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Women Electric Bike Sizing & Test Ride | Women 4'11" to 6'2"

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero and today we are going to do an electric bike sizing with women from 4'11 to six foot two. You can see them all standing here behind me. It's going to be incredible to see how they fit on every sixthreezero electric bike and give you an idea at home, how you would fit on one of our bikes also. Stick around.

All right. So before we have the women get fit and check their sizing on each bike and also take a test ride, I'm just going to walk you through each electric bike model we have and give you some of the specs and the ranges so you can better understand them before we show you the fits and the sizing. So, let's start over here at our EVRYJourney women's with the rear mounted battery. Now this model currently comes in a 500 watt and a 250 watt, and it has the battery mounted on the rear so you can easily remove and replace the batteries. You can see you can take it out, bring it inside with you to charge, or if you park your bike somewhere, bring it into your office. It's a real beauty to be able to just slide this back on, and now your battery's back mounted.

So, we have two different power levels 500 watt, 250 watt. 500 watt in a full throttle is going to give you about 20 miles an hour, meaning no pedaling. And then in pedal assist you're going to be able to hit up to 28, depending on the kind of output you can produce with your own legs and the assistance of the motor. The 250 watt version is going to take you 18 miles an hour with just the throttle and about 25 miles an hour with the pedal assist. The pedal assist output really depends on how strong your legs are as a rider though. And keep in mind, this bike also can be ridden as a standard bike. You can leave the motor in the off position. It rides pretty much the same as a standard bike. You're going to see in the test ride the women, taking it out.

They're going to do some pedaling before they engage the motor so you can get a feel for it. Now in this bike, we've also used a smaller display right here. This is where you turn your power on and off, and you'll do your plus and minus for your pedal assist. There's five ranges in terms of the pedal assist, output ranges one to five. Level one gives you the least amount of assistance. Level five will give you the most amount of assistance for the motor. And you can decide what kind of power you get from the motor when you ride. In terms of the range for the battery, if you're doing full throttle, you're going to get about 20 to 30 miles of range, just doing the throttle. Pedal assist, you're going to get 40 to 60 miles of range, but there's a lot of factors that play into that like the terrain, the conditions, also the weight and the size of the rider have a big effect on the range you get from the battery.

So these are just general ideas for the range, but again, the way the weather factors, the terrain other elements play into that. Has the front disc breaks and also this one is the ergonomic frame design. Has a step through frame design, easy for on and off mounting and also the forward pedaling design so when you sit here, your legs are going to be about five inches forward, which means you can get proper leg extension when riding, but still be close to the ground when stopping. It's a great safety feature and also comfort feature. And it has a very nice ergonomic ride. So your back's going to be upright. Your arms can be relaxed. It's a very, very comfortable ride for any bike, especially for an electric bike. Easy to go, lots of miles on without feeling strain on your body.

Now, moving on to this, EVRYJourney, the frames are the same, same kind of ergonomic forward pedaling design, where you're going to be upright, back upright, super comfortable forward pedaling design so you can be low to the ground feet flat when stopped still ample leg extension when riding. The difference between these two EVRYJourneys. This has an internal battery mount. Inside the frame here in the middle of the bike. And this also only comes in a 250 Watts. So top speed's going to be 18 with the full throttle and about 25 for pedal assist. And again, the 250 watt output for most women is going to be ample depending on the type of hills you're going to be doing or if you're going to tow weight capacity. You're going to see in the test strides though, women that test ride these they're going to feel a lot of power just from the 250 Watts.

So make sure you choose the right wattage for you. You don't always need more power just because you can have it. Another upside is having the battery mounted in the middle of the frame here. It's a nice weight distribution when you're riding some people like it better for balance. The other advantage, we have a larger screen in the middle here. It's going to show you your power left on the battery, your range, your speed, which this display also shows all of the same things. But you just have a bigger display, whether you like a big display or a small display totally up to you, it doesn't affect the performance of the actual battery. And then in terms of range, same thing, 40 to 60 miles full throttle and 20 to 30 pedal assist. But again, the weight of the rider, the terrain, the conditions all play into the range you are going to get out of the battery. And same thing you can adjust your assistance here on the gauges and you have your throttle at your thumb and disc brakes as well for ample stopping power.

Now you cannot remove the battery easily in this frame. So if taking the battery on and off when you go places is a big feature you want then you might want to look at this EVRYJourney. But for this one, it's a simple, sleek design. You can barely tell it's an e-bike. So up to you what you decide is best. Now, moving on to our tricycle. This is a 250 watt bicycle and it actually has a front mounted hub motor because in the rear here there's not a great place to put a motor. Like on the bikes you have the motor in the rear hub. You can do the mid drive mount motors on the tricycles, but to bring costs down, make it more cost effective, we put it in the front hub. Now this is a 250 watt motor .top speeds on this with pedal assist are going to be about 16 miles an hour. Full throttle is going to be anywhere from 13 to 15.

And again, with pedal assist you could get this going about 20 miles an hour. I don't recommend it on a tricycle. It's just not safe. Because of having the rear wheels you don't want to get these going too fast. There is a possibility of tipping on tricycles. It's not common, but if you get the speeds going too fast around turns, it can happen. So I'd like to say max speed on this about 16 with a throttle, depending on the capacity you have in there and the weight, 13, 15 miles an hour. You're going to see in another video on YouTube, I actually hop in the rear basket. I'm 220 pounds and I can be towed around no problem with Alana driving. She's 110. So even at 330 of capacity, it moves well can hit top speeds above 10 miles an hour. So you've got your step through frame, easy to get on and off same EVRYJourney forward pedaling design for comfort and ergonomics.

I can go ahead and hop on. You're going to see the fitting and the sizings coming up and you can see back is upright. And of course with the three wheels, you don't have to worry about balance. And we've got, actually on the 250 watt the brake pads on the rear wheel. So the caliper brakes, that's ample stopping power with the 250 watt. And then you've got the rear drum brakes that's stopped nicely in the rear. And then we've used the smaller display on this one as well, just to keep it sleek, less bulky. You've got your five levels of pedal assist on this bike as well. And range is the same. Now the range in the trikes going to be less. So I'm going to say on the trike, you're going to get about 30 to 40 miles full throttle at best case because you're dragging more rubber on the road and potentially things in the basket that's going to bring it down.

So the weight on the bike is going to have a big effect on the range you're going to get out of the battery, but I'll say 30 to 40 best case scenario with full throttle. And I'm going to say, sorry, I take that back. Pedal assist 30 to 40 and then full throttle you're looking at maybe 10 to 20 miles with just using the throttle. So 30 to 40 miles with pedal assist, 10 to 20 with full throttle on the tricycle. And again, you're dragging more weight, you've got more rubber on the road that's going to affect the range of the battery. All right, moving on down now the EVRYJourney fat tire. We've used very much the same things as the EVRYJourney. It's basically the same bike. You've got the rear mounted battery. This is a 500 watt. Now it's got the four inch tires which are massive.

This is great if two things, one, you're doing some off-roading trail riding things like that, or two you're a taller woman. And you're going to see in the sizing to come a lot of the taller women, 5'7 and above really fit this bike nicely because the big tires elevate the bike off the ground and it makes it better for their legs to get better leg extension. Now on this one, same thing with the battery, you're going to get a little bit less. So I've said 40 to 60 pedal assist on the other EVRYJourney, in this one you're looking at best case 30 to 50 miles, depending on the weight. Again, with the thicker tires, you're dragging more rubber, creating more resistance, and just draining the battery overall faster. And on the full throttle I'm going to say 10 to 20 miles. Again, same thing. The motor's going to have to work harder to turn these wheels, which is going to drain the battery quicker. So something to consider when you are shopping for your electric bike.

The other thing I forgot to mention now that I want to just look back and say, all of these bikes also feature seven speed external derailleurs. So outside of the electric motor, they have a seven speed derailleur so you can ride it in seven speeds, one through seven, what you choose, whether you're going up hills or whatever, which is a great option to have those gear ratios. And those gears are just for the bicycle element of these, not anything to do with the electrical components of the bike. Now, disc breaks on here for the front and the rear are going to be great for ample stopping power. When you get these big tires turning, you're going to need the disc brakes. Moving on to our classic cruiser, the around the block. Now this is very similar in spec to the first EVRYJourney, the rear mount battery, 40 to 60 miles of range in pedal assist and 20 to 30 with full throttle. You've got the same sleek display here.

This is available currently in 250 watt and 500 watt. 500 watts going to get you going 20 miles an hour in full throttle, up to 28 pedal assist and the disc brakes front and the rear. And this is the classic cruiser, the upright kind of traditional cruiser style, where you got your arms very relaxed. It's really a nice ride, especially if you want something traditional. And I forgot to mention on the fat tire, sorry to backtrack. Top speeds on this. Still going to be 20 miles an hour in full throttle. But as you work the bike faster, again, you're going to drain the battery. Pedal assist is going to be 28 max, but I think it's going to be hard pressed to get this bike going that fast. So I would assume 22, 23 miles an hour, best case in the fat tire, just because harder to turn those tires over.

So finishing up with the Around The Block. Removable battery, easy to get on and off just like the EVRYJourney. Has the seven speed Shimano derailleur if you want to ride it like a normal bike. You won't even really notice the difference if you take the battery off and ride it like a normal bike. Has the pedal assist feature and the full throttle. Now moving down to our Body Ease. This is our comfort bike, but that is mixed with a lot of all purpose riding. So you've got the thinner tires on here, which are really ideal for pavement if you want to roll faster, you've got the suspension seat post and the suspension fork. Now you've got two out options with this fork. You can lock it out, meaning like it doesn't move at all, or you can unlock so it can move up and down and that's going to provide shock absorption as you go over bumps and curbs and rocks or whatever you may hit on your ride.

So this is like the comfort bike built to do exercise or longer riding things like that. You're going to be in an upright ride. You've got a nice wide saddle and it's got the same removable battery as the EVRYJourney in ATB. And this is available in 500 Watts. So 20 miles an hour full throttle and 28 miles an hour pedal assist. And the range is the same 40 to 60 miles in pedal assist and 20 to 30 in full throttle. And really, I want to stress that the ranges and the batteries vary so much on the rider's weight, conditions, terrain, things like that. But this is great if you want an e-bike, but you want some comfort features. You're going to see in the sizing portion of the video though, this bike's really ideal for riders five foot four and above and you'll see why just because of the legs and the suspension seat post that has to be raised about four inches at all times. Same disc breaks. Good stopping. It's a great all purpose e-bike.

Now moving on to our city bike. Actually, lastly, rewind, sorry. We've got the bigger screen on here. So it's going to be easy to see as you look down on it. Top speed. Sorry, your speed, your battery life. Everything will be right here in the middle, same screen here on our Ride in the Park. So this is our city bike. This has a really great step through as does the Body Ease and a very upright, comfortable riding. And you've got pedals, which are very comfortable right here. You can see, you don't have to reach. And this one is great because it's got the thinner tires. So this one can really zip around. Now you've got the 500 watt battery, just like the ATB and the EVRY. But with the thinner tires, you get a little more zip and a little bit more agility where you can corner little bit faster.

So if you're looking for something with a step through in comfort, but you want to have that zippiness, the Ride in the Park is really a great option. So 40 to 60 miles pedal assist 20 to 30 in full throttle or even 20 to 40 in full throttle. And if you should watch a video where I go on a bike ride with Nate and I do full throttle with some full hills and everything and we make it about 21 miles, but again, I'm 220 pounds and these are some serious hills. So it depends on the terrain. I just want to stress that more and more. So battery is easily removable. Bring it in with you and charge wherever you go. And you've got the front and rear disc brakes and the seven speed external derailleur. So stop on a dime. Also ride this bike like a normal bike. And you'll see in the test rides, how people ride this bike.

