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Women's E-Bike SIZING & TEST RIDE | Electric Bike Demo for ALL HEIGHTS

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. And today we are going to have women four foot 11 to six foot two, test ride the women's EVRYjourney 500 watt electric bike. And the cool thing is a lot of the women have never ridden an electric bike at all in their life. It's the first time today, so you're going to experience firsthand how they feel. How they ride, how they like the bike, and also how it fits their body. Varying heights also have different inseams and arm lengths. We adjust the bike for every woman from four foot 11 to six foot two to fit their body. So you can come along on the test ride with them and see how the bike would also fit you, stick around.

Okay. So Olivia's first up, she's 4'11, 26-inch inseam and?


19-inch arm. So she's going to test ride the EVRYjourney 500 watt e-bike and show you how she fits and how she can ride it. Let me go ahead and at least get it this way for you.

Thank you.

And so today is the first time you ever rode an e-bike?


So she did a little bit of riding earlier, but she's still a novice and we know she can fit.

Yep. Perfect fit.

Go. And she's off.


And now Olivia also has flat sandals on which is not necessarily conducive to riding, but you can see she fits on the bike great. She's going to make a U-turn now. Again, it's the first time on an e-bike. Let's see how she handles it. Making a big loop coming back and here she comes.

How was it?

It was really fun.

And we only got her into level one. So there's a lot more power she could have used, but she was still flying and had a good time. So Olivia it's a fit, she's 4'11, 26-inch inseam. Let's check out our next rider on the test drive.

Dustin: All right up next is [Chev 00:02:24], she's five foot. And your inseam was what again?


27-inch inseam, so one inch taller than our last rider. And how long were your arms?


18 inch. So had you ridden an e-bike before today?


The first time, she's ridden a little bit around. And then when was the last time you'd rode a normal bike?

A couple of months ago.

Okay. So not an avid rider, but first time on an e-bike, she's a little more comfortable now. So I explained to her how everything works. So go ahead and take it for a test drive. So she's already gotten real comfortable.

Oh, she's got some speed and we still just have them in level one. We'll ask her if she adjusted it all. Wow. You're flying. And did you up the speed at all?

Yeah, I did just a little to three.

Oh, she's in three.


So still more room to go, but that was fun, huh?

Yeah. So fun.

And did you feel like you had good control of the bike?

Yeah. Yeah. It handles really well around that curve.

Cool. Comfortable. All right so Chev's a fit at a five-foot, 27-inch inseam. Let's check out our five-foot-one rider on a test ride.

Okay. I'm with Caroline now, she's five foot one, and remind me again you're inseam, 28?


And your arm length?

It's 20.

Okay. And had you ridden an e-bike before today?


So today was the first time we've been riding a little bit around. She's already feeling comfortable. Before today, how long had you not ridden a for? Or had you ridden a bike-

Probably a few months ago.

A few months. Okay, so she's off and running. Let's go. I've got you started out on level one, but if you want when you're riding you can adjust this up or down, use the throttle, whatever you like. So go ahead.


I need one.

So do you feel comfortable, safe, easy to ride?

Yeah, definitely.

Okay. Cool.

For sure.

So Caroline's five foot one, 28 inches inseams, she fits great. It's comfortable. She's got great control for the first time riding an e-bike let's move on to our five foot two riders.

Okay. Now I'm with Elizabeth, who's five foot two and 26-inch inseam. And what was your arm length?


18. Before today, how long since you've ridden a bike?

It's been a long time.

And then e-bike never?


This is her first time on a two-wheeled e-bike right now, you're witnessing it. So I've got you in level one. You can do the throttle if you want. When you pedal it's going to kick in the speed. So you're off and running, you can either loop around the berm there and come back. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

All right. Ready?

I'm ready.

All right. Wish me luck. Jesus. [inaudible 00:05:46] fun. Wow. I did it. I turned around.

All right, pack her up I'm taking this one. Oh my God, that was so much fun.

