and you can use... Let go of the brakes. You can just push that.

KJ: Oh.

Dustin: And it'll do all the work for you. Now tricycles are different. You have to turn the wheel, and the bike will balance because of the two wheels. Bicycles, you kind of lean a little bit more.

KJ: Yeah. But here you have to turn.

Dustin: You've got to turn the wheel, so that's why you see a lot of guys kind of go off to the side.

KJ: Veering off, yeah.

Dustin: So this is a sloped area, just be aware of that. You want to lean into the slope and then turn this way. I recommend staying at the top of the slope because it gets more angled as you go down here. And you can make a full lap around that light post.

KJ: Okay.

Dustin: And yeah, just go as fast or as slow as you want, and be ready with the brakes as you need them.

KJ: Okay. So I'll start out pedaling. Wait a minute, nice.

Dustin: And get going a little bit more, and then you'll feel it kick in.

KJ: Oh, okay. Oh, no wonder. You're right.

Dustin: Yeah, turn it that way.

KJ: You're absolutely right.

Dustin: There you go. Yep. Just be ready on the brakes if you need them.

KJ: Yep.

Dustin: Turn this way.

KJ: Oh.

Dustin: Lean into the... Okay. Slow down a little bit. Slow down, slow down. There you go. Okay. Nice and easy, keep pedaling.

KJ: Woo.

Dustin: Not too fast, not too fast. Keep it a little slower. There you go.

KJ: Ah. Yeah, this is...

Dustin: Turn, turn, turn. Slow down a little. Slow down. There you go. Turn the other way. There you go. There you go.

KJ: Oh my God. Yeah, sorry about that.

Dustin: No, you're good.

KJ: Yeah, it's kind of hard to manage for me.

Dustin: You can stop right here. So what'd you think?

KJ: What'd I think I? Well, it's kind of, for me, the turning is different. I'm used to riding a regular bike, and this is my first time on one of these.

Dustin: Could you feel the pedal assist when you were going, though?

KJ: I did. I did. I did. And in fact, I think it made it... For me, it made it feel like it took off a little fast.

Dustin: Okay.

KJ: And on the slope, as you see, I kind of had a little steering management problems. It seems to me it's got a tougher steer, like you mentioned, than a regular two-wheel bicycle.

Dustin: Yep.

KJ: And it's kind of tough for me. It takes some getting used to. It's actually different than riding a regular bike.

Dustin: Yep, yep.

KJ: Yeah. Yep.

Dustin: Fair enough. Well, there we have it, KJ's inaugural ride. He survived. Let's check out our next rider. All right. I'm here with JR now. JR, you're 5'7"?

JR: Correct.

Dustin: And how much do you weigh?

JR: 155.

Dustin: 155. And what was your inseam?

JR: My inseam was 27.

Dustin: 27. And how about arm's length?

JR: 17.

Dustin: 17.

JR: Yeah.

Dustin: And have you ever ridden a tricycle as an adult?

JR: Not as an adult, no.

Dustin: Okay. And have you ever ridden an e-bike?

JR: No, never.

Dustin: Okay. All right, so first time for everything. If you want to get on, we'll get it all fitted up to you.

JR: All right.

Dustin: And how does that feel? Does the seat seem a little low?

JR: Yeah, real low.

Dustin: Okay. Let's raise the seat up.

JR: Cool. I'll get up.

Dustin: Yeah, okay. Let's try right about there. Give that a shot.

JR: Cool.

Dustin: Good?

JR: Yeah, I feel better. It's like I can see the world now. Yeah.

Dustin: Yep. How about the handlebars, Is the comfort level there, good?

JR: Oh yeah, they're good.

Dustin: Okay. Adjusted or not, you feel...

JR: You can bring them up a little bit.

Dustin: Okay.

JR: Yep.

Dustin: Okay. So hold on.

JR: Cool, okay.

Dustin: And then find the spot you like best.

JR: All right. Right here is good.

Dustin: Okay, okay. Okay. Now let me walk you through the electronics here.

JR: All right.

Dustin: We're going to power this on right here.

JR: Okay.

Dustin: Okay. So you have five levels of assistance. This is the level of assistance you'll get when you pedal.

JR: Okay.

Dustin: You can go up to five. We're going to leave you in one.

JR: Okay.

Dustin: So when you pedal, it'll kick on.

JR: Oh, okay.

Dustin: If you want to, you can take that down to zero as well.

JR: Okay.

Dustin: So we'll leave it in one. Now you have the throttle here. You can also do that. Let go of the brakes for a sec. You can just push that.

JR: And it'll go.

Dustin: And it'll go, yep.

JR: Okay.