In addition, we've got some other test riding videos you can check out of the EVRYJourney if you want to see how other women, 4'11 to six foot two look when they test ride that. Now moving on to our last bike, our Reach Your Destination. This is our commuter e-bike. This has thin tires as well. And a little bit more of an aggressive riding position. Features the same rear mount battery, easily removable, 40 to 60 miles of range in pedal assist, 20 to 40 in full throttle. And I know I've said 20 to 30 and 20 to 40 in full throttle, because it really depends. I like to think 20 should be the absolute minimum, but the terrain still plays into it. 40 would probably be absolute maximum unless you're really preserving the battery. Front and rear disc brakes, seven speed derailleur and we've got the screen here.

And all of these, these the Body Ease, Ride in the Park, Reach Your Destination all have the controls at your thumb here with the throttle and the up and the down. And you'll see your pedal assist levels right here on the screen. So you'll see a lot of women wanted to test ride this bike. It's very comfortable. It's got a little bit straighter of a handlebar, but still kinked a little bit. So they come back into your body. So it's really a more comfort based commuter bike. And again, the thinner tires make it really zippy with the 500 watts of power. So if you like to zip around or you want power the thin tires are going to reduce resistance, make this bike feel a lot faster than the EVRYJourney or the Around The Block. Top speeds again are going to be 20 miles an hour, full throttle and 28 pedal assist.

And all of these e-bikes are class two e-bikes if you're wondering about your local laws and legalities, but check with your local municipalities and counties for the actual specifics around what's the legal and not legal where you ride, but classified as class two e-bikes. The other thing too, I'll say about why is every one of these e-bikes except for the 250 watts top speed with the full throttle has been 20 because the motors actually are regulated to cut out at 20. That's what's legal here in California. You cannot do full throttle higher than 20 miles an hour. And technically you cannot do pedal assist higher than 28. So if you hit 28 miles an hour with pedal assist on the e-bike, the motor will also cut. And then when you're talking about the full throttle, when you hit 20, it will cut not cut it completely, but it's going to reduce your power output till your speeds get below 20.

And again, that's a legal feature. Also a safety feature. If you've never ridden an e-bike 20 miles an hour is going quite fast. 28 miles an hour is going very, very fast. So that's a feature on it. So that's the Reach Your Destination. I'll just run through real quick. So Reach Your Destination 500 watt electric e-bike, Ride in the Park 500 watt electric e-bike, Body Ease 500 watt electric e-bike, Around The Block available in 500 wat and 250 wat electric, the women's fat tire, EVRYJourney 500 watt, our electric tricycle 250 watt, our EVRYJourney internal battery 250 watt, and our EVRYJourney available in 250 and 500 watt. So that's all the models on the run through, stick around for the sizing and the test rides so you can see, get a sense of how your body type might fit and look on one of these bikes.

All right. So we are here with Olivia. Olivia's four foot 11. And what was your inseam?


And your arm length?


19. All right. So we are going to test her out, starting on our EVRYJourney. See if she fits. We're going to take her through all the sixthreezero electric bikes. See how she fits then she's going to pick her favorite and go for a little test ride. Another special little note about Olivia she's never ridden an e-bike before. That's the truth, right?


She's telling the truth. She is not a paid actor, never ridden an e-bike. So you're going to see it for the first time on camera today. We're going to give her a helmet and take it slow, but you'll be able to see how she fits at 4'11 and how she rides for the first time. So let's do this. So we've got our EVRYJourney electric bikes. So go ahead and hop on or there you go. Stand over it. And can you slide back? So pretty good actually.


Here actually put your feet down. There we go. So you can see she's a little bit on her tippy toes, but not too bad. The handle bars are maybe a little bit high, so we could actually tilt those down. When she goes for a test ride, we'll perfectly adjust it to her body. But I would say for the EVRYJourney for Olivia 26 inch inseam and?


19 inch arm length, we've got a good fit here. So go ahead and hop off there and let's move on now to our other EVRYJourney. This is our internal 250 watt. The EVRYJourney here, the first model comes in the 500 watt and the 250 watt. This is our 250 watt internal battery, same frame, same styling. You can see this one's a fit also. She's got her feet up on the tippy toes, but not too much, actually I should say the ball of her feet. So this is definitely a fit. And again, we can adjust the handlebars down a little bit, get her arms a little bit more comfortable, but this is definitely going to work for her. So if you want to go ahead and hop off. All right. Now, moving on to our electric tricycle, 250 watts.

Let's see is this seat actually low as it can go.


Interesting about the tricycle. She can't get her feet to the ground, but because you have three wheels, go ahead and put your feet on the pedals, she could still ride the tricycle, obviously balance isn't an issue. Mounting and dismounting may be as easy for someone who's 5'2 and above, but she definitely could still ride this because you don't have to worry about balancing. So go ahead and just get off. There you go. So not too bad for her at 4'11. Actually let me adjust the seat here before you hop on.


Now this is our EVRYJourney fat tire. Now this is going to be a little, a bit higher off the ground because of the bigger tires. Go ahead and try. So this one's definitely a no go for Olivia. It's a little too tall. So go ahead and hop off. You can see because even though the frame is the same as the first two EVRYJourney e-bikes with the bigger tires that lifts the bike off the ground makes a little more difficult for her to mount and dismount. All right, moving along to the Around The Block, which comes in a 500 watt and a 250 watt. That one actually works for her okay. So you can see, we can adjust the handlebar. She can get her feet at a proper stopping position. Go ahead and put your front foot or one of your feet on the pedal, that right foot. Yeah. And she can get ample leg extension. We could probably even raise the seat up a little bit for her. So that's definitely a fit for her. So go ahead and hop off.

Now this one, try to just step through. This is the Body Ease. Now on the Body Ease we have a suspension seat post. You can swap the seat post. We're not going to do it on camera right now, which would lower the seat, but it raises the seat up about four inches. So go ahead and just try. Actually, no need to try. You can tell just by looking at it, not going to work for Olivia, seats too high, way too dangerous for her at 4'11. So if you're 4'11 skip the Body Ease, take a look at the EVRYJourney or Around The Block so far. Moving on down, go ahead and step through the Ride in the Park and try to slide your butt back on the seat if you can and try to put your feet...

So that one's a no go for her also at 4'11. Go ahead and slide off. So that's going to be too tall for her as well. With the 700 seat tires, the frame's a little bit bigger than the EVRYJourney. It doesn't have that forward pedal frame technology like the EVRYJourney does so that one's a no go for Olivia at 4'11. Now this one's got a higher step over. So try to put your feet down. Same thing. Reach Your Destination .for absolute safety I would say no go on this one as well. Go ahead and step off. So Olivia at 4'11, 26 inch inseam, and 19 inch arm length we've got all the EVRYJourneys, the tricycle if she so chooses. And then also the Around The Block are a fit for her to ride. So which one do you want to give a go?

Teal one.

The teal one. So she wants to do the 250 watt internal. Let's make our way over there. Alana, you want grab her the helmet safety first. You are about to witness something special. Maiden voyage on an electric bike. We'll even give her a little tutorial here.

We didn't even let her practice so we could capture this moment on camera.

So let me tilt the handlebars down a little bit for you. So go ahead and sit down on the seat. Deep breaths. Is that a little better?


Okay, cool. When's the last time you rode a regular bike?


Wow. You're seeing this on camera folks. One thing I can suggest is we can start you out. That's the beauty of the options here is you can ride it like a normal bike before you engage the electric. We can get her comfortable with riding. So let's do this. Go ahead and kick the kick stand up. So the motor's off and let's actually click the motor on. We're going to show you how this works. So this is your assistance from the motor. You can actually pedal and the motor will help you. Or you can hit this button and it will act as a throttle and it will do all the work for you. So what we can do is we're going to put this in zero. So right now this is like a normal bicycle. So go ahead and just do a little loop and ride. There you go. There you go. Swing that pedal. Here, let me show you. Actually swing this pedal back. Now get that pedal... Right, there you go. So you can push. She's off. We're getting her acclimated.

I think it's easier just to go with the throttle actually.

She might be in too high of a gear.

I can ride a bike. I didn't know [inaudible 00:26:33].

Put your feet down. There you go. Actually, what speed are you in? You're in fourth. Was it a little hard for you to pedal?

Maybe a little. Yeah.

Here, let me do something for you really quick. I'm just going to go ahead and get this into first gear for her. Now we got it so she can get going a little bit easier. Now, do you feel comfortable? Do you want to try riding again?

Yeah. I want to try it. One sec.

Without the electric or with the electric?

With the electric.

Okay. So go ahead and get your kicks in. And we're going to put you into pedal assist one. And go ahead. So here, get your pedals position... There you go. Keep pedaling. This is a real life reaction folks. Oh boy. Do you want to just try to keep going straight?

Yeah. I'm poor at turnings.

Put the throttle.

So we are witnessing firsthand from not riding a bike in however many years, we will confirm that to up and riding and loving it. Smiling, giggling, laughing. Now again, we would work with her-

I should check on her.

... practice.

Oh, she's got it. Try the throttle.

So by your left hand, push the button. Catch the reaction here.

Try the throttle.

No, she did.

Okay, wait. I tried the throttle it was fun.

How was it?

It was good.

If you had to estimate how many years since you last rode a bike?


Wow. So 10 years, no riding. She could do the electric first time, little rusty, but you could get it back, right?

I didn't fall.

That's true. You did not. Cool. You can hop off. So Olivia 4'11, 26 inch inseam, 19 inch arms just rode an electric bike for the first time in her life. After not having even ridden a bike for 10 years and she did it. I also want to point out she's in some footwear that's not conducive to bike riding so we could take a lot of other are precautionary measures to make this even easier for her. But I think one or two more times and you've got the hang of it or even another 20 minutes and she's off and running. So we've got to fit for her on the EVRYJourneys and the Around The Blocks. Let's move on to our five foot rider. We're here with Chev now. And Chev has ridden a bike recently, but has never ridden an e-bike in her entire life. And she's five feet tall. And what's your inseam?

Inseam is 27.

27. Do you remember your arms? Did you measure the arm?


18. So 27 inch inseam, 18 inch arms actually that's I believe shorter than our 4'11 rider.

My arms are?

The inseam. So that's one thing to pay attention to is height does matter in the fit sizing of electric or no normal bikes too, but the inseam is also a factor. So we'll see how that plays out right now with Chev. So we're going to take her through all the bikes. I have a feeling she won't fit on a couple of them, but we'll walk through it. So let's start over here on the EVRYJourney.

All right.

And I'd also like to just mention everyone, all these bikes we have here come in various color options. So take a look on our website The EVRYJourney comes in like a navy, mint green, teal.

[inaudible 00:30:51].

These are just different color palettes we laid out for today. So go ahead and give it a shot. Sit on there. Okay, cool. So I would say definitely a fit. You feel comfortable on that?


We can adjust the handlebars a little bit down for her, but you can see feet are in a good position. It's safe. That'll work for her. All right. Let's move on.

All right. Here we have the EVRYJourney internal. This one's a 250 watt. Go ahead. So it's the same frame as our EVRYJourney that she just tried and it looks like it's also a good fit. How does it feel?

Pretty good.

I think you're even less up on the balls of your toes with this one?


So I'd say it's a fit.

Cool. All right, let's keep moving down the line.

This one


Yeah. Hop on. So on the tricycle, because you have three wheels and you're balancing getting your feet to the ground is not as essential. So you can see, she actually cannot get her feet on the ground, but with the three wheels, it's not as big of a deal cause you don't have to balance. Can you go ahead and put your feet on the pedals? So with her feet on the pedals, it's an okay fit. She can pedal and ride. So it's really what you're comfortable with. You wouldn't need to get off the bike quickly like you would on a two wheeled bike. So go ahead and dismount. Let's see how that is for you and not too bad. She can get off pretty easily. So I would say that one's a fit too. Moving on here. So you want to hold the bike for her?

