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What is the Right Electric Trike Size for You? - 3 Wheel Electric Bike For Adults Fitting Video

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin, CEO of Sixthreezero, and today we're going to show you, men, heights 5'6" to 6' 2'', how they fit on the Every Journey Electric Tricycle. Stick around.

Okay, so before we get into the fittings and sizing of all of our men today, I just wanted to walk through a couple of things. The EvryJourney Electric Tricycle has our proprietary four custom adjustment points. That's what's going to allow this electric tricycle to be fit and customized to each of these men's bodies. We have two adjustment points up on the handlebars. One you can loosen to tilt up and down, one you can loosen to raise and lower. Then when you move to the seat, you have a bolt here to tilt the seat, and you also have a quick release to raise and lower the seat. The handlebars are going to be adjusted with an allen key. The seat is going to be adjusted with a wrench for the tilting, and then a quick release to raise and lower.

These are all simple common tools, and it's really easy. You just click and loosen. I can show you right here. Here's my allen key. I can pop it in here, loosen it, and adjust it. And you're going to see in the fittings and the videos, I'll actively adjust and dial in the e-trike to each of their bodies. But it's simple, it's easy, and the four custom adjustment points make this the perfect fit for all types and heights of men. So stick around and watch the fittings.

Dustin: Okay, we got our first rider here, Sean. He's 5'6". He weighs 135 pounds, he told me. And then what was your inseam?

Sean: It is 25.

Dustin: And how about your arm's length?

Sean: 20.

Dustin: Okay, cool. So if you want to hop on, we'll go ahead and get the bike fit and adjusted for his height. So it actually looks like the seat's a little... Is it low, or feel good?

Sean: I could probably make it a little bit higher, just to flex the knee. But it looks pretty good.

Dustin: Feels good?

Sean: Yeah.

Dustin: How about handlebars? Sit upright. Get your back nice. There you go. I'm thinking maybe we should try this. Let me know how this feels. Tilt them up a little bit, maybe. I was thinking more like that.

Sean: Sure.

Dustin: Does that feel more relaxed for your arms?

Sean: Yeah, this is fine.

Dustin: Let's get it down just a little bit. How about right there?

Sean: Cool.

Dustin: Should we raise the seat, or do you think you're good with that?

Sean: No, I mean, this is fine. Just for leisure.

Dustin: Yeah. Feels comfortable? Feels good?

Sean: Yeah.

Dustin: Okay, cool. And you could see Sean could easily get on and off. We got him in a comfortable riding position. Nice ergonomic, upright back, and relaxed arms and wrists. So let's move on to our 5'7" rider.

All right. Now we're here with our 5'7" rider, JR. He told me he weighs 155 pounds. And what was your inseam?

JR: 27.

Dustin: 27. And your arm's length?

JR: 17.

Dustin: 17. Okay. Perfect. So if you want to hop on, we'll see if we can get a fit for you.

JR: Cool.

Dustin: Awesome. So how does that feel?

JR: It feels pretty good. The seat could go up a little higher. Feels a little like I could use a little extra room, but yeah.

Dustin: Okay. So hop off. We'll go ahead and raise the seat up. Now, the beauty of these is we've got the four custom adjustment points. We have a quick release. Well, I'm making my way around the whole bike here. We got the quick-release seat. You can easily just pull the seat up and adjust it for your height. So we'll try that. Oh, let me just make sure the seat's nice and straight. Perfect. Okay. So go ahead and try that now. See what you think, and then we can adjust the handlebars if you need them. I can also tilt these up.

JR: Yeah. This feels pretty good right here.

Dustin: Okay. Are handlebars good, you think?

JR: Oh, I think they can go out a little more.

Dustin: Yes. Go up, or just be adjusted? Yeah. Okay. Grab onto the hook grips and then wherever you-

JR: Oh. I think we're good, right? That sweet spot right here.

Dustin: Okay, perfect. So you've got the four custom adjustment points, the raise and the lower here, the tilting. The seat also has a tilt and a raise and a lower. So yeah, we got JR in a nice, relaxed arm position, ergonomic with the back upright. Does that feel comfortable?

JR: It feels good.

Dustin: Awesome.

JR: I'm ready to ride right now.

Dustin: Yeah. We'll watch him take his first ride in a little bit. But first, let's move on to our 5'8" rider. Okay, now we're here with our 5'8" rider, KJ. KJ's 215 pounds, and 5'8". And what was your inseam length?

KJ: It's inseam 25 inches. And arm length is 17.

Dustin: Okay, perfect. So if you want to go ahead and hop on.

KJ: Sure.

Dustin: So now he's, KJ's actually taller, obviously, than our 5'6" rider, but the inseam is about the same, so we'll see how the adjustments work out. How's that feel for you?

KJ: Let's see. Oh, I don't want to go anywhere.

Dustin: Looks like the seat could maybe be a little higher.