Dustin: So stay to the left. Be ready on the brakes. It's different than a regular bike. You have to turn the wheel to go in the direction you want. On bikes, you can lean a little bit more. You're going to be on a slope here, so that's why I really want you to stay away from the cars. Stay up to the top as much as possible. And then you can just go and make a loop and come back. If you're going to... Make sure when you get going fast, be ready on the brakes just in case you need those. And you can test out the throttle or the pedaler assist or whatever you...

JR: So throttle, you push it back like that, right?

Dustin: Yeah. And you only have to do a little bit.

JR: Okay.

Dustin: You have to let go of the brakes. But as much as you push it, is as much as it will engage.

JR: Oh, okay. All right.

Dustin: So the farther you push it... So yeah, stay away from the cars. Go up here.

JR: Okay. Oh yeah. There it is. Oh, it's kicking in now.

Dustin: Try to get up towards the left here.

JR: Okay. Whoa, gee. There we are.

Dustin: Turn the wheel this way.

JR: Goodness. Yep.

Dustin: Turn the wheel. Turn it, turn it. There you go. There you go.

JR: Oh, okay. There we go.

Dustin: Yeah. And you can just make a loop around this. Yeah. And if you want, you can stop pedaling and just try the throttle now.

JR: I just push it?

Dustin: Push it down. There you go. Keep it engaged.

JR: Oh, keep it engaged. That's it. Okay, there we go. Yeah. Oh, look at that. That's less work for my legs. That's cool. Yeah. And you got to yeah, turn it to... Oh yeah, that's different. That's cool though.

Dustin: Yeah. Do you feel how you actually have to turn the handlebars?

JR: Yeah. You turn, more work. But yeah, that's cool though. Yeah. Oh man, this is easier than I thought it was going to be. Oh yeah, that's dope.

Dustin: You can come to a stop.

JR: Cool.

Dustin: So not too bad, right?

JR: Yeah, not bad at all.

Dustin: How were comfort level and the feel and everything?

JR: Oh, it was super comfortable, and it was easy to do it. And yeah, it was fun.

Dustin: Cool.

JR: Yeah, it was fun.

Dustin: Awesome. Well, there we have it. JR's first inaugural ride. Let's check out our next rider's first ride. All right. Now we have Sean. Sean's 5'6", and how much do you weigh? 135, right?

Sean: Yep.

Dustin: And what's your inseam?

Sean: It is 25.

Dustin: 25. And arm length?

Sean: 20.

Dustin: 20. And have you ever ridden a tricycle as an adult?

Sean: I have not.

Dustin: Okay. Have you ever ridden an e-bike?

Sean: No.

Dustin: First time on an e-bike, the first time on an electric tricycle. Go ahead and get on.

Sean: All right.

Dustin: We'll get it all set up for you. All right. How does seat height feel?

Sean: That's good.

Dustin: Yeah?

Sean: Yeah, it feels good.

Dustin: Handlebars?

Sean: Yeah. This seems about right.

Dustin: Let me bring them down just a little bit.

Sean: Yeah, you want to play with it?

Dustin: Okay. Go ahead and find out where you feel is best.

Sean: Yeah, this is good.

Dustin: Right there?

Sean: Yeah.

Dustin: Let's bring it up just a...

Sean: Want to bring it up a little?

Dustin: I'm thinking there.

Sean: Okay.

Dustin: What do you think of that?

Sean: Yeah.

Dustin: Okay.

Sean: Yeah, that's good.

Dustin: Okay. So again, the beauty of the four custom-adjustment points, we can really dial it into all sorts of different body types. All right, let me walk you through the electric. Sean's been waiting as all our other riders are going, so the anticipation must be really building for you.

Sean: Oh yeah, been waiting for this my whole life.

Dustin: Okay. So you've got five levels of pedal assist, which can be controlled with these pluses and minuses right here.

Sean: Okay.

Dustin: Yep. We'll start you in one. This will engage when you pedal. If you stop pedaling, it'll stop. If you pull the brakes, it will stop, okay?

Sean: So that'll keep the momentum going?

Dustin: Well, I mean, when you're pedaling, you'll feel the motor kick in at level one.

Sean: Okay.

Dustin: If you stop pedaling, this will not engage.

Sean: Got it.

Dustin: You can put it up to level five, although I don't think you'll want that on this straightaway. And then here's your throttle. Let off the brakes for a sec. You can just push that, and you'll go.

Sean: Nice, cool.

Dustin: You're on a slope here. Stay up to the top. Remember, you have to turn the wheel to go in the direction you want.

Sean: Okay.

Dustin: Don't be afraid to turn because you're going to be balanced in the back, so you're not going to tip over.

Sean: Yeah.

