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What Happens When an ELECTRIC BIKE Runs Out of Power? Here's What to do When Your EBike Dies

What happens when an electric bike runs out of power?

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to answer the question, what happens when an electric bike runs out of power?

All right? So it is possible your e-bike could run out of power on a ride. And fortunately, these are electric bikes, so you could still pedal your way home. But there are a few things that may or may not happen depending on the type of electric bike you have and the warning signs to warn you that you may be running out of power. Now I've got these two Sixthreezero e-bikes here. You can find them linked in the description below, and I will walk you through sort of specifically what would happen on these models. I think it's going to be pretty similar across most electric bikes when the power starts to diminish.

So number one, I'll just cut to what exactly happens when the power runs out, which is the display and the electric assistance of the motor. So at that point, you won't see anything on your display, whether it's a middle display or a display here, it's going to go out. You won't be able to see anything regarding, again, the battery, the motor, the distance, any of that. And at that point, the assistance will stop. So your throttle, if you have one, will not work, and your pedal assist as you pedal will no longer engage. So you're out of power. Now you are left with a regular bicycle to pedal your way home or to wherever your destination is.

In advance of losing power, there may be some things that happen. So number one, you're going to see the battery gauge start to go down as you start to lose power throughout your ride. Now that's obvious. Now with our e-bikes in certain situations, you're also going to see the battery, the final battery bar starts blinking on this display here, but not necessarily on this one. So again, every display is a little bit different in terms of how it warns the rider how it diminishes the battery, and how it ultimately turns off. So some of ours will start blinking, some won't. So you may just get down to one bar and you know you're living on the edge, and then all of a sudden the battery motor cuts, everything turns off. You'll know the battery died.

On other displays, you'll see that the final battery starts blinking, and at that point, you start to know that you're pushing the limit, you've got limited juice left, and at any point, the battery can give out.

Now the other thing that will happen on a lot of e-bikes is as you get down to one battery and you get close to the end, your throttle if you have one, will most likely stop working and it will only be able to provide power with the pedal assist and/or, maybe both, you may not even be able to use pedal assist level five or four or three. You may only be able to get enough power out of that battery to provide you assistance in level one or two. Now you may be able to shift it to level five, but the actual power you're getting may only be the power typical of a level one or a level two. So if you start to feel that happen, you're going to know you're getting dangerously close to the end of that battery life.

If the throttle goes out completely and you can only use pedal assist, also, you're going to know, again, that you're getting very close to the end of that battery life. So at that point, you can either make a choice, maybe turn the electric components off, or ride a little bit. Let's say you've got a hill you need to tackle at a different section, maybe turn things off, wait till you get to the hill, then turn it back on and use the last bit of juice you have.

So in conjunction with that, what you're also going to see then is your top speed is going to diminish as the battery gets depleted. Now, this may happen with two batteries left, with one battery left where your top speed starts to slowly creep down. So you may find that in pedal assist level five, you were able to achieve 22 miles an hour. All of a sudden you're like, wow, why am I not getting enough assistance in level five? I can only go 17, 18. Well, you're going to start to know then that the battery is depleting, and those are kind of telltale signs, if you have one bar left, that it's getting less and less and less.

So things to pay attention to as you're riding because when it does die, you're out of power completely and it's on you to get you wherever you need to go with your legs like we used to with traditional bicycles.

So have any other questions about what happens when the power on your e-bike dies? Reach out to us, at, or call us at (310) 982-2877. Don't forget these two bikes are linked in the description below.

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