KJ: The seat could be higher for me. Yeah. It does. The seat could be higher. If the seat is higher, the bars might be perfect, but the low seat makes the bars seem too high.

Dustin: No problem. So let's just do the easy quick release right here. Bring it up a little bit.

KJ: Okay.

Dustin: And the other great thing about a trike, obviously, is you're on three wheels so it can balance.

KJ: Yeah, you don't have to worry about falling over.

Dustin: Yeah. You can just step up on the pedal like he's doing to get on. There you go.

KJ: I got to keep those brakes. Keep it steady.

Dustin: Perfect.

KJ: There we go.

Dustin: Yeah. How's that feel?

KJ: That's much better. It's comfortable at the handlebars too. Yeah. 'Cause, it seemed like they were higher, but once you moved the seat up, they're right perfect now.

Dustin: Yeah, so it feels good to you?

KJ: Yes. I feel like taking off.

Dustin: Yeah. So we've got his back nice and upright. His arms are relaxed. We've got the good leg extension on the downstroke here, so I think it's a good fit.

KJ: Yeah, it feels good too. It feels like I say, it feels like I'm ready to take off. Take off and ride.

Dustin: We'll watch him take off in the next video here. But next, we'll move on to our 5'9" rider.

KJ: All right.

Dustin: Okay. Now we're here with our 5'9" rider, Denver. He told me he weighs 175 pounds. And what was your inseam?

Denver: 25.

Dustin: 25. And how about your arm's length?

Denver: 20.

Dustin: 20. All right. So go ahead and get on. We'll see how we can get this fit and dial into your body with the four custom adjustment points. There you go. Now how does that feel for you? It looks pretty good, actually at first.

Denver: They're very good. Yeah, very good.

Dustin: Yeah, he looks really relaxed. His arms are nice and have a good bend in the elbow, and relaxed shoulders. I don't think we need to make any adjustments. How do you feel?

Denver: Oh, I'm ready to go. I'm ready.

Dustin: Cool. So I think that's another thing to just remember, even though a little bit taller inseams and arm lengths really also have some impact on how you adjust it to make sure it fits their body. So we got a good fit here for Denver. Let's move on to our 5'10" rider.

Okay. So I'm the 5'10" model, and I'm just going to walk you through my sizing. So obviously, I've been on the electric trike more than a few times, but let me go ahead and see. I'm pretty athletic in terms of how I get on and off the bike. So I think that also dictates different heights and handlebars. I actually like these handlebars. The pedals, I think I want them a little... I want the seat a little bit higher, so I'm going to go ahead and raise the seat up. All right. And I engage the brake to get on and off. Yeah, it feels much better. Actually, handlebars feel pretty good. My back's upright, my arms are relaxed. I mean, I love the trike. It's always been comfortable for me, but there you go. I'm 5'10". I'm 215 pounds, and it's a good fit for me.

Dustin: All right, now we're here with our 5'11" rider, Michael. He's 165, you said?

Michael: Yes, around.

Dustin: Around 165 pounds. And what were you in a scene?

Michael: It was 25.

Dustin: 25. And your arm's length?

Michael: 18.

Dustin: 18. So we got a lot of 25-inch inseams here. Even the 5'6" rider had a 25-inch inseam. So again, it's important just to know the adjustments really can vary based on inseam, and arm length. It's not just height. All right, if you want to go ahead and hop on, we'll see what we need to do to get a good fit for your body. Awesome. How does that feel for you?

Michael: This one maybe is... About right. Maybe a little higher.

Dustin: Little higher on the seat? We can also tilt the handlebars up. Let me try this because your leg is pretty straight on the downstroke there.

Michael: Oh, this feels much better.

Dustin: Does that feel better?

Michael: Yeah.

Dustin: Okay. Do you want to try the seat a little higher, you think?

Michael: Maybe just a tiny bit.

Dustin: Tiny bit? Okay. Yeah, we'll give it a shot.

Michael: If we're going for perfection, I think that would be just a tiny bit higher.

Dustin: I think the other thing too is obviously with the quick... With how easy it is to adjust, you can always ride a little bit, test it, and do what's best for your body type.

Michael: Definitely feels better.

Dustin: Better? Yeah. Perfect. Yeah, we got him in a nice, ergonomic upright position. Arms are relaxed. Feels good, right?

Michael: Yes.

Dustin: Okay, perfect. So we got a fit for our 5'11" rider. Let's move up to 6 feet. All right. Now I'm here with Brent, our 6-foot rider. He weighs 230 pounds. And what's your inseam?

Brent: It's 28.

Dustin: 28. And what's your arm's length?

Brent: 20.

Dustin: 20. All right, cool. So actually, you've got our tallest inseam. If you want to go ahead and hop on, let's see how we can get it to fit your body.

Brent: Perfect.

Dustin: All right. What do you think?

Brent: Feels comfortable.

