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Setting A Biking Goal

Studies show that performing moderate levels of exercise helps your body produce an...

Bike Benefits | How Biking Can Improve Your Fitness at All Ages

Spring is here, it's sunny, you definitely want to get that vitamin D and mo...

Learning How to Brake Safely and Effectively | Bike Safety Tips

When releasing the brakes, you want to reverse the process. So, first releas...

How to Ride a Tricycle | Trike Guide

Trikes have a wider turn radius. They're wider. They have the three wheels. ...

How to Turn a Tricycle | Sixthreezero Trike Guide

Before we get started into the actual turning, make sure that when you're pr...

How to Shift Gears on a 7 Speed Adult Tricycle | When You Should Shift Gears

 After a stop, you're going to need to quickly get back into movement, so to...

How to Brake on a Tricycle | Sixthreezero Trike Guide

We have a few different trike videos that go through the different aspects o...

Riding an Electric Bike for the First Time | Safety Tips

You basically just want to make sure that there's nothing on you that could ...

How to Turn On an Electric Bike | Electric Bike Safety Tips

You're ready to ride. Now you just have to mount the bike. We have a whole v...

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