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What does an ELECTRIC TRICYCLE weigh? Unveiling the Surprising Weight of E Trikes

How much does an electric trike weigh?

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today we're going to show you how much an electric trike weighs. All right, I've got three of the sixtthreezero e-trikes. I've got the Electric bike Rickshaw, the Evryjourney electric trike, and the Easy Transit e-trike. Easy Transit is a 750 watt. The EvryJourney is a 250-watt front hub. Both of these are front hub motors. Same size battery, 10.4 amp hour. And the rickshaw is a beast. This is a 750-watt front hub motor with a 21 amp hour battery. So there are lots of different e-trikes on the market. I'm going to give you a sense of what e-trikes weigh and also just point out that there's not going to be a huge variance between a lot of the e-trikes on the market, but I'm going to show you with the EZ Transit. It's one of the lighter ones. Inevitably with e-bikes, you've got the motor, you've got the battery, so it's hard to, you know, get the weight close to a non-electric tricycle. So we'll show you the range. Also, you're going to see how things like fat tires impact the weight and the size of the battery impacts the weight as well.

So things to consider when you're shopping for your electric tricycle and how heavy or how light are you comfortable with your e-trike being. All right, let's get started. I'm gonna bring in Colton, who's gonna help us with our scale and our weigh-ins. We did a pre-weigh-in of Colton. He weighs 188 pounds. So he's going to take each e-trike and get on the scale, and we're going to see the weights of them. All right, Colton, if you want to grab, let's grab the lightest first. So the Easy Transit. Now, I'd like to point out that on the easy transit as well, you could also take the baskets off to strip down the weight, and, the battery can be removed, which is about eight pounds. So if you want to reduce the weight, can reduce it by eight pounds. Let me get my calculator out here to just make sure I go ahead and accurately calculate the weights. Colton's up. Good squat. Let me get my calculator here. Hold steady. 268. All right. And down 80 pounds. OK, now if we take the battery off, that's going to reduce this trike down to 72 pounds. And if we were to remove the baskets, we are going to lose another three pounds. So stripped down, no baskets, no battery, 69 pounds with the battery, 80 pounds. All right, let's go ahead and put that back. One thing I'll point out, too, is a lot of each trike may advertise their weight without the basket.

We're telling you 80 pounds front and rear baskets. Don't forget, remove three pounds for that. All right, moving on to the EvryJourney trike. Good thing we have Colton here to do this. 261. Okay, 261 minus 188. 73 pounds on Evryjourney. So you can see the bigger motor. Now, this is a 250 watt is a 750 watt. So we're adding some pounds there. So 73 pounds with the battery and 65 pounds without the battery. So that is a seven-pound difference between the two. Now, let's not forget we have the front basket on the easy transit. We also have a lid on the back here. So again, if you want to remove the baskets, you can reduce the weight. So a slightly lighter frame here with the alloy is something to also remember that smaller doesn't always mean lighter. OK, because of the bigger motors and other elements related to it, it could be heavier. So that's important to remember when you're shopping. The other thing I want to point out about the easy transit that adds a little bit of weight back here, is three pounds are these rear fenders. These have some pretty heavy-duty metal bars back here. If you want to remove those, you're going to reduce the weight by another four pounds. So just important to remember that when you're comparing e-trikes there are elements you could remove. And if you see weights, think about what one has in comparison to the other. Do you like that element? Do you not? Because again, if you want to reduce the weight here by eight pounds, you take both the fenders off and the front-rear basket off.

Now this comes down to 72 pounds. and then you take the battery off. Now you've reduced it to 64 pounds. It's a little bit complicated. We're going to put all the numbers up on the stream screen so you can remember it. All right. Now let's move on to our last e-bike rickshaw. We should have done first for Colton on this one, but he'll be ready. Now this is a heavy e-trike it's got the seat on the back and it's also got these very fat tires and it's got the 750-watt motor. and the 21 amp hour battery, okay? All right. Are you ready? You can do it. It's heavy, it's heavy. Do your best. 316, we're gonna go 316. Good job, Colton. This trike comes in at a whopping 128 pounds. Now, this one came in, what did we say the EvryJourney came in at? 60, no, 72. 73. 73 pounds. And we've got a seat on the back here, obviously, which is going to weigh probably 10, 15 pounds. We have the big fat tires. We have a big motor. Now, the battery also is a huge battery. So if you're going to be transporting the Rickshaw, you're going to need a ramp or something you can drive it up onto. Let's just go ahead and see how much this battery weighs. OK, so this battery is 11 pounds, so this is three pounds more than both of these batteries. So Still, not going to make it super light.

You're going from 128 pounds to 117 pounds if you take the battery off. But every little bit is going to help. You can also remove the seats, which weigh two pounds. There you go. Locked and loaded. Put the key on and we're good to go. All righty. Go ahead and get this one out of here. so it gives you a sense of the weight of the trikes. If you see other trikes out there, think about like EvryJourney, but with fat tires, you're going to add a few pounds, five, six, seven, eight pounds. So just remember what's important to you know heavier trikes don't necessarily mean less nimble. In some cases, a little bit of weight is good on a trike because it keeps it stable. I will say the rickshaw is a very, very stable trike with these big fat tires. and the weight in the back. It's very stable. All these are very stable, but also the easy transit with the weight, the small tires, very balanced, very easy to ride. And then the EvryJourney is stable as well, but lighter weight. So if you want something with this size wheel, 26 inches, but still looking for something light that could be lifted, check it out.

So if you have other questions at all, please reach out to us at, or call us at 310-982-2877. Also, we have a 30-day test ride, your e-trike policy. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back. No questions asked, no money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we're going to warranty everything for the first year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we'll take care of parts and labor to ensure you can keep riding. Lastly, jump over to our Facebook group, sixthreezero Pedalers. There are thousands of members in that group. Ask questions about any E-trike. See how other riders like it before you jump in. Then when you have yours, post in the group, and make friends. It's tons of fun. Then download our app to track your rides and compete on the leaderboard. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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