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What is Range of Electric Tricycle - How Far Can 3 Wheel Ebike go?

Today, we're going to show you how far an electric trike can go on a single charge when you only use the throttle. Stick around.

All right. So today, Alana and I are going to show you how far can an electric trike go on a single charge when you're only using the throttle. So we're going to try to keep it at an average mile per hour of probably six to nine miles an hour. Alana and I are going to ride together on our Sixthreezero EVRYjourney electric tricycle. These are 250-watt front hub motors with a 10.4 amp hour battery. We are going to keep it mainly on the flat ground today. We're just going to make loops around and we are going to go until this battery gets down to zero. So we will be able to show you how many miles we can make it when you only use the throttle on a single charge.

Now, the other caveat is the rider weights, and the conditions, all play a role in how long these batteries can last. So that's why we have Alana here with me today. I'm 215 pouands. Alana is 115 pounds. So you're going to see the weight differential and how it will impact the battery if it impacts the battery at all. That's why we're going to try to keep at a similar average speed and we will see how far we can go.

Okay. Before we get started, we just want you to take a look at my screen, my trip odometers are at four and the overall odometer is at zero, so just when we get to our total mileage. And you can see the batteries are fully charged. If you want to go ahead and shoot Alana's over there as well.

Mine is already at 2.8 for the trip and two overall.

So on the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney electric trike, the level of assistance actually dictates how much power output the throttle gives. Now on the standard bikes, it doesn't work that way. So for the sake of this video, so everything's created equal, we're going to set that power level to level four. Actually, let's do level five, just put it all the way up.


And then we're going to be on level five, which is the highest. But we're not going to be giving it full throttle the entire ride. We'll see at what pace we can move at, maybe somewhere around 6, 7, or 8 miles an hour. We'll kind of feel it out as we go through it. So come along. Let's go.

Begin workout.

Want me to lead the way?

Yeah. You lead.

So I think we strive for about eight miles an hour. Now they're moving. This is funny.

All right.

We strive for about eight miles an hour. That's a good, healthy pace and we'll see how long we can go.

Lap one. We're trying to see how long the trikes can last. There's Nate.

Hope you got enough daylight.

Maybe not. All right. We're about 0.5 miles, four miles in. This is going to be a lengthy process here I think. We'll be able to tell you our average speeds when we're done, but so far about eight to 10 miles an hour. All right.

All right. We are ... whoa. This is going to take a lot longer than we anticipated, but oh, I got to stretch. We are at 35 minutes. How are you feeling? Feet a little numb?

Yeah. Back.

Okay. 35 minutes. 5.06 miles. Average speed of 8.7. And we've burned 248 calories, but the app doesn't know that we're using the throttle. I have officially lost a battery. I don't know if you want to shoot that so everyone knows. Yours is a little over five miles.



Now all these tracking devices are going to be different. Here we go. I'm down one battery. Now Alana's still got a full battery. Okay. We're going to be at this for another hour, an hour and a half-ish. Let's keep going so we got enough sunlight here.


All right.

All right. We're just about at seven miles here. Let's turn my audio up. We're going to hit the seven-mile mark here any minute, but it's taken us 48 minutes. So what are we averaging per mile? Well, actually I could tell you here. Let's see. Don't hit the car.

Let's see. Let's see. Let's see. All right. So we've been going at it for 48 minutes, averaging 8.7 miles an hour.

Total distance is seven miles.

There it is, seven miles.

Total time 48 minutes and 27 seconds.

It doesn't say our average time per mile.

miles per hour.

But, let's see. Seven miles. So we're averaging like, oh, about seven minutes a mile, which is seven minutes a mile. That's going to be a little bit on the slow side, I guess. Should we pick up the pace a little?


All right. We're going to pick it up.

Okay. I have officially lost two bars off the battery. Now we did just up the speed. We're at seven and a half miles, 52 minutes, and 215 pounds. And I have three bars left on the battery and Alana has full.

Yes. Full.

And she has to sleep here until the battery dies. We are coming in 10.03 miles. Oh my gosh. One hour and seven minutes and let me pull

My feet are numb.

That's what happens when you don't pedal. Okay. Hour and eight minutes, 8.8. Average speed. So we did increase at 0.1 when we upped the ante a little bit. I've burned a mystery 484 calories. And yeah, if you want to see Oh, I'm down to two bars.



I still have four.

If you want to take a shot of this, Nate? So this is saying 11 miles on here. My phone is saying 10 and I'm down to two bars. Probably the speed increase set me back.

Mine, it's about 10.8 is what it's saying because I started at 2.8.

On your phone?


Oh, okay. So yeah, it's all pretty close. All right. So we're just going to take a quick, quick break and then we're going to be back riding.

Okay. I'm officially down to one bar left. There's Alana.

I have four bars.

She will be here for a while. Let me go ahead and show you. Okay. We tried to pick up the speed a little bit, so down to one bar and I can't quit. I think we're at about, what are we saying mileage wise on yours? 13 miles about?


