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What Bike Rack Fits My Car?

Riding around your own neighborhood is fun and all, but you get bored. We understand. Sometimes the only way to get a dose of dopamine is to take your bicycle to new terrain and have yourself an adventure. 

A car bike rack make transporting your bicycle safe and easy. Some fit on the top of your car and others secure to the back of your vehicle. While there isn’t one type of rack that’s better than the others, you should make sure you get a rack that fits your car. The type of vehicle you have will largely determine which type of racks will fit it. Here’s a quick breakdown of bike racks for cars: 

Choosing Bike Racks Based on Vehicle Type

Should you try to fit a roof rack for four bikes on the top of a mini cruiser? Hmm, we’re not going to recommend that. While most racks fit most cars, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Compact Cars

If you have a small two- or four-door car, a roof rack might be your best option of car bike racks. Especially if you’re going to transport your bicycle(s) frequently. Roof racks can stay in place even when they’re not in use. On the downside, bikes are more difficult to load this way, so you’ll probably need a second person to help you. If your car has a trailer hitch, you can also throw one or two bikes on the rear of a compact car using a hitch rack. Just note that these will obstruct your trunk, so don’t load your bikes until you’re ready to leave. 


Since SUVs are taller, a roof rack could be a problem, depending on your route. Going under relatively low underpasses or other overhangs might be out of the question when you combine your SUVs height with the size of your bikes. A bike carrier for cars of your size would be a trunk or hitch mount on the back of your SUV. If your SUV is a hatchback with a spare tire, you can get a special mount that accommodates most tires. They will cause your bike to extend further to the rear than if you attached the rack right to your SUV – so be wary of short parking spaces while your rack is in use. 


Truck beds are the easiest way to transport your bicycles, but you don’t want them to slide around in the back. A truck bed rack fits into most size trucks and makes it easy to get your bikes in and out of the vehicle. You may even be able to situate your bikes so that you still have room for a cooler, camping gear, or other important stuff for your journey. 

Carrying your bike to and from trailheads is a great way to see the world, one adventure at a time. Make sure you read the dimensions on any rack before you buy it; no rack should obstruct your view or be at risk of hitting the ground while you drive. 

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