This is the-

So go ahead and step through, but don't try to get on the seat.

Just stand in front.

And see if you can slide. Can you even get your butt up on the seat?


So barely. So for safety now again, on the fat tire, the frame is higher off the ground with the bigger wheels. So it's harder for her to get her feet on the ground. So this one's definitely not a fit for Chev at five feet with the 27 inch inseam. So go ahead and hop off.

Here we have the Around The Block. I think this will be a good fit.

Have the AroundtheBlock, I think this will be a good fit. Yeah, it is. How does it feel?

Pretty good.

Yeah, it looks like a good fit. Her feet are where I'd want them to be. Yeah. Even the handlebars look good.

Yup. Definitely a fit. Moving on. The one thing I'll say too, for Chev too, and everyone at home, the safest way to mount, if you're trying the bike, get your leg over, stand over the tube and then try to slide back onto the seat. Don't try to go straight for sitting on the seat because then you might end up levitating your one leg too high. So, just a piece of advice here. This one, I'm certain she won't be able to fit, but go ahead and step over and just show them how you can't. So, with the BodyEase, again, you've got the suspension seat post, so it raises the seat up a little bit. So, that's definitely not a fit for her. You could swap the seat post, lower that down. Might be a closer fit for her, but as it comes standard, not a fit.

All right. Next, we have the RideInThePark. Let's see how it looks. Yeah. This one, it's a bit of a stretch. I would say, not a good fit just to be on the safe side. Although you could probably ride it because you're a little bit of an experienced rider. But just for safety reasons, and especially if you're not used to riding a bike or haven't ridden a long time, if you are five feet, like Chev... 27 inch inseam? Yeah. I would avoid this one, the RideInThePark.

So far I would stick to the EVRYjourney traditional with the 500 watt or 250, the first one or the Internal Battery 250 or the AroundtheBlock. Now, let's move down to the last one, to Reach your Destination. Let me go ahead and straighten this seat out really quick, too. All right, go ahead. So, that's borderline. I would say not a fit for her if as an e-bike, just because you're dealing with a motor, accidents do happen on electric bike. She's way up on her tippy toes. She's really on the border. So, if you're 27 inch, 28 inseam, five feet, it's probably a no, but may getting into the 5'1, 29 inch inseam, you're going to be very close. But for Chev, not a fit. So, out of the ones that you fit on, Chev, which one do you think you'd want to try?

I don't know. Like all those fit me, right? Like the first three.

So we got the pine melon, which is this green one, the AroundtheBlock?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Or the first three, the EVRYjourney two or the tricycle?

Maybe that second blue one, the teal one.

All right. Teal again.

Teal's popular.

Is that what she picked?

Oh, Olivia also picked that, but you know what? That's okay. Okay. So you're going to watch Chev get her first intro into e-bike riding.

Here's the helmet, you can adjust this here.


Okay. We're here with Chev. She's all helmeted up. We're ready to go, and this is going to be her first time ever sitting on an e-bike. She did disclose she rides electric scooters in Hollywood, LA area. So, she's familiar with electric propulsion two-wheeled vehicles, but first time on a bike. So, go ahead and hop on. I'll give you a quick tutorial. Okay, cool. So your course, we're going to try to have you cruise around here and do like a big loop.


If you can. So, the beauty of the electric bikes, you're going to turn it on here. Screen's going to pop on and this is your pedal assist. So, you have two modes. One is where your... Three, actually. One, you're pedaling and the motor's going to help you pedal. Two is you can actually push this throttle and let the bike, the electricity, do all the work or three is turn it off. So, what I would suggest is let's turn it off to zero.


Just take a quick lap, get yourself familiar with the bike. Okay. So, Chev, good experienced rider. Now, if you want to Chev, you can hit the up button on that controller and that... Start pedaling and the motor kicks in. That's the reaction. First time ever electric reaction right there. Now, go ahead and hit the straightaway if you want.

What's the straightaway?

Just keep going down that way. And you can also push that throttle with your thumb.

First time rider reactions.

That's so fun. That's awesome.

And you can definitely feel a kick in, right?

Yeah, totally.


That's awesome.

So, there you have it. First time ever on an electric bike, Chev picked it up super quick with prior bike riding experience. It was pretty easy, right?

Yeah, totally.

I think in another three minutes she'd be an expert. So, Chev's five foot, she's got 27 inch inseam...

18 arm.

18 inch arm. It's a fit for her on our EVRYjourneys and AroundtheBlock. Let's move up to our 5'1 rider and see how they fit.

All right. Now, we're here with Caroline. She's 5'1, like me, and what's your inseam?

28 inches.

28 inch inseam and 20 inch...


Arm length. And so we're going to see how she does on our different bike models. Let's get started with the EVRYjourney.

And Caroline's never ridden an e-bike before, but she has ridden a bike two months ago, she said. So, [crosstalk 00:39:00] after she does her fitting, she'll choose her favorite and we'll see how she fits on the test ride.

Looks like a good fit to me. I think we could even raise the seat a little bit.

Yeah. So, it's definitely going to fit her. What we'll do is after she goes through all of them we'll dial it in perfectly for her to go on a test drive, but we won't do the adjusting right now.

But definitely a fit for her. We could raise this seat a little bit more. I think you could even put your feet flat on the ground.


If you wanted to. Yup. So, a good fit on the EVRYjourney. Let's try the next bike.

Let's just go ahead and prep this a little bit for her. Now, that we've got an idea. Okay, try that.

All right.

Might be too high now. Nope, pretty good.

Yeah. Pretty good. She's up on her toes a little, which is my preferred riding position. I'm sure you would get good leg extension with the seat at this height. So, good fit on the EVRYjourney Internal.

So keep in mind, the first bikes are traditional EVRYjourney with the battery on the rear rack. That comes in a 500 watt, 250. This is the Internal 250 watt EVRYjourney, but the frames are the same in terms of the step over height and positioning.

All right. So next we have the EVRYjourney tricycle. Let's see. Yup. Definitely, will be able to ride the trike. The seat is a little bit... You're a little higher off the ground with this one, but with a trike you don't really need to have your feet on the ground because you don't need to worry about balance as much. Yeah, looks like a good fit.


Okay. And the FATTIRE. Also, it looks like it works out.

Yeah. So, this is our EVRYjourney 500 watt. Similar frame to the first EVRYjourney, but with the bigger tires it lifts the bike off the ground. But at 5'1, she's getting her feet down with ample positioning. So, that's definitely a fit. And again, we could dial it in a little bit more to her for the test ride.

All right. I think this one we'll have to raise the seat.


This right there. So, this is the AroundtheBlock.

And what was your inseam again Caroline?


So, 28 inch inseam. So you see, there's a lot of things at play in the sizing, like the height, the inseam, also the shoes do play into it like thickness of soles, which we're not measuring sole thickness today. But that does actually add a few inches sometimes.

Yup. And this looks like a good fit. I think we could raise the handlebars a little bit more. It's a lot lower than the other bikes were. Yeah, good fit.

Yup. So far Caroline is a fit on everything. Now, this one may be a little bit more challenging. Now, don't try to get on the seat, just step through the frame first and then see if you can slide your butt on. Okay, so it's going to be a little bit high. Go ahead and try to sit back. I'll hold the bike with Alana. It's okay if your feet are not on the ground [crosstalk 00:42:24] put your other...


Yup. You can go ahead and...


You can go ahead and put your feet down now...


And get off. Yeah. So, you can see with the BodyEase, the seat post has a suspension seat post. If we were to switch the seat post and lower it, she'd be able to fit. But if you want the suspension seat post, at 5'1, it's still not going to be a fit on the BodyEase.

All right, let's move on to the RideInThePark. Let's see how it fits.

So, now we're onto the RideInThePark and at 5'1, that's an easy fit for Caroline. And she nods in approval, maybe she likes that one. So, that's a good fit. So, if she wants to test ride that one, we'll get it perfectly sized for her.

And you're the first out of the three who've tested the bike that fits.

That's true.



So, the first height that fits the RideInThePark so far has been 5'1, Caroline, with the 28 inch inseam.

All right, last one. Let's see. This one [crosstalk 00:43:32] has a higher top tube, but looks like a good fit.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

So, yeah...

Similar to the others.

Yup, our first rider. So, Caroline fits every electric bike sixthreezero offers except for the BodyEase. Now, having sat on, and looked at, and seen, which one do you want to test ride?

Probably the last one.

Okay. So, she's going to go for the RideInThePark. So, let's go ahead and pull this out and get her all set up.

So far teal has been the most popular color.

Okay. So, Caroline's suited up. Safety first. She's got her helmet and her first time about to ride the e-bike. Are you nervous a little bit?

A little.

Okay. Don't worry. We'll take care of you. Why don't you go ahead and hop on and get comfortable and I'm just going to see how I can adjust the handlebars. Does that feel good to you or would you rather they be a little higher?

It feels pretty good.

Okay. I want to try something just see how you like this. I think we can get it even more comfortable for you. Sorry. Okay, try that now. Does that feel [crosstalk 00:44:45] a little better?


See, I've been doing this for almost 20 years. Just get the handlebars a little bit closer to your body.


Oh, we're filming. We're filming.

I see the shot line, the eye line.

Yeah, if you could just you can just stay back there.


All right. Are we going to be able to cut that?


Okay. Let me gather myself. What? Okay, cool. Let me get this out. Okay. So, we got the handle bars dialed in for Caroline and she got a good fit. Seat looks pretty good. So, let's give you a quick tutorial.


Now, if we push the power, button... This is your power button.

Now, this is a good, important thing to know. Got to flip the battery on back here. So there's actually a switch on the battery. We'll put that on. And then that will engage the screen. And also with your polarized lenses, it's going to be hard to see the screen. This is your pedal assist. So, you've got three modes on this bike. One, you ride it like a normal bike. This switch here determines the speed of which... Or the power output of your motor when you're pedaling, it's called pedal assist.


We can put that in zero, you can ride this like a normal bike. You can put into one, two, three, four, five. In five, you're going to be able to max speeds of almost 28. That's very aggressive. So to start, we'd have you in one, but we're going to start you in zero.


Then this also can dictate this throttle, so you can not pedal at all and just hit the throttle.

Oh, wow.

And let that do all the work. I want you to just ride it like a normal... Can you hop off really quick?


I'm going to do you a favor. So, it's in seven speed just because Caroline's never ridden e-bike. I'm going to go ahead and put the gears of the bike into a lower bike, lower speed, so when she gets on, it's easier to pedal. Okay. And all of our e-bikes currently come with seven speeds so when you ride at like a normal bike, you have a good range of gears. Go ahead.


And hop on and then just go ride it like a normal bike.


And then once you're comfortable, you can try to engage the throttle. Actually, you're going to have to push the button up to put it in one.


So keep going, keep pedaling, go straight.

Okay, now turn around and hit the throttle with your thumb. And there it is, folks. The happiness reaction on the first time you experienced the motor... Fun.

I love it.

So cool, right?

That's so cool. So cool.

Cool. So there you have it. Another first time rider. When we gathered everyone today to actually do the fitting, we didn't know who has or hasn't ridden an e-bike for the first time, but cool to see the first time reactions. Glad you like it. So Caroline's 5'1, 28 inch inseam, 20 inch arms. She was a fit on every e-bike we have except the BodyEase. Let's move up to our next rider.

All right. Now, we're here with Elizabeth. She is 5'2. She has a 26 inch inseam, and... What was your arm length?