13 miles. Whoa. She's all over the road here. So we'll see how much more we can get out of this last little bar here. Stick around.

Okay. So I'm down to one bar. I just did the [inaudible 00:08:34] too. But just giving you an update here. We just crossed 12 miles. It's been an hour and 22 minutes and we've averaged 8.8 miles an hour. I would say in the back half of the ride though, we've averaged probably closer to nine or 10. And yeah, 12.1 miles. So we have averaged 12 miles, and 10 minutes. No, wait, sorry. Six minutes a mile now. Right? Seven minutes ... I'm confused. Somewhere around six minutes, six and a half minutes.

Can't think and bike.

So let's see how much farther we can make it. Just throttle. Just throttle.

Okay. We are 13 miles in.

Total distance 13 miles.

There it is.

Total time one hour and 27 minutes and 59 seconds.


One hour.

Split speed 9.2 miles per hour

Oh, we did that mile in 9.2 miles an hour on average. So we're picking up the pace here. And Alana is about ready to get off this trike. Nate's back here at the camera. But we're going to make her keep going till it dies. She could be sleeping on the trike. So this is real. Really doing this, we're making laps. You can check out the app and we'll show you there. I'm down to one bar, but still going strong. Holding on here. So we'll keep you up to date.

Okay. We just passed 15 miles, throttle only. And I learned something, which is kind of like your gas tank in a car. We have been blinking on the battery being totally empty now for about two miles. And Nate and Alana, there's Alana. She's still got three bars left. And I'll be honest, this is a long time in the saddle. We are coming up for two hours here.


Has it really been two hours?

Well, hour 40.

Oh my God. [inaudible 00:10:56].

So, all right. Trike can last a while.

Well, we've made the executive decision to call quits on the ride. Alana is a feeling tingly in her hands. We have officially been on the bike, let me stop my ride here.

Workout paused.

We are at two hours and three minutes, 19.12 miles on this. But this actually says.


Ride paused.

Over 20 miles on this odometer. Do you want to just film this? Okay. So check the odometer here. You can see it's 21 miles on here. This was at zero. So this is saying 21 miles. This app is saying 19.12 Alana's app, the Sixthreezero app, said 22 miles.



I didn't have it on for the whole time.

Oh, okay. What does this say? 23.1, but that was at?

That was at 2.8, so that's at 20.3.

Okay. And if you don't believe that we just use the throttle, you can see on my bike that the chain in the back here is actually off. It's been off the entire ride so I can't even pedal this bike if I wanted to. You can see the pedals just spin, even if I do forward [inaudible 00:12:20]. Shoot, the sensors recognize it, but you can see nothing's happening. So I'm going to go ahead and turn that off. So 21 miles here on this. We got 19.1 on my phone, 22 on the Sixthreezero app, and about a little over 20 on this app. And we'll send a screenshot of the average miles times because we were hauling butt on the end there. So we are running out of daylight. Crazy enough, I'm blinking. I got about five miles with the battery basically blinking. And if you want to shoot my map here too, you can see, that we just made this loop over and over again, and let's save the workout really quickly.

And let's take a look at it... So not much elevation change, but let's see if we can get the mile splits. Good question. We probably can, but I don't know how to do that right now. So anyways, we'll go ahead and put the mile splits in the description and we'll send a screenshot of it, but we were getting faster as we went. On average though, we averaged 9.3 miles an hour and we were going for over two hours. So 215 pounds throttle only on flat ground, we just got over 20 miles. Now I'm blinking on a dead battery. Alana still's got two bars left. I think Alana could have pushed to 25, or 30 miles to be honest with you. Especially considering I got five extra miles with my battery blinking on completely empty and it's actually more than I even expected. So, that was super awesome. And truthful, my feet are feeling a little numb right now because that was a long time to be sitting on that bike. Alana's freezing and she wants to go home.

So there you have it, 250-watt EVRYjourney electric trike. If you're looking for an electric trike, this thing is awesome. Think about it too, with pedal assist, you're going to get like 25, 30, 40, 50 miles. Keep in mind the terrain really factors in. There are a lot of factors that play into how far you go. But again, I'm 215 pounds, Alana is 115 and we made it pretty far. So check out If you have any other questions, put them in the comments below or email us at or call us at (310) 982-2877. Also, you can take our proprietary body fit quiz on our website. Enter your questions about your body and your life and we'll find the perfect trike or E-trike or bike for you.

In addition, we have a test-ride your e-bike policy for 90 days. If you don't love your e-bike in 90 days, send it back. No questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And we're going to warranty the bikes for 365 days if you have any issues along the way.

Lastly, join our community. Download the app, and track your rides. Also, join our Facebook Pedalers group. Meet other Pedalers. Be a part of the community before you buy because you can ask them questions, talk to them, and see how they like their bikes. Then after you have your bike, post photos, track your rides, and meet lots of friends. It's tons of fun. So thanks for coming on the electric trike ride with us today. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience.

Enjoy the ride.

Which she really did. Thanks.


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