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What E Trike is right for You? | Finding the perfect Electric Tricycle

Today, I'm going to answer the question, what electric trike is right for you? Right here we have our sixthreezero EVRYjourney, 250-watt electric trike, and back here is our Easy Transit folding 750-watt electric trike. There are different wheel sizes. This is a 12-inch, and this is a 26-inch.

Now you've got a compact little trike that you can throw in an RV or the back of a car very easily, and especially if you don't want to use the electric, then I would opt for a model like this because it's going to roll smoother. You're going to get more distance out of one pedal stroke.

If you're looking for something also that's smaller, more compact, and you're going to maybe drive into stores or use it to get around crowds because this is also something people can use to take it into a store, shop with it. This is a little bit better for the open road. You want a cruise, you want a coast. Smaller spaces. The folding eTrike is going to be a better option, in my opinion, because of its smaller, compact nature.


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