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Why It's Best to Exercise Outdoors During the Coronavirus & What It Can Do For You Mind, Body & Spirit

While practicing social distancing is an important safety measure, it can easily cause you distress and anxiety. During this time, it is important that you focus on your health in every way that you can. Although at-home workouts are effective, take some time to exercise outdoors. Exercising outdoors during coronavirus is safe, as you will not be putting yourself in a large social setting. Staying calm during COVID-19 is crucial for your immune system and mental health, so read on for ways in which outdoor fitness can help you maintain a peace of mind.

Increased Energy Levels

The more active you are, the more endorphins are released, increasing your energy levels. Perhaps start off your days by going for a run and waking yourself up before working at home.

Benefits for Your Body and Soul

There are many physiological benefits to exercising outside. Intaking fresh air will open up your lungs and help clear your mind. For a peaceful time away from noise and technology, enjoy a bike ride to fulfill your fitness for the day. 

Strengthen Your Immunity

Especially during times like these, your immune system needs to be in top shape. Receiving Vitamin D through natural light is a huge contributor to your immune health.

Reduce Anxiety Levels

Stepping outside for a bit each day is a great start for learning how to cope with stress during Coronavirus. Surrounding yourself with nature is known to decrease both your stress and anxiety levels.

Reduce Depression Risks

While releasing endorphins through exercise, your brain is also receiving serotonin by simply being in nature itself. You are able to find a happy place within yourself which reduces feelings of depression while avoiding any future depressive thoughts.

Critical Thinking & Mental Fatigue

Exercising outside alters your brain chemistry which increases your ability to think critically. As well, it has been found that exercising outdoors can keep your mind both relaxed and invigorated. While you are focused on your workout at hand, the natural surroundings keep your mind calm and centered.

Improves Sleep

The harder you work your muscles, the more tired they become. The muscle fatigue that occurs works with your natural sleep cycle and produces more effective sleep patterns. 

Improves Your Mood

By getting outside and working out, you’re rejuvenating not just your body, but your mind and spirit as well. You are taking in natural elements that uplift you, which alleviate the stress you have been feeling while improving your mood drastically.


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