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Wow! This is Stylish Tricycle Basket Liner! Basket Liner for Electric and Standard Trikes

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin, CEO of sixthreezero, and today I'm going to show you the basket liner for the EvryJourney electric trike. All right, so today I'm going to introduce you to the basket liner for the EvryJourney e-trike. Now you can see we've got one color showing here for each colorway. We have the black we have the burnt orange with the cream exterior and we have the teal with the burgundy exterior and then we also have the baby blue with the navy exterior and for the cream teal and navy we also have the reverse option here so we have the baby blue exterior with the navy interior and moving on to the teal we have the teal exterior with the burgundy interior.

And lastly, we have the burnt orange exterior with the cream interior. So you've got seven different color options. The black just comes with the black on black. And if you can see down here in the front, we've got our logo and it says Your Journey, Your Experience. You can see it a little better on the cream one here. So if you want to come in for a closer view, I will walk you through it. If you want to take a look here at the teal. Okay, so now this liner could be used on other adult trikes or e-trikes, depending on how big the basket is. So the width of our basket is 17 and a half inches, or well, the width this way, height, width.

And the width this way is 21 inches. And then the depth of the basket is 11 inches right here. Now the way this is installed is pretty easy. You've got snaps here on the outside. So I'll go ahead and remove it for you and show you. So you just simply remove that like that. And it's designed to fit perfectly so you just drop it right in the basket. And then at that point, you just curve this over the edges. And you gotta push this down into the corners to get a nice tight fit. Like so. And now you've got these snapping pieces here. So you just push that one through. Find the back of the button. Snap that into place. Same thing on this side.

Make sure you don't hit any of the metal on the basket. Okay. There we go. Got that one in and then come to our final one right here. There we go. And you can see it gives you good cargo space back here if you want to take a look on the inside. And it fits perfectly into the basket. So if you want to bring your dog and give them a nice lining back here, this is a good option. You may want to put a pillow down there as well just to soften it a little bit for them. But now you can expand the possibilities of the basket so things won't seep through or fall through the cracks of the wire at all. And again, you've got a colorway to match every EvryJourney trike.

And you can do the reverse colors. You can do the burgundy. You can do the cream. You can do the burnt orange. Totally up to you. So that's a nice option. So you can check it out on the website. It's available now. You'll see it on the product page of the EvryJourney e-trike as well or in the accessory section under tricycle bags. It's the liner. I've got a basket liner that can fit in your electric trike or adult tricycle.

I'm going to show you a liner that can fit into your adult tricycle basket or your e-trike basket. All right, now this is the evryjourney electric tricycle from sixthreezero. I will say these liners are made specifically for this basket, but I'm going to show you the liner. It can also be universal. I'm sure it can fit in other baskets of other adult tricycles so I'm going to give you some measurements and you can see if it will fit in your Basket. Now, if you're interested, these evryjourney e-trikes are available on All right, so this is cool. We've got seven colorways here in this basket liner. You can see we've got the baby blue with the navy exterior. Right here, we've also got the Navy. interior with a baby blue exterior. And then moving on here, we've got the burgundy exterior with the teal interior. This is the burgundy interior with the teal exterior. And now we have the cream exterior with the burnt orange interior. And we've got cream interior, burnt orange exterior, and finally just our black on black. OK, so let me go ahead and take some measurements here if you want to see. Now, OK, the width of the basket is 17 and a half inches. I have to push down that bag a little bit. So 17 and a half inches wide.

The length is 21 inches. And the depth is just a show. Let me get that to the bottom. It's going to be about 11 inches, 11 and a quarter inches. So if you have a basket similar size or even just a touch bigger, this will work because there's a little bit of play here with how this folds over. A little bit smaller actually would work too. It just may not buckle as tight as it would if the dimensions are exactly like this. All right, let me walk you through exactly how this works. So you have these snaps right here. On the exterior, we're just going to pull those off. It's basic. Easy to install. So, you're going to get it like this.

And you're just going to simply put it in. And make sure it's tight to the corners. And then you're going to fold it over the top here. Like so. Okay, and then from there, you're going to find your snap right here. And get the button on there. Snap it in. and just repeat that process on all sides. There we go. Last but not least. All right. And you can see once it's in there and you get it tight, it's a nice fit. So now, as opposed to things going through your basket, falling through the cracks, or if you want to bring your dog with you, gives them a nice place to sit back there so their paws don't go in between the brackets.

Now, a lot of tricycle baskets in particular come with sort of these wider gap baskets. You know, in some regards it'd be better to have the bottoms not have that. So we wanted to come out with a liner to just make it more conducive to put things back here like your keys or something so you don't have to worry about them falling through the cracks. So if you have an adult tricycle you can check out some of these other colors close up. So here's the this is the burnt orange exterior and the cream interior. and then moving over here, here's your burgundy. And it's got the nice logo here on the exterior as well. You can see that. And then moving on down here to the navy, and they all complement the colors of the bikes nicely.

