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What is an Electric Bike Cruiser

If you love to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in bicycling, you’re probably familiar with the electric cruiser bike. Similar to the classic cruiser bikes, these dynamic options are leading the way in terms of comfort, convenience and retro look. If you’re wondering what are the best electric bikes to buy, learn more about the electric bike cruiser and find out if it’s the right option for you.

Classic Cruiser Comfort

Cruiser bikes are also known as beach cruisers. When you imagine a beachside cruise on a classic, comfortable bicycle, you’re not far from the truth. A cruiser is designed to offer the rider an upright seat and handlebars for a more leisurely pace. The extra-wide tires are comfortable for short-distance rides, particularly on flat ground.

But what is an electric bike cruiser? This updated version of the classic cruiser uses the same design, but with a 500-watt motor or 250-watt motor. An e-bike offers the thrill of a fast-paced commute with all the style of a beach cruiser. Depending on your body type and how fast you’re looking to travel, each motor type can provide you with a fun ride.

Simple Style, Simple Fun

There are many benefits of e bike cruiser for you to enjoy. Depending on your riding style, there’s a few ways you can improve your daily ride. First, commuters can take advantage of the added style to their practical, efficient transportation. With the 250-watt motor traveling approximately 15 miles an hour and the 500-watt option traveling up to 20 miles an hour, you can make excellent time while still keeping your bike looking stylish. If your willing to pedal to assist your electric motor, expect top speeds up to 28 miles an hour.

For more casual riders, an e-bike offers the convenience of assisted pedaling. Whether you’re pushing uphill or going for a long, leisurely ride across town, an electric bike provides you with the additional power to conquer your obstacles.

Innovative Electric Upgrades

Using an electric bicycle offers you a fun and practical way to get more out of your ride. The long-lasting battery allows you to ride for up to 40 miles using pedal assistance, or up to 20 miles solely on the electric motor.

Once you start using your new cruiser electric bike cruiser, you’ll discover a whole range of helpful upgrades. Here are just a few ways you can accessorize your electric bike:

  • Wireless computer
  • Lights
  • Phone holder and speakers
  • Mirrors
  • Bells
  • Pet accessories

Whether you’re looking for a better way to enjoy the beachside trails or you need a fashionable way to get to work on time, an electric bike cruiser offers a great balance between a traditional scooter and a classic cruiser.

Find Your Electric Bike Cruiser

If you’re interested in trying out e bike cruisers, check out the latest options online. Shop for electric bikes for sale and upgrade your existing bike with a fashionable, functional and fresh alternative. Choose the motor size, shape and additional accessories you need to confidently cruise wherever the trail takes you.


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