Alanna Malicdem


Glamping with Bikes | Road Trip Vlog Finale

Venice Beach Ride with Sixthreezero Pedaler Soli

Buying a Bike Online | sixthreezero Electric Bike Unboxing

Electric Bike Essential Accessories | Testing Out Mirrors

sixthreezero Pedaling App | How to Use the App & Earn Achievements

Make sure to download it.

UCLA Campus Bike Tour | March Madness Ride Along

Biking Hollywood Forever Cemetery | Things to do in LA during COVID

How to Shift Gears on an Electric Bike | Is Shifting Gears

Now, most electric bikes come with some sort of gear system, Shimano is a po...

Electric Bike Speed Test Time Trials - 3 Different Ways | How Fast Can We Ride 1.2 Miles

So the distance is the same, same starting and ending point, average speed 1...

Learning to Bike (AGAIN) | Getting Your Balance

Earlier this week, we had someone post a question about getting back on a bi...

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