18 inch arm. So, let's see how she fares on our bikes.

All right. Let's walk you over to the EVRYjourney. So, our first bike, the EVRYjourney, this is available in a 250 or 500 watt. So, go ahead when you mount it, just step your leg through.


And then try to slide your butt back onto the seat. So, just step over first. There you go.

Pay attention.

Now, slide back.


Okay, cool. So, that looks like a definite fit for Elizabeth. We actually probably need to raise the seat up a little bit to get her really comfortable, but definitely we can make that work and dial it into your body. So, EVRYjourney's a go. Let's move on to the EVRYjourney. So this is the EVRYjourney with the battery on the rear rack, 500 watt. This [crosstalk 00:49:21] is the Internal 250 watt.

Is gripping the brakes when you mount. Yeah, just so [crosstalk 00:49:26] the bike, just move and then... Right just stand in front and then slide.

Now, Elizabeth's never ridden an e-bike and it's been several years, we would say, since you've ridden a bike?

Since I was... What? Yeah, just a few years ago, in my younger days.

But this is the same frame as the last bike, so this is a fit for her as well.

Yeah, this feels good.

We can just dial it into her body, but that'll work for her. Let's move on to the trike. I got it.

This one might be a little harder to mount, but you don't have to worry about balancing.

[crosstalk 00:49:59] Oh, okay.

Let me just check the seat here. Okay, go ahead.

I love you have this eye. I would've never noticed that. Oh, it's a little higher.

Okay. She can still get her foot on the ground, but the trike is a little bit higher off the ground than the regular EVRYjourney, but it's still going to work for her. You can put your feet on the pedals you don't have to worry about balancing. That's the beauty of the trike and the three wheels.



My favorite color.

All right, go ahead and hop off. All right. So, this is the EVRYjourney FATTIRE. Now, with the fat tires, you're going to be off the ground a little more. So, go ahead just step through, and again, just once you get over the frame...

Oh, wow.

So, actually it's still a fit for her. It's a much bigger bike. So, I'd probably advise against this bike for someone that's never ridden an e-bike or it's been many years, just because with the fat tire, the handling of it can be more tricky and it's a heavier bike, but she fits from a actual sizing perspective.

But I look cool, right? That's what's important.

The coolest. All right, go ahead and size her on the AroundtheBlock.

All right. This is the AroundtheBlock. I think you'll fit this one. So, same thing, you can grip the hand brakes.

The AroundtheBlock's our traditional cruiser frame.

Yeah. I think [crosstalk 00:51:26].

It comes in 500 watt, 250 watt, so that's definitely a fit.

Let's see your foot on the ground.

It's a little...

Yeah, we can lower... I think the seat is not completely down, but maybe a little lower would be [crosstalk 00:51:43].

Well, she needs to lean. Can you get upright? Now, put both your feet on the ground. Oh, so barely?



Yeah. So, a little lower might be a little more comfortable...

What was your inseam?


Okay. So, that's important to actually think about. She's 5'1 with a 26 inch inseam. Oh, 5'2. 5'2. Sorry.

Don't take away my inches.

With a 26 inch inseam, and our rider, actually I think that was five foot had a 20...


Seven inch inseam, so the inseams do play a lot in this whole sizing game. All right. So, I'm going to say for the AroundtheBlock...

This one will be easier to...

Might be a no for Elizabeth actually, but we can try.

Sorry AroundtheBlock.

So, this one let's just... It's not going to fit here. I don't want you to hurt yourself.


I can tell with her inseam and the suspensions seat post it's up really high.

Okay, so we're back with Elizabeth. She's going to get right on it. So, this is the RideInThePark, this comes in 500 watt and I'll see how that's a fit for you. Can you get your feet down? Okay.

You're scary.

I have small feet, so that might be...

Yeah. So again, she's 5'2. Our 5'1 rider, it fit, but she's got a shorter inseam. 26 inches, right? I would say for Elizabeth, for safety... because on e-bikes you want to be as safe as possible. I'm going to say not a fit on the RideInThePark, but keep in mind our 5'1 rider with a 28 inch inseam, this fit. So, pay attention to your inseam, especially when you're in the height ranges of 5'3 to 4'11, it's less about height and more about inseam. Last bike is Reach your Destination, available 500 watt. Now, this has a little bit higher of a top tube. Are you comfortable getting your leg over that?

You can...


Okay. All right. She's over. Now, that's something that comes into play as well. Now go ahead and see if your feet balance.

No, not comfortable.

Okay. So, that's not a fit for her on the Reach your Destination. Now, again, it really is the 26 inch inseam for her. The height is not getting her where she needs to be.


All right.

And it's all about fitting to what's comfortable in your body and right for you. For Elizabeth, EVRYjourney external battery worked to the 500 watt, the Internal Battery, the tricycle worked, and that was it. Because the AroundtheBlock, in my opinion, was actually not safe enough for her. So of the first three, is there one you'd like to try to test ride?

You know what I did the tri one.



Okay, cool.

Looks fun.

The tricycle is a ton of fun because you don't have to worry about the balance, super easy to ride. All right, I'll go ahead and wheel it up here for you.


Is our helmet ready to go?

So cool.

For everyone at home, too, we are disinfecting the helmet between riders. So, go ahead and get your helmet on to be safe.

Look at that my favorite color all around.

Navy blue?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Yeah. This is our best selling color. Okay. So, I want you to... The way this works. Now, this is her first time on an e-bike and hasn't been on a bike in a long time. I'll walk her through it. This zero right here is how much assistance the motor is going to give you.


When it's in zero, you're riding this like a normal bike. We've got it into gear two. Now, these also come with seven speeds like a normal bike, but they're not correlated to the motor. When you hit this into one, it's going to give you... That's one level of assistance. You can go all the way up to five.


At level five on the trike, you can hit 16 miles an hour with the throttle. Now, this is your throttle. And if you want to step back I'll show you. If you hit this, the bike's going to go. Okay? So, what I'd like you to do first is just get on the bike and ride it without any assistance. Just take a lap around and make sure when you come in... Your brakes are up here, so when you're doing your turn, just ease into the turns. Go nice and slow.

What's that?

Are the tires a little flat or is it just me?

I think they're good.

Okay. It was just that turn that [inaudible 00:56:06].

Slow down into the turn. Slow down into the turn. Okay, so this is a prime example right here on why you want the motor. Okay.

Yeah. Was a tough turn there.

Now, I want to get you going straight.


So can you turn around this way?

Yeah. Wait, let me not... There's no reverse, huh?

No, here I'll help you out. Just go like this.

I don't want to hit the camera.

Okay, we're turning her around. Okay. Okay. Okay. So stop right here. Okay. Now, make sure if you're going to turn don't pedal into the turns on a trike.


Don't use any assistance or any throttle into the turn.


It's important on a trike because of the balance.


Have you ever rid a tricycle before?

Probably when I was a kid.

Okay. So she's never even ridden a tricycle. So first time on a trike, we're going to show you how easy it is. Okay. I'm just going to put you into level two. Now, what I want you to do, just go ahead, let off the break and push that throttle with your thumb. Just easy. Don't go too fast. Just get comfortable.

Oh, gosh. Well, she's doing it successfully. So, let me go ahead and see if she needs some help getting back.

Okay. There we have it. Elizabeth did it. Fun? Little scary?

It was fun. It was definitely fun.

So first time ever for her on an e-bike and even a tricycle. I think once you get a little more used to it it'd be...

Yeah, for sure.

Get the hang of it.

Thank you so much.


That was fun.

So, Elizabeth 5'2, 26 inch inseam was a fit on the EVRYjourneys and the tricycle. Remember pay attention to the inseam because her inseam was 26 inches. She didn't fit a lot of the other bikes. Let's move up to our next rider.

Okay. Now we're here with Kayla. She's 5'3, 30 inch inseam and 20 inch arms. Did I get that correct?


Okay. So, we are going to take her through all the bikes and see which one is a fit. Let's meander over here to the EVRYjourney and lets... Do you want to start adjusting some seats?

This is the one that's really tight.

Okay. Okay. Go ahead and hop on there. Now, I can tell you for certainty, she's going to be a fit on most bikes. Go ahead and slide back. So it's a little high, right? Yeah. Let me lower the seat down now. Obviously, it's fully adjustable. Go ahead and pull your leg off. All right. Okay, try that. It should be a little bit better.


Perfect. Now, she's up on the tippy toes of her feet. We can lower the seat even more, so we can lower the seat when... We're going to have her go through and fit and then you can choose which bike you want a test ride.


And we'll go from there. So this is the EVRYjourney 500 watt with the battery on the rear, our traditional forward pedaling design EVRYjourney. And she's an absolute fit on that one. So, let's go ahead and adjust this one. Okay, go ahead. So, the difference between these two is the battery is mounted internally on this one. This is a 250 watt. This one has the battery external on the rear rack, available in 500 watt and 250. Go ahead and slide onto the seat. Or is it too high?


Okay. Let's see. Let's just lower it down a little bit for you. Okay. Go ahead. Now, this is, what's really interesting is Kayla still has a 30 inch [crosstalk 01:00:19] inseam.


But she actually has the seat lower than some of the women shorter than her with shorter inseams. So, the sizing can really vary and I do think shoes play into it as well, but this will give you general basis. So, that's fit for you. Perfect. Okay. Let's hop onto the trike. Just go ahead and sit on it.

Hop on.

Oh, okay. Cool.

Okay, so she can get her foot down on the ground so that's a definite fit. And obviously, with the tricycle, you don't need to balance, three wheels are going to balance for you.

You can put both feet up and see how that feels like...

Yeah. How's that feel for you? Good?

It's great.

Yeah? Cool. So moving on to the FATTIRE EVRYjourney, it still has the forward pedaling design, but with the bigger tires, the bikes lifted up a little bit more. So go ahead and try this. It's a little bit more bike, so I'm not sure if she'll fit. Oh, she fits just fine.

Oh, yeah.

Perfect. So again, it's a little bit higher. So, for some of the shorter women, it didn't fit as well, but for Kayla it works okay. And we can lower the handlebars. If she wants to test ride we will get into the more specific sizing. Now, let's get the AroundtheBlock. Okay. Now moving on to our AroundtheBlock. This is a 500 watt and 250 watt, our traditional cruiser e-bike. Perfect fit. And again, then slide... sit back into the seat a little more. There you go. Yeah. Perfect. Okay, so she's a fit on that one. Let's keep moving down the line. And this is the BodyEase. Now, this one has a suspension seat post like you've seen before. Just step over and see if you can slide back onto the seat, but I'm guessing it's going to be a little bit too big, a little too tall. So at 5'3, 30 inch inseam, not a fit for Kayla. Again, the suspension see post, you got to be a little bit taller. We'll see later if it works for our 5'4 rider. So, let's keep moving.

Okay. Our RideInThePark. I have a good feeling about this one for her, step through frame, 500 watt. It's a definite fit. That one looks pretty good too, for you pretty comfortable. And let's move on to our last one Reach your Destination.

This one has the higher top tube [inaudible 01:02:53]

That one's a good fit.

Looks good. Yeah.

Okay. So, of all the ones you sat on and felt, which one would you want to try to test drive?


Oh really?


[crosstalk 01:03:07] Okay, let's go for it.

I love the FATTIRE.

Okay, so Kayla's all ready, she's got her helmet on and she's going to do the FATTIRE. So, go ahead and hop on. Okay. So, first time for Kayla on a bike and first time riding in at least five years, she said. So we've got you in pedal assist two. So why don't we... Can you get the bike spun around this way so you can... Going towards a straightaway. And then let's get your kickstand up. Okay. When you get going and you start pedaling, you're going to feel that thrust of the motor. So, go ahead.