Fun, right?


How did you feel comfortable, control-wise?

I loved it. Yeah. It was awesome.

Yeah. Easy to ride?

Yeah, for sure.


Oh my God. This is so cool. All right.

So there you have it, five foot two, she's out of here. She just wants to get it, ride it home. Five-foot two she's a fit. She loves it. Let's move on to the five-foot three-rider.

Okay. We got Kayla now she's five foot three with a 30-inch inseam. And how long were your arms?


20 inches. We got the seat up a little bit from the 5'2 rider. I'm making micro-adjustments in between each test ride, so it fits their body a little bit better. Before today, had you ridden an e-bike before?

Not in like five years.

So you've ridden an e-bike, but not... A bike or any bike?

Any bike.

So had you ridden an electric bike ever?


Never. First time today, haven't ridden a bike for five years. She rode a little bit earlier. She's already got the hang of it. So go ahead and just do a little loop for us. Show us how it feels, how it rides. You're in level one.

How do you like it?

I love it.


Very comfortable.

And how about controlling it, easy?


All right, there you go. Kayla at five foot three with a 30-inch inseam is a fit. She loved the test ride. Let's move up to our five-foot-four rider.

Okay. Now we got Amber up to test ride. Now Amber actually owns her own electric bike, so she is a pro at this. She is five foot four, 31-inch inseam, and twenty...


... two-inch arm. So go ahead and hop on. Let's see, I might need to raise the seat up for you a little bit. Let's check it out. Yeah, let me bring the seat up just a little bit for you. Okay, try that. Perfect. Okay. So just go ahead and make a loop and come back before the white car. And then if you want to increase the speeds as you go use the throttle, feel free. Just tell us how you like it.


All right. How'd you like it?

That is fun.

Yeah. How does it feel? Comfort, good?

Yeah. Super comfortable handlebars, seat.

Easy to control?




So Amber is a fit at five foot four, thirty...


One-inch inseam. Let's move up to our five-foot-five rider. Now we're here with Michelle, who's five foot five and 30-inch inseam. And your arms are?


22. Now, before today, the last time you rode a bike?

10 years.

10 years and never ridden an e-bike?


But now you're like zooming.

I'm all about the e-bike now.

Okay, cool. So you can go ahead and hop on. I've got you in level one.

All right.

But you can just make a U-turn right about the white car and feel free if you want to shift this up and get going faster use the throttle. Do whatever you want.

Do number three.

Just show us and you're mixed up so you tell us how you like it.

Vroom away?


All right, thank you. I'm going to go around this way.

Oh, look at that reverse turn, see good control.

Figure I go for turbo coming back.

How do you like it?

I love this. This is so much fun.

How's the comfort and control.

Oh, the control's great and comfortable, I'm very comfortable sitting on here for a bike too.

Yeah. Awesome. I like it. All right. Well, Michelle seems to like it and it's a good fit at five foot five, 30-inch inseam.


Let's move up to our next rider.

Now we have Abigail, Abigail's five foot six with a 30 inches inseam. And how long were your arms?

21 inches.

21 inches. And before today, last time you rode a bike?

Maybe a month or two ago.

Okay. So she's ridden relatively not too long ago. And the e-bike before today ever?

Never, the first day.

Okay. She's been riding around the parking a little bit, getting comfortable and she's already a pro. So we've got you in level one. If you want, go ahead and level it up as you ride and feel free to use the throttle, do what you want and just make a U-turn at the white bike.


You got the microphone, so tell us how you feel or noises of excitement are welcome too.

Here we go.

So what do you think is comfortable?

Very, it's so fun.

Well, there you have it. Our first-time e-bike rider Abigail at five foot six and 30-inch inseam. She's comfortable, she likes it. It's a fit. So let's move up to our next rider.

All right. Now we have [Kiana 00:12:15] on here. Who's five foot seven, 32-inch inseam. And how long were your arms?

