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Why I Log My Bike Rides

Hi guys, it's Alanna here with Sixthreezero. Today, I'm going to talk about logging your bike rides, especially if you're using biking as a form of exercise or to lose weight, keeping track of your rides is going to be key to your success. If you are embarking on a fitness journey and looking to use your bike riding as a form of exercise to lose weight, or just get in shape, then logging your rides is really going to help you set realistic goals. If you're like me, then you tend to set really lofty goals, almost immediately fail to meet those goals, give up or start over. But if you're logging your rides regularly, it'll help give you a better idea of what is a good milestone for you that is actually realistic and attainable, and specific.

Another reason to log your rides is that it keeps you accountable. At the end of each ride, seeing your average speed, how long you rode for, incline, decline, and then looking at that information for a week or a month is really going to give you a good idea of whether you're pushing yourself hard enough, or if you need to work harder to reach your goals on time. Additionally, it's really motivating to keep track of your rides and see how you've progressed. When building a habit like riding a bike or any habit in general, building a streak can be really motivating, and with apps like the Sixthreezero Peddling app, you can see your daily, weekly, monthly streaks. So it's going to push you to continue that streak and not quit.

Keeping track of your rides can also help you identify patterns in your rides. For example, I know that when I bike first thing in the morning without having any breakfast, my rides really suffer. I'm a lot slower versus when I bike in the afternoon, I have a lot more energy, I've eaten something and I'm biking faster, burning more calories. So keeping track of your rides can help you identify those patterns so that you can set yourself up for success and make adjustments accordingly. The Sixthreezero Peddling app is really great for all of those reasons, because it shows you all of your ride stats, plus it has a social aspect. We have the leaderboard, so that can be really motivating, especially if you want to make it onto the leaderboard, which has really pushed me to get out there and bike more.

You see your streaks, so if that's something that's really motivating to you, being able to see that on the app will be helpful. And also, we have a social feed, so you can post your rides with your statistics, see other people's rides and photos so that you can be inspired and inspire other people to get out there and ride too. Download the Sixthreezero Peddling app, it keeps track of everything you would need to know if you are using your bike to get in shape or lose weight. It has your average speed, elevation, it keeps track of your streaks. Plus a new feature that we just added is being able to add your bike to your profile. And if you have more than one bike, you can add all of them so that you can track how many rides you're taking with each bike.

Plus, we have two different leaderboards, so an electric leaderboard and a standard leaderboard, so it's really motivating to get on that leaderboard. Plus we give away a prize every week to one person who makes it onto the leaderboard. It's a really fun, cool app. You can post pictures of your rides, see other people's pictures. It's really motivating to see how everyone's doing. And additionally, make sure to join our Sixthreezero Pedaling group for even more inspiration, to get feedback from other riders, accessory recommendations, ask questions and answer questions. Hopefully, this was motivating for you to start logging your rides, getting the most out of your workouts if that's what you're using your bike for so that you can reach your goals. Remember, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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