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Women's Beach Cruiser Fitting and Sizing

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero, and I have Alanna with me here today. Today, we're going to show you a bicycle fitting for a women's beach cruiser bike, stick around.

So today we're going to show you a fitting for a women's beach cruiser bicycle, and Alanna's going to demonstrate it for us. But before I do hit the subscribe button below, stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero because I know you want to be the first to know about all the content we're putting out, products, and of course the giveaways for bikes, eBikes, and accessories that Alanna's organizing weekly and monthly.

Okay. So getting a proper fitting for a women's beach cruiser is a little bit different than some other bikes like mountain bikes and road bikes. I have our evryjourney touring cruiser here, now this is sort of a hybrid beach cruiser but it follows the protocol of a beach cruiser. And generally is a beach cruiser. Now, beach cruisers are sized in two different ways. Usually 24-inch wheel or 26-inch wheel, you don't see a variance in frame sizes like you would in a mountain bike or road bike. It's much simpler. And actually, if you're curious about sizing and fitting with different height ranges we actually have videos on our YouTube channel for this specific bike, the EVRYjourney, and we've got women heights five-foot, to six foot two being fit and size to the bike. So check that out if you're looking for that video.

But let me show you, now the beauty of our beach cruisers is we have four custom adjustment points. Now fitting and sizing like I said, typically the 24-inch bike would be for women anywhere from five foot two and below down to like four foot nine, four foot eight. Now, Alanna's actually five foot one and she fits on a 26-inch bike. So it depends on your inseam and also your comfort level with riding. And again, check out the fitting video for the EVRYjourney on our website and you can get a better idea. We also have our round the block beach cruiser, there's a fitting video of that as well, where we have women again, five-foot all the way to six-foot gets sized and fitted.

Now, fitting on a beach cruiser is a much simpler process, like I said. Now, first, if you determine you're a 24-inch or 26-inch, you can do that by watching our video. The fitting is based on our four customer adjustment points. So step one is going to be raising or lowering the seat. Now, Alanna, if you just want to come up now in this case, it's a quick release. The difference between beach cruiser fitting and mountain bike, road bike. In cruiser fitting you're really fitting for comfort, now you can talk about efficiency and when you're you're fitting for road and mountain you're also trying to fit for performance. Most cases with a beach cruiser you're trying to fit for comfort and of course, you want some level of efficiency, but fitting and sizing on a women's beach cruiser really comes down to personal feel.

So if you buy a 26-inch beach cruiser from us at Sixthreezero, you're going to have four customer adjustment points. You'll be able to specifically adjust it to your body. Now, so the height of the seat, is that good for you?

I think a little lower would be better.

Okay. I'm going to let Alanna do it herself to show you how easy it is.

So that's your custom adjustment point one, and really, it's not rocket science. The only thing I can look at with her is to go ahead and put your foot on the pedal, I can make some suggestions where now put your foot on the ground, so maybe if she's looking for a little more efficiency, she could raise the seat a little bit just to get a better leg extension on the downstroke. Her leg seemed a little bit cramped with her knee up there on the upstroke, but again, that's a totally personal preference. Does this feel good to you?

Yeah, this feels good.

Okay. So then we're going to go ahead and leave it there. Now I'm going to grab some tools to make some other adjustments. Now, underneath the seat, the seat actually tilts and the tilting of the seat can allow the seat to go forward or back. And I'm guessing you like this tilt.


Okay. So we're just going to show you how to make the adjustment. Actually, let me leave that. So, we can just go ahead and leave that there. Now underneath here, I'm using a 14 millimeter, you can actually just put this right here on this bolt and you're going to loosen it a couple of cranks on each side. I'm going to show you, now you're going to have the freedom to do this. So what Alanna can do is you can leave it a little bit loose, and why don't you kind of just like hover over that don't put your full body weight. So that feels a little too forward?


Okay. So now she can kind of just tilt it as she sees fit.

Well, yeah, that's good.

That's good or back a little more?

I think like one notch back.

There you go. So she just did another click. So you can really make these micro moves, these little clicks back and forth. And then when you find that place, just come in here with your wrench. We have a ratcheting wrench, just makes it a little easier. Let's do some cranks on each side. You do want to make sure you get this bolt tightened properly. Because if you don't and it's loose, you are going to fly backward on your seat. Okay. Try that.


Okay. Now we're done with two custom adjustment points in our women's beach cruiser fitting. Now we are moving on to the handlebars. So we are going to use a six-millimeter Allen key on the top here, and we can loosen this bolt and that's going to now allow Alanna to be able to raise her lower the handlebar as she sees fit. And from here again, it's really about feel.

I like them low.

Okay. So we're going to bring them back down to where they were, but we wanted to show you for the sake of demonstration. And then you just come in here, give this a few turns and we're off and running. Now, our final and fourth custom adjustment point in the women's beach cruiser bicycle fitting and sizing is this bolt right here with the six millimeters. Now she has free range to tilt, and again, she can find the perfect position for her body.



We're just going to tighten that. So, when I fit in size women to a beach cruiser, I'm really looking at the ergonomics and the riding position as well. And so you can see Alanna's got her back totally upright and straight and her arms are relaxed. If I'm sizing someone, if I see their wrists kinked or I see their arms overextended, that's when I'll start to make some adjustments here on the handlebar. Alanna's actually done this many times so she knows the feeling that she likes. And now we've got the bike perfectly and properly fit for her, women's beach cruisers so she can be off and riding.

Som if you have any other questions at all about getting fit or sizing on a women's beach cruiser please contact us, the team at, or call us at 310-982-2877. You can also comment below, we always respond. In addition to that, go to our website,, and take our proprietary fitting algorithm quiz. You're going to answer some questions about your body, and your life, and it's going to find the perfect bike fit for you. In addition to that, we have a 365-day return policy. If you don't love your bike in 365 days, send it back, no questions asked no money out of your pocket. And lastly, Alanna tells them about the community.

We have a great Facebook community called the Pedalers. It's full of real Sixthreezero owners, so it's a great place to get accessory recommendations, meet people to go on rides in, and just talk about your bike. Check it out on Facebook and of course don't forget to download the app, you can log all of your rides, post your rides and win prizes every week. So check it out available in the Google Play Store and App Store.

So we'd love to have you be a part of that community and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience.

Enjoy the ride.


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