Dustin: But lean into the turns, and lean up a little bit with the slope. Do you know what I mean? Because you'll be sloping, you just want to be leaning a little bit this way. And then, yeah, you can make a loop around the berm and come back. You can try the pedal assist, try the throttle, or whatever you want to do.

Sean: Okay, sounds good. So I'm on pedal assist one right now, right?

Dustin: Yeah.

Sean: Okay.

Dustin: And just get going a little bit. You got to get it going, a full turn, and then you'll feel it.

Sean: Yep.

Dustin: Did you feel it come on?

Sean: Yeah, there it is.

Dustin: And then just be ready on the brakes as you need them.

Sean: Oh.

Dustin: There you go. Turn the wheel.

Sean: There we go. Oh my gosh, almost just wiped out.

Dustin: And if you want, use the throttle.

Sean: Yeah, that's nice.

Dustin: It just takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it... So now turn the wheel. Turn it. There you go. Keep turning it. Trust the back. You have to trust the back.

Sean: Yeah. Is that what I was missing or was it...

Dustin: It's just with bikes, it's a little bit different. There you go. Stay away from the dip on the left here.

Sean: Over here? Yeah.

Dustin: Yeah.

Sean: I'm doing it.

Dustin: Turn to the right. Turn to the right. There you go. Or I mean, you could just, I just don't want to see the wheel... There you go.

Sean: 360 donut. Go around this way.

Dustin: There you go. Do you want to try one more lap?

Sean: Sure.

Dustin: Okay. Just stay as far to the left as possible, away from the cars.

Sean: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Dustin: There you go. Now you got it, huh?

Sean: 13 kilometers per hour, zooming. Okay, just bring it around.

Dustin: So what do you think, comfortable?

Sean: Yeah.

Dustin: But different, right?

Sean: Oh yeah. I don't know if it was maybe the... I just didn't have an understanding of the back, but I was dipping really quickly. And then once I got the idea, it was much smoother.

Dustin: Yeah. Well, you can see a lot of people, who want to lean, and they think the trike will go with them. But with a trike, you have to turn the wheels.

Sean: That's probably what it was. I was probably thinking I was moving.

Dustin: Exactly.

Sean: And slowly I just... Yeah.

Dustin: And that's the case with 8 out of 10 riders. Honestly, for the first ride, 8 out of 10 people need to get used to the fact that you turn the wheel on a trike. You don't just lean into it.

Sean: Yeah.

Dustin: So you're not one of one, you're one of many that have done that.

Sean: It's a little change of mindset.

Dustin: Exactly.

Sean: Yeah. Once you get that, it's easy.

Dustin: Exactly. But we also found a great fit for Sean at 5'6", and it was a success. You can tell he was getting the hang of it. So let's check out our next rider. Okay. So I'm going to take a voyage on the e-trike. Obviously, not my maiden voyage, but we've got it all fit for me. I'm the last rider today, and I'm just going to give you a little more play-by-play on how I operate the trike. Now again, we just witnessed a lot of guys' first rides. I've been on the trike thousands of times, I mean, at least hundreds of times. So the one thing to really remember is you have to turn the wheels to go in the direction you want on a tricycle. And also, if you check out our YouTube channel, we have some other instructional videos on how to ride a tricycle, how to turn a tricycle, and things like that.

I also have some full videos of me riding the e-trike with a multi-camera that can really help you. But a lot of people say, "Oh, the bike didn't want to go that way." Or, "The trike didn't want to go that way." It's not that the trike didn't want to go that way, it's just that leaning your body will not move the trike. The wheels have to be turned to turn the trike. So in your brain, you're thinking, "I'm leaning. Why is it not going? It's the bike's fault." I've literally seen these hundreds of times now. We've done these test rides. I can tell you, in most riders, it's not the trike. The trike is different. You got to turn the wheels. Leaning is important, into the slopes and the turns and things like that, but it will not move the trike.

Secondly, you have to trust the wheelbase. You have to trust. When you turn, the bike stays upright. Right? On a regular bicycle, you can't turn the wheel like this. If you did that, the bike will fall over. So it's understanding what you can do on a trike and what you can't do on a regular bike, is really important. So I'll just take a quick lap here, and I'll show you. Go ahead and use the throttle, get me started.

And so like I said, I just turn where I want to go. I find the trike to be quite nimble. The other thing, too, is operating the brakes effectively. So I'm coming in here, and I just lean into this a little bit. And you can see, based on my riding, it's not the trike. It's how you get used to it. I mean, look right here. It's agile. You can move and turn and do what you want. You just have to properly manipulate the trike and, also, your body weight to do what you want the trike to do. I can even make a turn right here. I can come out of the turn with the throttle, so just to clarify how nimble this trike really is.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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