Yep, 22.

22. And before today, how long before you had ridden a regular bike? Regular.

Regular, four to six months.

Okay. And e-bike?


Never, the first time. She's a pro now.

I'm a pro.

She loves it. So I've got you're in level two. Go down, make a U-turn around the white car. Feel free to do whatever you want. You got the microphone on. Tell us how you feel.

All right.

Or noises of excitement are welcome.


And if you want to increase the speed-

Whoa, it increased on its own. I love it. Oh my God. This is fun. Oh my God. I'm taking this home. I love that extra jolt of power I'm getting here.

How do you feel comfort-wise, control-wise?

Very comfortable. It's perfect for my height and I didn't feel like I was going to fall.

That's great.

So, that's important.

Yeah. All right so, Kiana, it's a fit. She likes it at five foot seven-

Love it.

32-inch inseam she loves it. So let's move on to the next rider.

Out here with Abby is five foot eight, 32-inch inseam. And how long were your arms?


22 inches. And before today, how long since you'd ridden a bike?

Probably haven't ridden since the summer.

Summer. And e-bike?


Never. So she's already feeling comfortable and she's riding around, but today was her first experience ever. I raised the seat up a little bit for her from the last rider. You're in pedal-assist too, so feel free to show us how you like it. You got your microphone on. So any thoughts, feelings, whatever, and feel free to use throttle or pedal.

That's awesome.

How was it?

That's awesome.



And easy to ride and control?

Oh yeah, it's great.

Cool. All right there you have it, so at five foot eight with a 32-inch inseam, she's a fit, and let's move on to our next rider. All right. Now we're here with Dana who's five foot nine, 32-inch inseam. Arms are 23?

Uh-huh (affirmative).

23 inches. And so before today, ever ridden an e-bike.


So first time on an e-bike today, she's already gotten comfortable. Seems like she's enjoying it. So I've got you in level two. Just go down there, make a U-turn at the white car. Feel free to use the throttle or pedal assist and level the power-up. You got the microphone on, tell us how you like it or how much fun you have.

Yay. Can't wait. This is awesome. Hey, look at this.

So how is it, comfortable?

Oh, I loved it. Can I go again?

Well, I think Dana wants us to wrap this one up and send it to her house. We'll think about it.


So she's a fit at five foot nine, 32-inch inseam. Let's move on to the next rider.

Now I'm here with Meredith who's five foot 10, 33, or four-inch inseam?


33-inch inseam and 24-inch arms, right?


And before today, how long since you rode a bike?

Probably about a month.

Month. And e-bike?

No e-bikes.

First time ever, she already seems comfortable. So we've got you in level two here and we're just going to have you do a test lap and do whatever you want and tell us how you like it.

Okay. Here we go.

All right. That was great.

How is it comfort-wise and controlled? Good?

Oh yeah. It feels really good, I can sit upright. And it's comfortable.

Cool. How about the power, good?

Yeah, great.

Awesome. So Meredith at five foot 10, 33-inch inseams, a fit. Let's move up to our next rider.

Now we're here with Jill who's five foot 11. I made a little adjustments here, raised the seat, adjusted the handlebars she's comfortable now. She has a 34-inch inseam, 24-inch arms. And she's going to take it for a test ride and show us how she likes it.


And you're in pedal assists two, so feel free to use a throttle or add more power, whatever you see fit.

What do you think?

That was smooth.


I didn't know if I was going to like the wide handlebar but it felt actually very comfortable.

Cool, glad to hear that. All right. Well, so Jill liked it. She's comfortable at 5'11, 34-inch inseam. Now let's move up to our six-foot rider. Okay. Now I'm here with Jasmine. She's six feet tall, 36 inches seem?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

And 25-inch arms. And before today, have you ridden an e-bike?

Just for 30 seconds.

Okay. So, I mean, this is basically her first time today-

Just today with you, yeah.