So if you're in the market for a liner, something to consider if your basket will work with it. Or if you're in the market for an adult tricycle, check out the EvryJourney E-Trike. Now these are electric, but the electricity makes the experience really that much better. And you can get more power, you can go up hills, and just more versatility when you add the motor. So you can find the liner on

I'm going to show you every journey e-trike and tricycle rear duffel bag. All right, so I'm going to show you evryjourney e-trike and regular trike rear duffel bag. And you can see I've got it installed here our four baskets. This is also going to fit our fat tire simple step through, which is coming out in 2024. So just to mention that as well. So pretty cool. You've got the duffel bag here. We've got the other colorways. You have seven colorways available here. You've got black, cream, burnt orange, burgundy, teal, navy and baby blue. So you can either match your bike or you can have it offsetting color. Looks nice either way. Now, here is one of the ones that's not installed. So you can see if you are not using it, you can take it with you.

And if you want to come in here a little closer, I will show you around the inside. Okay. So on the side here, you've got a pouch right here that can snap. So go ahead and snap that back in place. Right here. Okay. So that's just like a bonus extra. Okay. And on this side, you have a zip pouch. So you can go ahead and unzip that. And you could put whatever you need to put in there. It's a pretty good size little, not little, pretty good size pocket right there. And you can see just a lot of the details like on the zippers. We have the offsetting colors right here. Same right here, which is cool. We've got the striping there, and then down here if you see the logo in the front of the bag all right now when you open it up on the inside, you've just got a massive interior here to fit whatever you would want to take on your rides.

And if you want to see this one installed, it's a little bit easier to look at it. So you can unzip this and you can put whatever you want on here. Go ahead and pull it open for you. So, makes it easy to bring things with you. Now the cool thing too, is it's really easy to install and uninstall. You have a connection right down here. If you see, there's a snap right here. So I can unsnap that and now the bag is free and I can take it with me if I'm going to the beach, bring all your stuff with you. Now this doesn't have to hang off. You just simply unhook that and now, you can put this inside the pouch bring it with you and when you're ready to come back go ahead and just sit this in like that and these will hang over the edge you want to put your snap one side in and then you will feed this down below like so okay through here and there we go okay and that comes underneath over to this side and tuck this back under right here, snap that side in and you're back. And if you wanna pull it tighter, you just simply grab this and pull that down so it doesn't go anywhere at all. And when it's back on the bike if you want, go ahead and put your straps in right here and it's all secure. So not only is it functional too, but it adds a whole other design element to the bike, really making it pop out. And looks super nice. All right, from a measurement standpoint, the basket is 21 and a half inches long by 17 inches wide. And it is 11 inches deep. Deep. So, if you have another adult tricycle or electric tricycle, it can fit in there.

If you have a similar basket size, a little smaller or a little bigger, this will work just fine as well. But it's designed to fit this basket for the EvryJourney regular trike, Body Ease regular trike, EvryJourney e-trike, and also the simple step-through fat tire trike, as I said, coming out next year. So good little duffel bag, bring all your things with you, zip it, unzip it, and take it with you wherever you're going. Practical, easy, and I think looks nice. Look at all these details and the offsetting colors.

So I'm going to show you one of our rear bags, rear bags for the EvryJourney e-trike rear basket, also the regular EvryJourney tricycle, and our simple step-through fat tire e-trike. So you can see we've got seven colorways, the black, then we have a cream with burnt orange, burnt orange with cream. You can see right here. And we've also got the burgundy top with the teal exterior. We've got the teal top with the burgundy exterior. And we've got the navy blue top with the baby blue exterior, baby blue top with the navy exterior. So seven different colorways. You can see they look nice. They color-coordinate all of our bikes here.

And very practical. So if you wanna come in here, I'll give you a little tour of the bag. You've got a lot of storage compartments in this bag here. So you can see right here, first and foremost, you've got this top pouch, and right here you can unzip that and you can put things in here, preferably flatter items, you know, maybe even a computer. And then from there, you can unzip the top compartment and it opens up on the inside. You have a large lined area. and you have one additional pouch on the interior here where you could put maybe keys or anything, other smaller items, even your phone if you want to put it in there while you're riding.

And if you see in the front here, on the top, you've got the logo and the Your Journey, Your Experience tagline, which looks nice. So we can zip this up. All right, and now the measurements of the basket. So this could fit on other baskets if they have similar dimensions. So the length of this basket is 21 inches. The width is 17 and a half inches and the depth is 11 inches. And you're going to get the same space on the inside of the basket too because the basket fits flush to the corners. You just get in there and spread it out with your hands. Now the installation is really simple. If you can see right in here, we've got a strap that goes underneath all the way around. Now, actually, on this side is where you unbuckle it. So there's a buckle right here.

And I'll just unbuckle that. And now at this point, you can just lift it off and remove this. And to install it, you just drop it in. Like so. You want to make sure your little flaps right here are over the edges. Okay. and then you're gonna take this and run it completely under the basket, like so, to this side. And then you want to bring it right back up to this clip right here. Okay. Right here. Okay. And from there, now you're gonna pull this down to get it nice and tight. And now it's in there perfectly.

And then from here, I would unzip here and just really spread it out. Perfect, so it's in there nice. And there you go. You can see it fits like a glove in there. And all the colors look nice. We've got a lot of details here too. The little rubber handle on the zipper is a nice feature. The piping is in the opposite color, the offsetting color. So a nice bag if you want easy access. You don't plan to remove the bag much. You just want to lift this, put things in, close it up. As opposed to having a liner or something, you can close it up, and leave everything in there safely. So, nice basket bag for the EvryJourney e-trike, the regular trike, and also the Simple Step Through Fat Tire e-trike.

If you're not already on the website, you can find it there. And if you have any other questions at all, please email us at or call us at 310-982-2877. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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