Dustin: I think the arms are-

Brent: Probably the arms, yeah.

Dustin: Yeah. Let's just go ahead and tilt them up a little bit for you.

Brent: Perfect.

Dustin: Let's see here. So I'm thinking, yeah, maybe a little higher, like here.

Brent: Yeah, right there is good. Oh, that's much better.

Dustin: Cool. Do your arms feel relaxed in that position?

Brent: Yeah. Oh, that's much better. Yeah. That's a totally big difference there.

Dustin: Perfect. So yeah, we got him in a nice ergonomic position. The arms are relaxed. He's got a good little bit of a small bend in the knee on the downstroke. So yeah, I think we got a good fit.

Brent: Nice.

Dustin: How do you feel?

Brent: Good. Really good.

Dustin: Cool. All right. There it is.

Brent: Awesome.

Dustin: Fit for our 6-foot rider, Brent. Let's move on to our 6'1" rider.

Brent: Nice.

Dustin: All right. Now I'm here with Andre, our 6'1" rider. He weighs 184 pounds. And what was your inseam?

Andre: 29.

Dustin: 29. And how about your arm's length?

Andre: 20.

Dustin: 20. All right. If you want to go ahead and hop on, we'll see how we can get this adjusted perfectly to your body. All right. So it looks like the seat definitely needs to be a little higher, and then we can adjust the handlebars from there. So let's go ahead and hop off. We want to just minimize that knee bend on the downstroke. You want to have some, but not that much. He looked a little bit cramped to me. So let's try right about there. Okay. Give that a try. That looks a little better. How does that leg feel on the down?

Andre: Feels good.

Dustin: How about the handlebars? Too far away? Do you want to tilt them up a little bit?

Andre: Yeah, a little bit.

Dustin: Okay. Oh yeah, go ahead and pull the brake. All right. So you can bring them up or down, whatever feels better for you.

Andre: Oh, here.

Dustin: Good?

Andre: Yeah.

Dustin: How's that feel overall? Comfortable?

Andre: Yeah. Feels good.

Dustin: Feels good?

Andre: Yeah.

Dustin: All right, there we have it. So our 6'1" rider, our highest inseam yet, 29 inches. We had to bring the seat up a little bit higher, but we got a good fit for him. Nice, ergonomic, relaxed arms. Let's move on to our final rider at 6'2".

All right, we're here with our final rider, our 6'2" rider, Damon. He's 250 pounds. And what was your inseam?

Damon: 32.

Dustin: 32. How about your arm's length?

Damon: 20, I believe. 20 inches.

Dustin: 20. Okay. All right, cool. So if you want to go ahead and hop on, we'll see if we can't get a fit here for Damon. What was your inseam again, did you say?

Damon: 32.

Dustin: 32. So he's got a really high inseam compared to our other riders. How's that feel? The leg extension doesn't look too bad, actually.

Damon: It's not too bad.

Dustin: Do you think higher on the seat, or does that feel good to you?

Damon: I would probably say a touch higher.

Dustin: Touch higher?

Damon: Just a touch higher.

Dustin: Yeah. Let's give it a shot. We can easily bring this up for him. Right about there. It's just a little bit higher. Okay. Give that a try. I mean, looking at your knee, that seems pretty good on the down. I don't think you'd want too much more extension.

Damon: Right. I agree.

Dustin: And then how about the handlebars? Too far? We can tilt them up a little more.

Damon: I don't know what it would feel like, but I'm comfortable with this.

Dustin: Let's just go ahead and loosen it and see.

Damon: Okay.

Dustin: Grab onto them, and you can play around with them, actually.

Damon: Yeah, that feels unnatural. Yeah, just right here.

Dustin: Okay. All right. There we have it. So does that feel comfortable, like you could ride that?

Damon: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Dustin: Yeah. We got his arms nice and relaxed. We got his back upright. He's in a good ergonomic position. Good leg extension. So we did it. We got a good fit for our 6'2" rider.

All right, so we just did our fitting for men 5'6" to 6'2". We were able to find a perfect fit for all of them on the Every Journey Electric Tricycle. If you have any other questions about fitting or just choosing the right bike, you can comment below or you can contact us via email at, or call us at (310) 982-2877. And don't forget, if you're looking for the perfect e-trike or e-bike, take our proprietary body fit quiz on our website, answer a few questions about your body and your life, and in under two minutes, we'll recommend the perfect e-trike, e-bike, or bike for you.

In addition, we have a test-ride for your e-trike e-bike policy for 30 days. If you don't love it within 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And lastly, be a part of our community. Download the app and join our Facebook Pedalers group before you purchase because you can see how other riders are using our bikes, and how many miles they're logging. Also, you can see in the Pedalers group, people posting photos on actual rides. Ask questions. Then once you have your e-trike or e-bike or trike, you can make friends, post photos, and of course, track your rides on the app. It's a lot of fun. So thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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