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Why You Should Care About the Fit of Your Bike | E-Bike Questions

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Today, we're going to answer the question, why you should care about the fit of your bike. Stay tuned. All right, so today we're going to answer the question why you should care about the fit of your bike, but before we jump in, hit the subscribe button below, stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero and be in the know about all the new content we're releasing and all the contests we do weekly, monthly, giveaways for bikes, e-bikes and accessories hit subscribe so you can be a part of it. All right, so let's answer the question, why you should care about the fit of your bike? At Sixthreezero we take bike fitting very seriously and when we say fitting, we're talking about fitting to your body and also fitting to your lifestyle. Now, these are key elements when it comes to getting a bike that's best for you.

At Sixthreezero we actually have our fitting tool, a proprietary algorithm. You'll answer some questions about your lifestyle and your body and it will recommend the perfect match for you. Now, a fit of a bike is important for many reasons, and at Sixthreezero we tend to focus on comfort and body. So number one, the proper fit is going to ensure the proper taking care of your body when riding. So, it's going to reduce pain, it's going to reduce stress, it's going to reduce injury. If your bike doesn't fit properly, you're going to potentially experience strained muscles, strained backs, aches, pains, it might also flare up underlying conditions. So, I hear a lot of people that maybe ride a bike that doesn't fit them properly and it bothers their knee that they had surgery on or it bothers their back that they had surgery on or bothers their back because they had a herniated disc at some point.

So, finding out the right size and fitting that bike to your body is going to A, prevent past injuries from flaring up while riding, and B, it's going to prevent new injuries from occurring. So, if you're extending your leg in too short of a distance or overextending your leg, you may run into knee issues or hyperextending ligaments. There's a lot of wrist issues I see out there as well, if you don't have the handlebars that are adjustable and you got your wrists turned upwards the entire ride, that's going to exacerbate Carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, things like that. So, that's number one most important in my book, taking care of body, you don't want to injuries to flare up, you don't want to create new injuries, the fit of the bike is absolutely important.

The other piece of that then is moving into performance and efficiency. Now, we're talking about comfort so, when I speak about the fit of the bike the importance to me I put number one, the body injuries things as the reason why you want a good fit. Other companies that are more focused on performance would probably put what's my number two on the list, which is efficiency. If your bike doesn't fit your body properly, you're going to have a lot of wasted efficiency. So, you're going to be peddling too much to get too little output, you're going to be overworking muscles to get the output you should get on the type of bike you purchased. So, if the bike fits your body right, you're going to be able to get the max amount of efficiency out of that particular bike.

So, by having it fit right, you'll have to work as little as possible to get the max output. If it doesn't fit correctly, you're going to have to work really hard to not necessarily get the max output, to maybe get half max output. So, it's really important that you've got the correct seat height or you have a bike that can be adjusted to have the correct seat height for you and then also for the correct lean forward or upright, whatever it is you're trying to achieve it's important that that bike can fit your body to get the maximum amount of efficiency that you as a rider are looking for. Now, moving into number three, why fit is important to when riding a bike is safety.

If you have a bike that's not fit properly to your body, safety's going to become a real issue and this is particularly true on e-bikes too. If you're extending your legs too much or you have to reach too much, and you're just not in a good safe position where you have control of that bike and you feel your body is in a position where you can control the handlebars and just overall, control the bike where you feel like there's no part of that bike that's getting away from you where it could tip over or do things like that, that's something very important with e-bikes in particular. If you get on a bike that's not fit to your body an e-bike in particular and you engage that motor, it's not unlikely someone could fly off or crash or do something like that.

It's just like driving a car, you want to make sure you can get that seat adjusted so your foot can be in the right position of the pedal and the brake, things like that. Same is true on a bicycle, same is true on e-bikes. If you're overextending your arms and you can't turn properly, that creates a real risk for crashing and we don't want that to happen, obviously we want to prevent injuries. So, getting that bike fit to your body is important from a safety standpoint, for other safety as well so, you can navigate, you can turn properly and there's no risk of you having the bike get away from you or tip over. This includes the ability to step over the frame to get on and off the bike, that's important to fit in your body as well, depending on the inseam of your legs, how tall you are, all those things play in.

So, moving into more now category fit four, which is a lifestyle. Now, it's funny, but people wouldn't necessarily... why is fit important for your lifestyle? Well, the fit of everything we choose is important to our lifestyle, right? Things that we choose all products, our cars, our clothes, it speaks to who we are as people and what we want people to know about us and think about us. So, it's important just like with anything else that you get a bike that's fit to your life and expresses your creativeness or seriousness or analyticalness, whatever it is, whatever that message is, if you feel that bike fits you and your personality, you'll enjoy it more, you'll go out and ride more, you'll just integrate bike riding more into your life and I think that's true of all products.

If you love your car and it speaks to your personality, you want to be in that car. If your clothes make you feel fun, you're going to want to go have fun more. And so, it's important that your bike really fits the personality of your life, which is an important part of our process as well is selecting a color, but also giving everyone the opportunity to customize, choose accessories, choose things like that so it fits your lifestyle and what you're doing with the bike and what makes you happy and puts a smile on your face. Now, I put that as number four, but I really put that at the highest part of the list as well because like I said, with things that I choose also if I had to drive someone's car, I'll do it to get to point A to point B, but it might not make me feel the same way as the car that I choose or I create or the color that I want.

So, I truly believe making your bike fit your lifestyle is important because it will motivate you more to get out there and be on your bike, because being on a bike is just a positive thing not only from a health standpoint for you but just health for the overall world, lack of pollution, it's a good thing to be on bikes. So, I hope that helps explain why the fit of a bicycle is an important aspect and why we at Sixthreezero take it so seriously and don't forget you can take the body fit quiz on our website, go to hit the fitting button, you'll answer some questions about your body and your life and our proprietary algorithm will fit you to the perfect bike. And if you have any other questions or comments, you can shoot us an email at or call us (310) 982-2877 or comment below we're always responding to the comments, we'd love to hear from you.

And don't forget, we have a 365-day return policy, if you don't love your bike within 365 days, send it back no questions asked no money out of your pocket. And lastly, be a part of our community. We have an app now, Sixthreezero Pedallers, join it, track your rides, track your progress and compete on the leaderboard with other riders. It's fun, it's engaging, gets you motivated you can also see photos of other people's rides and what bikes they're riding in the Sixthreezero lineup, and you can also join our Pedallers group if you're either owner of a Sixthreezero or not, the Pedallers group is a great place to find information that others have posted about their bikes, how they're using their bikes, and also get any questions you might have about bikes in the Sixthreezero lineup you're interested in.

So, I hope that helps. Thanks for sticking around and don't forget. It's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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