Well, hopefully she comes back to us. Now, try doing the throttle. How's that?

It was great.

It's fun?

It was a lot of fun.

Cool. How do you like the... Was it easy to control?

It was. It was really easy to control.

Cool. All right. So, there you have it. Kayla's a fit. She tried the FATTIRE EVRYjourney e-bike and she likes it at five foot...


Three. 30 inch seam, 20 inch arms. Let's move up to our 5'4 rider.

Okay. Now we're here with Amber. Amber's 5'4. She has a 31 inch inseam and a...


22 inch arm length. So, let's take her through all the bikes. Amber may be the first one to fit on some of the... Like the BodyEase, but we'll see. Okay, so I'm pretty confident Amber's going to fit on the EVRYjourney, but go ahead and just sit on there. So, that's definitely going to work for her. We could make some minor adjustments. I would raise the seat a little. We'll see how she does on that one, but that definitely, I think looks good and would work for her. So, that's our EVRYjourney external battery 500 watt step-through frame. Let's move on to the Internal. Same frames between these two. So the seat's way too low on that one. Hop off for a second, I'll just raise it up to show everyone. So, it's as simple as just the quick release. Okay. Go ahead and try that. Perfect, much better. So, feet still flat on the ground. She'll get ample leg extension and her back's totally upright. That one's a good fit. Let's move on to the tricycle. And as you're trying them feel what maybe you'd like to try out that you like.


Try them feel what maybe you'd like to try out that you like.


So, she's got her feet down now. She's one of the first ones to actually get her feet comfortably on the ground, on the Trike, and so that looks great on her and would be easy for her to ride. Let's move on to the fat tire.


Let me...actually step off one more time. I'm going to raise the seat up. So, we're finally getting to the point now with our heights were actually raising the seats is going to be beneficial. Go ahead and try that. Yeah. Perfect, and you can tilt the bike up right. There you go. So, I've got the seat a little bit high. It would be in her comfort range. We could lower it down, but that'll definitely work for her. Okay. Let's raise the seat up on this one. Okay. Go ahead and try. Perfect. So, she's on a normal bike, except for the EVRYjourney you do want to be on the balls of your feet. So, that's good standard sizing for an e-bike. We could probably tilt the handlebars up a little bit, but Around the Block's a good fit. Let's move on down the line to the Body Ease.

Okay. So, let's see, okay, so she's our first rider that fits. Now, you can see she is on her tippy toes a little bit, so this would really be up to Amber if she's comfortable or not. So, she's five-four, 31 inches inseam and it fits. If it's not comfortable for her though, I would advise against it, but it looks like you've got to be about five-four to fit on the body ease with the suspension seat post. Let's keep moving down the line. Let me raise the seat on this one a little bit. Okay. Try that. Perfect.

Oh. Its cozy.

That one looks like a good fit for her. She's got her arms nice and straight out in front. That's perfect, last one.

You'll have to raise this one too.

Okay, raise this one. So, Amber is going to be our first rider, I think, to fit all bikes. Okay. Go ahead and try. So, I put it a little too high. We can drop seat down though, but all in all it looks good. So, Amber five-four, 31 inches, she can ride all the Sixthreezero electric bikes. So, which one do you want to choose?

This one.

All right. She's going to do the Ride in the Park. Okay. We got Amber helmet on ready to ride. So, Amber's an experienced e-bike rider. She actually owns her own e-bike not a Sixthreezero, but maybe we're going convince her why this is better. So, she's comfortable with it. Now, I don't know how your bike operates, but right here do the power and that's your pedal assist. So, you can go off and running, use the throttle. If you want to adjust up and down, as you go feel free, you can add or subtract the pedal assist or the power.


Take it away. Let's see if we can convert her to the comfort riding position of a Sixthreezero.

I know right? I feel like you missed [inaudible 01:09:26].

How is it?

Fun. That is smooth, and the seat is so cozy.

Little bit different riding position, I think, than your bike.

Yeah, for sure.


Oh, I like it.

Cool. All right. So, Amber likes it and she's a fit at five foot four on the Ride in the Park, and all of the other Sixthreezero electric bikes. So, let's move up to our five-five rider. Okay. We're here with Michelle now. Michelle's five foot five. Now, before today, Michelle had never ridden an e-bike.


Hadn't ridden a bike in 10 years. She's gotten herself a little bit comfortable, but you're still going to see her test ride for her third time ever fourth time ever. So, that'll be exciting okay, so let's take her over here and your inseam and your arm length?

Inseam is 30, arm length is 22.

Okay. So, inseam 30, arm length 22. So, if you want to go ahead and hop on.

All right.

We'll check your fit. Cool.

This is nice. Yeah.

So, we could raise the seat a little bit for her. If she wants to test ride, we'll dial it into her, but it'll definitely be a fit. Actually, hop off and I will adjust the seat just so we can show everyone how, let's raise it up just a little bit.

Oh, that's so easy.

Right about there. Okay. Try that.

All right. Oh, yeah. That's nice, much better.

Yeah. Okay, perfect. So, that's a fit on the EVRYjourney, now these are the same frames, that's again, the 500 watt rear battery internal. Try this one. It's going to be very similar.

Oh, yeah.

That one looks good too.


Perfect. Moving right along to the Trike.


My guess is that she fits.

Solid fit.

Looks good.


Now we could raise the handlebars maybe, or tilt them down for her a little bit, but all in all, she'll definitely fit on that one. Moving on down the line.

Next one.

Now, the EVRYjourneys, again share the same frames. This is just the fat tire. So, go ahead and hop on the bikes a little bit higher, so...

Oh yeah. Gotcha.

Which actually we could lower the seat a little bit, but we could lower get her a little bit closer to the ground, but if it's comfortable for her, we could leave it there when she's riding, but definitely works. So, let's keep moving. Our Around the Block.


Perfect. Yeah. That's a good fit for her. Again, I would tilt the handlebar up a little bit, which is easy. We'll dial in the one for her, but that would work for her too. Now, here's the one that's been our most non-fitting model, so far.

Least fitting.

Least fitting, and actually still a little bit tall. Even for Michelle, she's really on her tippy toes, and the suspension seat post is higher. Now, this is interesting because our five foot four rider had a 31 inch inseam and she fit. Michelle has a 30 inch inseam, and it's a little bit taller. So, as an electric bike, I would advise against this for Michelle just for safety, but you know, it's up to her, but that's my professional opinion.


Let's keep moving down.

Yay. Oh yeah.

It's perfect fit. Now, we have the seat actually left at the same height as the five-four rider 30 inch. You can see Michelle's just a little bit higher than the previous rider, taller, but shorter inseam. So, really does affect, but this is definitely a fit for her and our last one, Reach your Destination.

All right.

Same thing, it's a perfect fit. We could lower the seat down a little bit. So, if testing all the bikes sitting on them and feeling them. Now, Michelle can pick any bike except the Body Ease because that's not a fit. Which one do you want to test drive?

Definitely that yellow one.

All right, cool. So we're going to do the yellow, EVRYjourney. We'll get her set up and she'll go for a test ride. Okay. Michelle's all mounted up and ready to ride. So, she's got a little bit of experience. So, did you use the throttle at all when you were on the other ones?

Oh yeah.

Okay. So, just so you know, one, two, three, four, five, you can adjust it as you see fit. If you want to play with the speeds while you're going, give it a shot. When you get up to three, four, five, it's going to really cruise. So, go for it. If you've never rid an e-bike before I'm telling you, it is a very, very fun first experience, and the cool thing is you're getting to see a lot of the firsthand natural reactions today. So, here she comes. Look at her ergonomic, upright riding position and watch when she stops, how easily she'll get her feet on the ground.

Ah, it's so much fun.

Cool. How'd you like it?

I loved it.

How's the comfort, good?

Comfort. Really comfortable in the seat. Very comfortable in the hands, and just really easy to use.


It's really easy to use.

Cool. So, Michelle was a fit on everything, but the Body Ease. She really likes the EVRYjourney. Let's see what our five-six rider has to say.

All right, we're here with Abigail Nash. She's five-six. What's your inseam?

30 inches.

30 inch inseam and arm length is...

21 inches.

21 inches. So, let's see how she fits on the different models.

So, 30 inch inseam?


So, we've now gone from our five-four, five-five, five-six, our five-four rider had 31 inch, and our five-five had 30 inch. Now, Abigail has 30 inch, so let's just see if the height increase matters.

All right. It looks like a pretty good fit. I think we could even raise the seat a little bit on this one.

Yeah, lets raise the seat a little bit just to show them how we can get the fit going. Okay, go ahead and try that. Yeah, that's a lot better for you.

Yeah. Looks good. All right.

All right. So, she's a definite fit on the EVRYjourney, and this is the EVRYjourney internal.

Same frame style, a little different. Has the battery inside. So, let's see, same thing we could raise the seat a little on this one too, if you tilt the bike up.

That feels...

Yeah, that looks like a good fit actually. Yeah.



It's definite fit.

All right, move on to the Trike. So, you can go ahead and put your feet up on the pedals. I think with this one we could raise the seat a little more. You don't have to...

Yeah. Let's show them let's raise the seat, so you're not so cramped.

We've said it every time, but you don't have to necessarily have your feet touching the ground with the Trike.

Go ahead and try that and see. We just want to make sure she's going to get proper leg extension, because even though they're [inaudible 01:16:46], now you're a little too high. Let me go ahead and lower it down a little bit. The beauty of the quick release is you can really just play around with it very easily till you figure it out. Still too high, huh?

No, I think that looks...

That feels...

How does that feel?

That feels pretty good there.

Okay, cool.


That's fine.

So, there you have it's a fit on the Trike. Let's keep moving.

Now, the fat tire, same frame, thicker tire. It's a little higher, and I would lower the seat a little bit, but otherwise it's a fit.

Yeah. We could just lower that a little bit to get her off her tippy toes, but that'll definitely work for her.

Okay. Next, the Around the Block. Seat hight looks good, like with the last rider Michelle, I think we would have to adjust the handlebar, but otherwise a good fit.


Oh sorry.

I'm just making sure it doesn't...

Okay, the Body Ease. How does that feel to you?

A little high, especially with the handle's kind of more forward. I'm more forward on this one. Are you supposed to be more forward?

Right. Yeah. The riding position's a little different, and this has the taller seat post.

Yeah, it has a suspension seat post. So, even Abigail at five foot, sorry, five foot six, right? It's still a little tall. She has a 30 inch inseam, which was the same as the last rider. So, again for an electric bike, I would say for you opt against it. So, it looks like for the Body Ease, you really need to be about a 31 inch 32 inch inseam for this bike to work for you with a suspension seat post

That's so different.

Yeah. It's a little more sports setup. So, this is really a combo comfort sport type position.

All right. This is the Ride in the Park, and...


It's a little high. We could lower it, and I think it would be a perfect fit.


Okay. Let's move on the last one.

Let me just lower the seat a little just cause we kind of know. Okay, go ahead and give that a shot. Yep. Perfect. Good fit.

Looks good.

So, of all the bikes now you've tested and sat on which one do you want to give a try?

I'm already here.

Cool. Okay.

Yeah, let's try this one.

Abigail will do the Reach Your Destination. We'll get suited, and mounted up with the helmet and we'll take her on a test ride. Okay. So, Abigail's all mounted up and ready to go. She did do a little bit riding before we took this video, but before that, had you ever ridden an electric bike?


Oh, you stopped in road one before getting here though, right, or no?

Today's my first day on an electric bike.

Period, and before that when's last time you rode a regular bike?

Maybe a month or two ago.

Okay, cool. So, she's first day only. She's already getting comfortable. Go ahead and show us how you ride it.