So she's just still a novice, but already feeling more comfortable. How long before that had you ridden a normal bike?

A normal bike? It's been years, but throughout my life over...

But several years. So she's got the hang of it now. So we're just going to do a test lap turn around before the white car.


You're in level two. You can feel free to add power if you want, use the throttle and use the pedal assist and just tell us how you like it.

All right, I'm going to try throttle this time.

Do it.

And see, do one little... Oh my God. I love it. I want it. Give me. Oh my gosh, it goes so fast. These are so dope. Oh my goodness, I'm obsessed with this thing. I'm so obsessed with this.

And how do you feel comfort-wise for your height? Everything good?

Yeah. It feels really good. It's a very comfortable ride. Yeah, definitely will be on your website all night.

Cool. So Jasmine not only likes it, but she's comfortable and it fits at six feet, 36-inch sea. Let's move up to our six-foot-one rider.

Okay. We've got Katie here now who's six foot one, 34-inch inseam, and 25-inch arms?


And before today, never ridden an e-bike, right?


But she's ridden a regular bike about two weeks ago, but she feels comfortable now. I've got you in level two. We've got the bike sized to her. I raised the handlebar up a little bit. Got the seat all the way up. She's got the microphone on, she'll tell us how she feels, how she likes it. So just go for a test ride, turn around before the trees and come back. And if you want to do the throttle or the pedal assist and adjust and add more power, it's up to you.

Cool. Thank you.

Have fun.

She's going full bore. Wow.

That's fun. Here I'll go around.

How is that comfort-wise? Do you like it?

It's very comfortable. Thank you, this is so fun.

And it feels okay for your height?


Yeah. Cool. All right. So there you go, Katie at six foot one with a 34-inch inseam, it fits, she likes it. Now let's move up to our final six foot two riders.

We have our final rider [Kira 00:21:29], she's six foot two. I have the seat all the way up, in a perfect world I'd probably put her on the FAT TIRE EVRYjourney women's eBike, but if she likes it and she's comfortable, it's game on for anyone to ride. So before today, how long since you rode a bike?

About two years, it's been a while.

And then e-bike?

Today was my first day.

Today was her first day. So just a few times out. Just going to take a little test ride, go turn around before the trees. I've got you in level two you can go ahead and if you want to increase the power, you can. If you want to use the throttle, go ahead and the pedal assist. So just go have fun and tell us how you like it.

All right, here we go.

This bike has so much power without even needing to try too hard, it's amazing.

And I'm curious, how does that feel for you?

Oh, that was fun.

How does it feel, comfort-wise?

It's very comfortable, exhilarating even. You don't need to try too hard to ride this bike. It's a lot of fun.

Cool. So there you hear it, even for Kiara at six foot two, she likes it. She's comfortable. She had good control with a 37-inch inseam, 25-inch arms. So that wraps up all the heights of our women.

So thanks for sticking around and watching all the women four foot 11 to six foot two go for a test ride on the EVRYjourney 500 watt electric bike. I hope that helps you get an idea of how this bike would fit you. But if you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to comment below, or reach out to us by email at or call us (310) 982-2877, we're always available. And in addition, take the body fit quiz on our website. Our proprietary body fit algorithm will fit you to the perfect bike for your body and your life.

In addition to that, we have a 90-day test ride your e-bike policy. If you don't love your bike within 90 days, send it back. No questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And lastly, be a part of our community. You can join our Facebook Pedalers group or download our app. The Pedalers group is a great place to go even before you have a bike, you can talk to other riders, ask questions, see how others are using their bike, hear about their experiences and their testimonials. And once you have a bike, you can share on there, your photos make friends. In addition to the app, you can track your ads, be a part of our contests, and also download the app before you get a bike, see how people are riding their bikes and see how many miles they're logging on their bike. Like the EVRYjourney electric you can see who has that bike, how many miles they log. It's a great place to find out about sixthreezero electric bikes.

All right. So thank you for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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