Winter Biking Commuting: 10 Ride Safe Tips

November 29, 2017
Winter Biking Commuting: 10 Ride Safe Tips

The onset of winter’s chill is enough to stop any cyclist in their tracks. Snow, sleet, and ice can make winter riding seem pretty daunting and downright dangerous. Although cruising around in the summer sun is tough to beat, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had from winter bike commuting. Here are our top 10 tips for bicycling through the snow and other wintery hazards:

  • 1. The Right Type of Clothing

  • While it’s perfectly acceptable to don a t-shirt during the summer, biking in the winter is a whole lot different. The correct windproof, waterproof, and thermal gear can keep you dry and warm on cold rides.

  • 2. Punctures

  • It’s sad but true: the worse the weather is, the more likely you’re going to get a puncture in your wheel. Wet roads create a haven for thorns, glass shards, and flint that can stab through your tire all too easily. Be prepared and able to patch your tires.

  • 3. Lights

  • During the dark of winter, it’s critical to see and be seen. Utilizing the right type of lights to brighten your way and make you easily visible to drivers during gloomy, overcast days is important.

  • 4. The Right Tires

  • Damp, mucky lanes can pose a threat to your tires. It’s smart to replace your summer tires with ones that offer a degree of puncture protection and are harder wearing. Tubeless and solid tires are also great options.

  • 5. Mudguards

  • Winter muck, mud, and sludge can get kicked up on you and your bicycle as you ride along, getting you soaked. Keep dry by equipping your bike with mudguards.

  • 6. Proper Maintenance

  • While you should keep your bike in perfect condition throughout the year, in winter it’s very critical to pay close attention to all moving parts, including your gears, cables, chains, hubs, and bottom bracket. Regularly look over your bike and wash all of the grime off before you hit the road.

  • 7. Follow the Plow

  • If you live in the city, many of the bike trails are plowed routinely. Follow the plow trails.

  • 8. Be Weary of Road Conditions

  • The medium during your winter commute is often the same dry pavement as it is in the summer. Sand, salt, and snow plows get rid of the ice and snow from roads after a storm.

  • 9. Core Protection

  • Layering is essential to staying warm and managing sweat in the cold. Layer up in a moisture wicking base shirt, insulated fleece top, then a windproof and waterproof shell.

  • 10. Have Fun

  • While biking in the winter can seem scary, if you’re properly prepared with the best winter city bikes for sale and the proper clothing, you will have a blast.

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