All right.

So, she just kicked off with the throttle right there. You can see it's super easy. She's opting for the non-peddling, which is completely fine. It's a nice bonus feature. She's coming back, and she's smiling which means success, and she's stopping. How was it?

You have to right?


It's super fun. I love using the throttle to start off, it makes it so easy.

Totally. Cool, all right. Well, Abigail is a fit on everything except the Body Ease. It looks like the Body Ease is 31 inch inseam and up, but she loved the Reach Your Destination. So, let's move up to our five-seven rider. Okay, now we're here with Keana, who's five foot seven.


She has a 32 inch inseam and 22 inch arms?


Okay. We're going to take her through all the bikes and then we get done I want you to pick one bike to test ride. Don't tell me now after you fit and size them, then you can tell us which one you'd most like to test ride. So, we're...

I already know what I want to test drive.

Okay, cool. So, let's go ahead and have a seat. See how that fits.


So, a little tall, actually.

Its little tall, I'm on my tippy toes.

Okay, hop off. I'm going to adjust the seat down. I'm going to try to see if I can get these all set up for you. Okay. Try that again.

That was easy. Little better, the seat feels like its [inaudible 01:21:50]

Still too high. Let me see, let me lower the seat for you. Yeah, it might be angled. Okay. Just try that height wise let's see your feet.

Much better.

Okay, cool. Okay. Perfect, so that works on the EVRYjourney let's see if I can get this one in. So, go ahead and hop off.


Oh, hop on.

Test them all out first and then, or size them all first.

So, same frame. EVRYjourney should be a fit. Perfect.


All right. Moving on down the line,


Oh, I like this one.


Now with the Trike, obviously you can be up on your tippy toes. You don't have to balance...


Because the three wheels.

You can put your feet on the pedals. So, how does that feel?

Feels good.

All right. Moving on down.

Fat tire. This one's a little taller. Same EVRYjourney frame. So, why don't you put your feet down and then we'll just put the bike up right, see how that fits. Oh yeah, I think we'd have to lower the seat a little.

Okay. Let's try to lower it. Just get it sized right. Okay, there we go. Okay, try that.

Much better.

All right. Perfect. That's good.

All right. Next, we have the Around the Block. Do you want to adjust the handle bars? With every rider we've said we could tilt them up.

Yeah. For the test ride. Go ahead and tilt the bike up, so that looks pretty good actually.


All right. So, Keana got a one inch inseam taller, actually two inches than our last rider, and one inch from the five-four rider. So, it's really the inseam plays a big role.

This is the tallest. How does this one feel?

It feels good.

So, Keana actually looks like a good fit on this at five-seven. She's up on the pads of her feet which is okay, but she's one of the riders that works well. So, again we said 31 inch inseam and up for the Bodies, so that works for her.


This is the ride in the park.

Oh, okay.

Looks like a good fit.

Its so cozy. I like this.

All right, perfect fit for her on that one on the Ride in the Park, let's keep moving, and last but not least the Reach your Destination. So, it's a little bit tall, but we can lower the seat down. Let's just try to lower it for you a little bit.


Okay, try that. Perfect.


Okay. So, you fit on every Sixthreezero electric bike, five-seven, 32 inch inseam. After trying all of them which one do you want to test drive?

The tricycle.

Tricycle. All right, the Trike. Keana, have you ever ridden a tricycle before?


Before today, when's the last time you rode a normal bike?

About six months ago.

Six months, and then had you ever ridden an electric bike?


Okay, so she never rode an electric bike, but she's been riding around a little bit here, but she's never been on a Trike, never been on an electric Trike. So, let me give you a quick tutorial. So, powered on here and then you've got your assistance level. Just like all of our other e-bikes you can either do it as a normal bike. So just pedal without the motor or you can do the assistance where it'll kick in the assistance when you pedal, or you can do the full throttle. Now, the tricycle makes sure keep the wheel straight.


You're going to have a little bit of a slope down there. So, just try to lean to the left a little bit, and when you come into turn, don't accelerate into the turn, lean into the turn, but come off the accelerator.


Once you're coming out of the turn, you can...


You can go. So, you're off and running and I will stay with you just to make sure everything goes safe. So turn it this way.

Oh. This one is a little challenging.

There you go. Yep. You got to really keep the wheel straight. There you go. Try hitting the throttle.


Just a little bit. Yeah. There you go. Does that make it a little easier?

Yes. I think, cause I'm used to wanting to turn the wheel the other way, but yeah it feels good.

Now lean to your left as you turn. There you go. Oh, break, break. There you go.

It takes a lot to get used to [inaudible 01:27:29].

For safety reasons I'm going to stay with her. There you go though. Now, you're on flat ground you can be...just keep it straight. There you go.

This was cool.

All right. So, first time ever, do you think if you kept riding, you'd keep getting more and more of the hang of it?

I would.

Yeah. So, tricycles are definitely only a different experience from a standard two wheel bike. First time ever today on an electric bike period, and even on a tricycle. So, great job and with 10 more minutes, we'd have her cruising around town. I guarantee it. So, Keana five foot seven, 32 inch inseam. She's a fit on everything, including the Trike. Let's move up to our next rider.

We're here with Abby. Abby's five-eight, and she has a...what's your inseam?


32 inch inseam and arm length of...


22. So, let's see how she fits on the bikes. Starting with the EVRYjourney electric 500 watt. Looks good, I think we could raise the seat.

Yeah, let's try to raise it up a little bit for you. It truly is amazing to see the variance in the sizing between...

The human body.

Well, it really is, and it's interesting because like while the inseam matters, there's also just variables that play into the fitting.

Even higher, we could go even higher maybe.

Yeah, I mean it's the EVRYjourney. So, on the EVRYjourney we try to have flat foot. So, I mean that looks pretty good, and we could adjust from there. So, let's move on to the next one, and I'm just going to try to preadjust if you want to stay with her and I'll try to preadjust.


A lot of these seats.

All right. So, EVRYjourney internal same frame, but the battery is inside the frame. So, yeah it looks about the same. Tilt it up, or evenly the bike. Yeah, it looks like a good fit. How does it feel?

It feels good.

All right. So, let's check out the Trike. This one, it doesn't matter so much if your toes reach the ground. You can put your feet on the pedals and it looks like she'll get pretty good leg extension at this height. All right, next we have the fat tire. So, again, same frame, but a little taller because the tires are thicker so it can tilt it up. Yeah, and that looks like a good fit.

You can tell I've done this before.

Yeah. He has an eye for this. All right. Next, we have the Around the Block.

It's just so easy with the quick release to do the adjustments on the fly. You can really...

Same thing on the pads of your feet. You'd get great leg extension at this height. I think looks like a good fit. All right. Have we adjusted this seat at all?

I left it down, let's just see how it plays out.

Okay. So, this is the Bodies, we've yet to adjust this seat.

Oh, I think we can raise it up a little bit.


So, go ahead and hop off.

You're the first person.


We've had to raise the seat for.

There you go. Cool.

Yeah, that looks like it fits.

It's actually a really great fit for her too.


So, really women, like we said, 32 inch and above inseam, and I think really five-five and above is the ideal for the Body Ease.


All right. Moving on down.

Now, we have the Ride in the Park, and again looks like a good fit. You can tilt it up. Yeah. Pretty good. Lastly, the Reach your Destination. So, watch out, this is a higher top tube.

Oh, we can go higher.

Yeah. I was going to say.

Let me pop it up a little bit. Whoa. Now there are maximum heights on the seat post. We haven't hit it yet obviously, but that might be a little too high. We'll see, no.

Maybe a little high, a touch.

Just a touch, but I I'll bring it down. Just a little for you. Okay. There we go. Give it a shot. Perfect.

Yeah. So, all of our bikes fit. Which one do you want to test ride?

I do that the right there that you had to raise the seat.

Okay, the...

The cream one?

The Body Ease.


Cool. Let's do it. Our first rider today.

The first person to test out the Body Ease.

So, just to clarify, never ridden an e-bike before. When's the last time you rode a regular bike?

A couple months.

Okay, cool.


All right.


Have fun. Do we see...

She's a natural.

She is. Is she smiling? I think she likes it.

Yes I was.

Did you try the throttle? So, you can actually try this too. Where you push that and it'll just go automatically.

Oh, I didn't try that.

Go ahead. Give it a shot. Don't pedal at all. And hit the throttle with your thumb. Life changing right there, folks. Life changing. So, it's cool we've had a lot of never ridden an e-bike before today and you can look us up on Ancestry or search our names. I have zero connection to anyone here. I don't know anyone they're telling the truth all first time riders live on camera recorded for you live for us. How'd you like that?

That was good.

Cool, huh?

That was good.


Cool. We're saying you look like a natural. So, that's Abby 5-8 32 inch inseam, 22 inch arm and a great fit for all of our e-bike models. Thanks Abby.

Thank you.

So, let's move up to our five-nine rider.

Okay. We're here with Dana. Dana is five nine you have a 32 inch inseam?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

What was your arm length?

23 inches.

23 inch arm. So, let's see how Dana fits on each bike model. So, starting with the EVRYjourney electric.

What Dana's inseam?

32 inches.

Okay, so it's going to be very similar to our last rider. So, go ahead and give it a try to sit on there. You can leave the kickstand down.


Yeah. So, I think we need to raise that up a little bit actually. Hop off for one second, I'll just raise it up a little bit and then I'm going to try to preadjust a lot of these for you. Go ahead and try that. Perfect.

So let's see your toes on the ground both and then tilt the bike up. Yeah, that seems like a good fit. If you had to stop abruptly, you could pop your feet onto the floor. So, let's move on to the next bike. Also, in EVRYjourney internal, and good. Pretty much the same fit.


So, great fit for both. Now the Trike.

Did this before.

You can put your feet on the pedals for this one. Looks like you would get good leg extension. Yeah.


It's a fit. I think you'll fit all of them.


This is the fat tire.

I love the fat tire.

All right. Can you tilt it up? Let's see how your feet are on the ground. Yeah, so also a good fit. All of Justin's adjustments have been perfect so far Now, the Around the Block. Yeah.


Pretty good. Okay. Now with the Body Ease. Okay.

That's a great fit.



You really feel that suspension there.

Yeah, definitely on the body that adds a little bit absorption for it.

Love that.

Now the Ride in the Park, and also looks like a good fit.

It's a beautiful color. It's gorgeous.

Yeah. So, you can see between our five-eight rider and five-nine rider, just a slight increase even though the inseams were the same.


It's not an exact science. So, I popped the seat up just a little bit.


32 is the magic number to fit every bike.


So, this is the Reach your Destination. Watch out, the top two is a little higher, but same. Good fit.


So, which one do you want to test your ride?

The one with the fat tire.

All right.


Let's give it a try. Okay. So, Dana is very comfortable on bikes, but today's been the first day she's rode an electric bike. Actually, she rode the electric tricycle earlier, but hasn't ridden one of our two wheeled electric bikes. Yeah, you got to kick it back. There we go. So, I've just got you in pedal assist level one. We'll go ahead and kick you up to two when you start pedaling it's going to kick in and the...

This is the brake system.

Yeah, the rear brake is going to be your best break to use more of.



This is the right handle?

Yep, and if you want to try the throttle as well, you can do that on your thumb. Yep. So, go ahead and give it a try.

Here we go.

Now, the fat tire bike does ride a little bit differently than a standard bike because of the big tires. It tends to pull a little bit and you have to get comfortable with how the tire actually contacts the pavement. It's definitely different than a standard bike, and I can see Dana's fighting it a little bit and she's really just got to get comfortable with the feel of it because it definitely pulls a little bit differently. So, she's doing in the throttle now, which is great. All in all though, when you get comfortable with that style, it's, it's comfortable.

All in all, when you get comfortable with that style, it's comfortable. Little bit different, huh?


You like it though? Fun.

I do. I almost feel like I'm driving a motorcycle.

Yeah. Yeah. It's crazy on this one.

It's really fun.

Yeah. Okay, cool. So Dana's a fit at 5'9 on all of our bikes with the 32" inseam the magic number. Let's go up to our next rider. Hey guys, we're here with Meredith. Meredith is 5'10, 33" inseam and 20-.


24" arms. Let's get her fitted and see how she fits on all these bikes. So come with us. Now, our tallest inseam yet. You'd think makes sense for the height, but the inseams are all cross the map. So once you go have a seat, you'll see how our 5'9" rider adjustment works. And it looks pretty good. Yeah. Our last rider at 5'9"... There's so many variables other than inseam, but Meredith's definitely a fit. So let's move on to the extra EVRYjourney frame. These are all going to be about the same. And if she's about the same fit as the last rider, we can leave most of them. That one looks good as well.


Super comfortable. Let's move down to the trike.

Yeah, let's see if she can [inaudible 01:40:18]

Now we could probably raise the seat up for her a little bit. She's a little bit cramped and she may not touch the ground, but on the tricycle, you actually don't have to touch the ground because you can balance and you can mount and dismount. So we can make that work for her. So, if you want to hop off. Come over to the FaTTire.


Looks good. Feels comfortable?


All right, moving along. It really helps when the riders are all in the same wheelhouse of inseam and height. Looks good as well. Now the handlebar look a little bit tilted down. If she chooses to test ride this one, I'll just tilt those up. It's a simple adjustment. All right, BodyEase. This has been our best bike for riders with 32" inseam and up. About 5'4 and up 5'5 and up. And that one looks good for her too. I like that bike on the taller riders.

Yeah. [crosstalk 01:41:15].

It's coming under the RideInThePark. That looks good as well. And I would raise the handlebars up for her a little bit again, to try to bring her back pack and get her more ergonomic. We can do that. Simple adjustment you can do at home as well. And you can play with these adjustments. Nothing you're married to. It's just easy to do it on your own. And that one looks good too. She's up on her tippy toes. We could lower it just a little bit. You need to bring the handlebars up so she's not reaching quite so much. We don't want her to be totally hunched over. So we could fix that. So of all the bikes you sat on, which one you think you want to test ride?

I think the yellow one.

The cream one.

Yeah [inaudible 01:42:00]

Seems to be the favorite with the taller riders.


Let's get her set up. Okay. So Meredith's all ready. She's got her helmet on before today. Have you ever ridden an e-bike?

No I haven't.

Cool. So this is her first time. When's the last time you rode a regular bike?

Oh God. Probably like a month ago.

A month. Okay. So she's experienced on a bike. She knows what she's but she's never ridden an e-bike, never used a throttle. First time. We'll see her first reaction. So let me show you. It's going to hit the power button here. That's going to bring your screen on and so you can adjust these up or down as you ride.


So if you want more assistance from the motor, feel free to kick it fives your max.


At level five, you are going to go up to 28 miles an hour, pedal assist and 20 in full throttle.


And we're going to start you out at two.


And you can stop pedaling and use the throttle pedal. You can actually use the throttle to get going if you want as well.

I'll try that. Good to go?

Yep. Good to go. (silence) I think she's having fun. Do we see a smile? All right. She's throttling. She likes it. Fun?

Yeah. It's so fun.

And she can see... She's stopping easily. So, seems like again, the 32" inseams and above are really liking the BodyEase. Super comfortable. Meredith at 5'10, 33" inseam, is a fit for every single bike and particularly the BodyEase. So let's move up to our 5'11 rider.

All right. We're here with Jill now. 34" inseam, 24" arms, 5'11, our tallest inseam. So we're moving up as we move up in height and inseam. So it's all working the way we would want it to, but it doesn't always work that way. Particularly in the shorter heights we experienced. So our tallest inseam, let's see how Jill fits. Let me get some pre-adjustments in here just to see... Nothing ever makes complete sense, but let's see how that works for you.

Let me see you put your foot on the pedal. Let me try to raise it up just a little bit. So obviously Jill's got long legs with her 34" inseam. Now that's as high as the seat's going to go safely. Go ahead and try that. So it's pretty good. Actually, we could tilt the seat back a little bit as well. Tilt it back. Which would bring her up a little bit and then we could tilt the bars up also to make that a little more comfortable for her. How does that feel overall for you?

Yeah, it feels good.

Cool. So that's definitely a fit. Let's move on to the other EVRYjourney. Let me just bring all these now to their top height. Okay. Give that a shot. Same thing. Looks good. Good downwards. She'll get good extension on the down pedal. Moving on to the tricycle. Okay. Definitely a little cramped on that one. So let me raise the seat up for you.

Okay. Now you may not be able to touch the ground, but let's look more at your leg extension. So that looks good. Yeah. So obviously you don't need to touch the ground with the tricycle, but that looks good for her. She's going to be able to ride that easily.

We probably just bring the handlebars up a little bit.

Yeah. We'll bring the handlebars up to bring her shoulders back a little bit. All right. Moving on down. Let me raise the seat up. Now I'll expect this one will be a pretty good fit for her. Yeah. That one's even better for her in the FaTTire because of the bigger tires, the bike's a little more elevated. So I really like the way that fits her body as she gets taller. It's just a bigger bike. And I think it's more conducive to her arm length and leg length. Let me raise this seat for you on this one. Okay. Now I'm bringing him to the max outline for her. Okay. Give... Oh, you know what? Sorry.

I've never seen the seat this high AroundtheBlock.

Now go ahead and lean the bike straight and put both feet on the ground. Yeah, actually that looks pretty good. So-


And the handlebars are low, so I would tilt those up like this so she's not so far down. We can do that with an easy adjustment. But I think that's actually a pretty good fit. So yeah, she wants to be up on the ball for balls of her feet. All right. Now let me raise this just a little bit for you.

So far...

Go ahead and try that.

This has been the favorite among the taller riders.

Okay. Yeah. This is... I think it's probably because the handlebar-

So it's-

[inaudible 01:47:32].

So it's a good fit for her. Let's keep on moving. We can definitely get the seat height too on this one. We can a higher, which is great. I think this one will work well too. We probably would have to adjust the handlebars. Okay. Try that.

That looks like a good fit too.

Yeah. And we could tilt the bars up too, which would also help and raise them up, which I think would relax her and bring her shoulders back. So, that's an option. Now moving on to the Reach your Destination. Oh me. Raise the seat one last time. I think this one's going to be a pretty good fit too. Okay. Let's try that. Oh, we could raise it a little bit. The handlebars are definitely low.

Let's try that. Okay. Try that now. Yeah. That's a little bit better.

Yeah. That looks good.

And we could get the handlebar up so she's not leaning quite as much forward, but this is a commuter style bike. So it's a little more aggressive of a riding position. So the big question of all the bikes, anything is on the table for you. Of all the ones you've sat on, which one do you want to test ride?

Which one hasn't been ridden?

All of them have been ridden.

Oh really? Okay.

Yeah. Whatever you felt like was best for your body.

Probably the yellow. The yellow right here.

The cream. All right. Let's do it. Back to the bodies again for our taller riders. Do you own an e-bike?


Okay. So are you familiar? Have you used the throttle before?

No, I haven't.


I do the bare minimum [crosstalk 01:49:15]

Okay. So let me show you a little bit. You've got controls here to do your pedal assist up and down levels one through five. You can... That's how much power output when you're pedaling or when you hit the throttle.


So you can... I'll put you in level two. You can go ahead and try to use the throttle to get going, see what it feels like. It's kind of fun.


You can back it off and then just pedal. It's really up to you.

All right. So use the throttle. This is the throttle.

Yeah. Try it. Push it down just to get moving.


And she's off her first time with the throttle. Let's see if we changed her life when she gets back. She's gone. Hopefully she comes back. There she is.

It's like a typical dad joke. Every time "Hopefully they come back."

How do you like it?

It feel fit.


It's smooth. Yes. It's cool.

And throttle was fun?



That's great.

All right. So she's a fit 34" inseam 5'11. Let's move up to our six foot rider. All right. We're here with Jasmine now. She's six feet tall. She's got 36" inseam and 25" arm. So interesting that now we're at our tallest or highest in seam yet. And actually taller inseam than our 6'1 rider. So again, I think it goes in clumps, like 4'11 to 5'4. The inseams are all over the map. And then in the same region, like 5'10 to 6'2, the inseams really vary. So it's more about inseam in those clumps of heights versus the actual heights. So let's take Jasmine on the EVRYjourney. We've got it set up just about at the highest point. [crosstalk 01:51:19] So let's see how that works for you. And I'm actually going to grab a tool here.

All right. That looks like a pretty good fit. You can tilt the bike up.

It's tilt.

Yeah. Your feet are almost flat on the ground.


Completely flat. So if you have to come to a quick stop, you can quickly put your-

I can stand. Pretty much.

... Feet down.


Yeah. Good fit.

That's comfortable.

So same frame style. This has an internal battery, but looks like a good fit as well. Even up here, the [inaudible 01:51:50] look pretty good. You're not hunched over or anything.


All right.

That's nice.

Another good fit. So moving on to the trike, you might have to hop up onto the seat-

All right.

But you don't have to worry about balance with this one.


Yeah. What do you think?

I think it looks good. Yeah.

Yeah. It looks good.

We could always raise the seat a little, but I think it's good.

It's comfortable.

And I think the handlebar could go up a little more. Yeah. But other than that, good fit.


All right. Now the FaTTire, I think you're going to like this one. It's a little [crosstalk 01:52:26]. I love it.

So cute. Big old giant times. High up seat.

Yeah. So this one, you're a little bit higher on your feet. But that's still okay.


How does it feel?

It feels good. I'm comfortable on the bike.

Yeah. It looks like a good fit.

Yeah. And I like that because I'm so tall. Usually it's hard to find bikes with this type of height.


So I do like that for sure.

Yeah. It looks like the bike fits you.


All right. Let's move on to the AroundtheBlock. We'll see how this one fits. Yeah. It looks pretty good. I think the only adjustment I would make is maybe bringing the handlebars.

Handlebars. Yeah. Because I feel like a little forward a little.

Yeah. So you don't have to lean.

I would say in general, I think it's looking like... 5'11, 6 foot. This bike becomes a little too small.

The taller girls struggle a little bit with this one.

Just a little too small of a bike, I think. Generally speaking, I think for her, Jasmine's height and inseam, there's better options.

Yeah. Okay. Let's test out the BodyEase.

So again, the BodyEase looks like a good fit.

Yeah. It does. This one feels comfortable too. Even the shape, the way I'm sitting on it. It felt a lot different from that one.

Right. Yeah. The bike... This bike feels a little taller, so it matches the taller riders.




Okay. Now the...

Moving on


Okay. Lets see. This is very comfortable.

That's pretty good too, actually.

Yeah, it does.

It's a very comfortable. Fit. Yeah.

Yeah. And you're pretty upright.


Looks good. Good fit.

All right. Last one, not least. Let me get this seat straight. A couple hits to it. Oh, so it's a little high. Let me lower it down just a little bit.

I was going to struggling.

We're also in sandals too, which are very flat. But you've shoes on. There you go.

Oh yeah.

So that was a pretty good fit too.

Yeah, it is.

Yeah. A lot of good fits. Only one that wouldn't be a good fit.


Yeah. And I'm longer, leg than torso.


So that kind of helps with the bikes.

So of all the ones you sat on, which one would you want to test ride?

Oh man. I feel like I fit a good amount of them. I think my favorite one is the FaTTire and the yellow. And that one felt really good. Yeah. I really liked the one with the fat tires on.

You want to try that one?

Just that one. Yeah.

All right. Let's do it. So before today, had you ridden an e-bike before?

I've ridden a bike, but it's been ages.

Had you ridden an e-bike?

No. Not an e-bike.

So did you-


Okay. So did you ride the e-bikes at all around before this?

I had a little bit of an e-bike experience when I first got here.



But not too much.

Not too much like 30 seconds.

Okay. Okay. Okay. So she only got 30 seconds of e-bike riding experience. We're going to give you a tutorial here. This is happening for her for the first time. And for you at home. So what you have here is your display. This is your pedal assist. So basically the higher that is the more assistance the motor gives you. I'll start you out in level two.

Oh right.

Then you've got your throttle. So basically you can pedal and let the motor help you pedal or you don't have to pedal at all and just hit the throttle. You can also just ride it as a normal bike if you want that often zero.



Okay. So when it's on zero, you're just on your own?

That's right.


So go ahead and hop on.

I love it. Okay.

And if you can pedal and ride it and feel the motor kick in. And when you come back, try to just do the throttle a little bit without pedaling.

Okay. So you said try to ride first and then...

Yeah. And this is your break. So for the rear, just be aware of that. Now keep pedaling. There you go.

She's woman.

I think that we're finding out that the FaTTire really is a good fit for... I would say women 5'10 to 6'2. Not to say that the FaTTire EVRYjourney can't be for anyone, but it's a bigger bike. Any comments or thoughts on that? [Alana 01:57:10]?

I agree, but I love the FaTTire.

Fun. Right?

It's a good drive.


I didn't get [inaudible 01:57:20].

Yeah. So she likes the speed. First time on an e-bike. She chose the FaTTire. She loves it. Good fit-

I love it.

... For her height. So 6'1... No, six-

Six even. Yeah.

Six even. 36" inseam though. Our largest so far. Now let's move on to our final or let's move on to our next rider.

All right. This is Katie. She is 6'1, 35" inseam and 20...


Sorry, 34" inseam.


25" arm length. Let's see how she fits.

All right. So go ahead and hop on. Slide back. That looks really good. Now lean straight. Can you get the bike straight up and down? There we go. And then put your foot on the pedal. So she's got very long legs. I would say this is up to her when she's riding, if it's comfortable or not. Based on the look of it, I think it looks okay for her. How does it feel to you?

It feels good.

Cool. Oh, all right. Let's move on. So this is going to be very similar to... Same frame. So it's about the same fit. Same result. Looks like the handlebars are adjusted a little bit differently on this one, but again, this is the External Battery... Internal, but same EVRYjourney frame with the forward pedaling. So you're getting that extra leg extension. But that looks like a good fit. And she actually has the same inseam as our 5'11 riders. So the inseam really plays into it. Let's move down to the Trike.

You don't have to get your feet on the ground for the Tricycle. It's more about the leg extension when you're riding. And that looks really good. I could bring the handlebars up a little more so she doesn't have to lean forward. And that would be no problem at all. We have another three, four inches we could do to make that more comfortable for her. All right. Let's keep coming down. This bike might be really good for her. The FaTTire EVRYjourney with the bigger tires raises the bike up a little bit. Yeah. And it's just a bigger bike. Now you can tell she sits in that bike a lot better than the regular EVRYjourney. The regular EVRYjourney fits, but this is really for her height. Arm length, leg length looks really good. Let's keep moving down. AroundtheBlock.

Okay. Now put your right foot on the ground. Now it looks pretty good, but she definitely looks-

Logging off.

Yeah, that could just be the seat tilt. It's a little bit of a small bike for her height. Is what I'm looking at. She's very high away from the handlebars and her legs are a little bit cramped. So honestly I'm going to say for the AroundtheBlock for 6'1... For her, 34" inseam it's really not a fit. Now we've had another 34" inseam where it was a better fit, but I would say in particular for her, there's a better fit bike. The EVRYjourney so far would be better than the AroundtheBlock. So I would rule that one out. Now let's move up here. I'm going to try pulling this up a little bit for you.

I have a crush on this one.

So yeah, that one's a lot better for her in terms of her leg extension, she's up on her balls of her feet and you have a little bit more lean forward in the BodyEase, but that's a, a really good fit for her size. Let's try the RideInThePark. Same thing. That's actually a pretty good fit. The handlebars could come up a little bit more. We could tilt him up a little bit more.

Yeah, that's good.

Yeah. But in terms of the leg extension, that looks pretty good. She has to reach a little bit for the bars, but overall I would say it's a fit. All right, moving on down. Now lastly... This one actually... I think is an even better fit than the last one. Good leg extension. And the bars are actually in a better position for her. Now this is a little bit more of an aggressive position you're supposed to lean forward in the commuter style, just for faster speeds, things like that. So if all the bikes you've sat on, which one would you want to test ride?

This one.

Cool. All right. So now we're moving on to a different one for our tall rider, the Reach your Destination. Let's see how she fits. Okay. So Katie's about to ride the Reach your Destination. She's been riding their electric bikes around a little bit, but before today, never ridden an electric bike and she's ridden a regular bike a couple weeks ago. So she's an experienced bike rider, but a novice e-bike rider. So if you want to hop on.

Okay, and then we'll just quick walk you through. So here's your power. And this is the pedal assist that the motor's going to give you. So when you pedal, that's the level of assistance. If you should want, you can increase or decrease yourself while you're riding.


You can also just use the throttle and not pedal at all. Did you do that at all today?

I did a little bit. Yeah.

So you can go ahead and try that too. Whatever you want. Sometimes it's fun to use the throttle to get going and just go ahead and make a loop and come back.

There she goes. Hopefully she comes back.

Looks like she's got the hang of it pretty quickly. And we're losing daylight here.

Coming in hot.

How do you like it?

Oh, it's so fun.




Thank you.

Yeah. So there you have it, Katie at 6'1, 34" inseam. She was a fit on all the bikes, I have to say. I do believe the Reach your Destination and the BodyEase were two of the better fits for her height and her inseam. So let's move on to our next rider.

Hey guys, we're here with Kira, our final woman test rider today. She's 6'2, 37" inseam and 25" arms.


And so this is our tallest inseam. It's worked out that our tallest individual has the highest inseam. Doesn't always work out that way. And I have a feeling Kira's not going to fit on all of our bikes because... We'll see in the riding position. But I already know from our previous riders that she most likely won't be a fit. So let's see which bike's going to be best for her. So let's come and hop onto the EVRYjourney. And I'll be honest. I don't know that I've ever firsthand sized a woman 6'2 to the EVRYjourney. So this is going to be a cool experience. Okay. So you know, honestly...

Pretty good.

It looks okay. It's up to you. Looking at it from my perspective, it definitely looks small for your inseam and your legs are really cramped. If it felt good to you, I would run with it. My suggestion is we move down the line and we'll see what else fits. So specific to the rider if they like it. But it does look a little small to me. So you can go ahead and sit on this one. The frames are going to be the same, but you can try it out. So it's about the same. And it's really also in the torso, just very high up on the bike with the taller individuals and it makes the bike look a lot smaller. So I think we can do better as we continue to move down the line. Now the tricycle... This is pretty general. Let's see if I can get the seat up a little higher. Yes I can. What about there? Okay. Give that a shot.

So that actually doesn't look too bad. I think that would be fine for you. I mean your leg. Let's see. Can you pedal the pedals backwards? Bring it down to the lowest point. There we go. So it's a little bit cramped on the downstroke, but not too bad. I think it would be okay. So, that's a better fit than the other two EVRYjourneys. Let's keep going. Now this has seemed to be the winner for most of our women, 5'11 and above. One of the top picks. Definitely. Now you can see how the bike fits her body a lot better. She's up high enough. And just generally speaking, she's not super elevated above the frame. She's more in the bike. The bike is not... Something... She's not like on top of the bike.

So this looks good to me. Let's keep moving down. I can pretty much tell you, I don't think the AroundtheBlock's going to be a good option for you. Yeah. It's just way too small. You can see how low the handlebars are and she's really reaching down low. So not a fit on the AroundtheBlock electric for Kira. Now this has been a winner. Let me raise this seat up a little bit for you on this one. So we can get the seat really high on this one. Go ahead and try that.

So that's not bad either. Now we could probably get the handlebar up just a touch. But all in all, you can see the leg and the fit of the bike is pretty good. A lot better than the EVRYjourney. If I had to say, I still think the FaTTire e-bike is the best for Kira so far. Let's keep moving down. So this one looks a little small to me too. Also, do we have any more height on this seat? I don't think so. How does that one feel to you? I'm just curious.

It kind of... It feels like the other ones, but like a little bit taller.

Little bit taller. Yeah.

It feels a little bit taller.


But I do feel like straining in my legs.

Yeah. You're a little low to the ground.


Okay. Let's move on to the Reach your Destination. Let me see if I can get this seat up a little higher. Are ready? So that one looks a little better to me. The legs are a little bit better extended. She's not too leaned forward. Does that one feel better than one of the other ones?


Yeah. So I would say for Kira, the best fit is either the FaTTire e-bike or Reach your Destination or BodyEase. The AroundtheBlock's not a fit at all. And the other ones are really up to her own comfort level. So of all the bikes you've sat on. Which one would you want to test ride?

I think I want to try the big wheel.

Let's do the big wheel. All right. So we got Kira on the FaTTire EVRYjourney e-bike. And so before today, when's the last time you rode a bike?

It's been at least a year. It's been at least two years.

Okay. At least two years. She was cruising around the parking lot a little bit, getting familiar with the e-bikes, but before today, never rode an e-bike and seems like she's already getting the hang of it. So I'm just going to walk you through everything. Right here you've got pedal assist level. So that can go up or down. That will dictate how much assistance the motor gives you when you pedal. And then you also have a throttle here. Have you used the throttle at all?

Yes. During the [inaudible 02:09:02].

Okay. Oh, during the [inaudible 02:09:03]. So you can go ahead and do that. So my suggestion is, go ahead, hop on, do the pedal assist and use the throttle and tell us how you like it. (silence)

She's off. There she goes.

Will she come back? So she's really got this dialed in already first time ever on an e-bike today. And she's got the hang of it. Look at that. It looks like a great fit too, honestly. How do you like it? Did you-

Like a motorcycle.

Do you use the throttle [crosstalk 02:09:56] a little bit too?

It's a lot of fun.


I like it.

Well, there you go. Kira, at 6'2, 37" inseam is a fit on the FaTTire eBike, Reach your Destination, BodyEase and the EVRYjourneys depending on her comfort level. So we made it through all the heights. Okay. So thanks for sticking around for our video. We've just sized women. 4'11 to 6'2 on every Sixthreezero electric bike. Hopefully this is going to help you at home. Find the right fit, size, perfect for your body. If you have any other questions at all, comment below in our YouTube channel or reach out to us via email or call us (310) 982-2877. And don't forget. Take the body fit quiz on our website. Our proprietary algorithm will fit you to the perfect bike for your body and your life.

If you are not happy with that, you can also watch this video and see all the women riding all the electric bikes, sized, and fit to their body. In addition to that, join our community. We have a Facebook peddlers group and our app. You can track your rides on the app. Talk to other riders, post photos, chat, make friends. It's a lot of fun. Also, if you join the peddlers group, you can ask questions before you buy a bike. It's a great resource to get information. And after you buy a bike, share photos and be a part of the community, it's a ton of fun. And don't forget, we have a 90 Day Test Ride Your Bike Policy. If you don't love your e-bike in 90 days, send it back. No questions asked no money out of your pocket. All right. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget. It's your journey...

Your experience.

Enjoy the ride.


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