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What Are The Best Bike Accessories For Summer Riding?

Summer is the best season for cycling. Don’t believe us? The days are longer, you don’t have to layer up, and none of your favorite paths are hidden beneath piles of snow or leaves. 

Before you hit the trails, stock up on some cycling accessories. These add-ons keep you hydrated, fueled, and cool – which are all crucial elements of a fun and safe warm-weather ride. Here are some of our favorites: 

Hydration Packs

Some of the most important bike accessories for summer cycling keep you well hydrated. When the temperatures rise, you might be surprised at how quickly you start to sweat. A hydration pack fits into a backpack and has a hose that reaches your mouth. That means you can take a few sips of water while you ride without stopping to grab your water bottle from your bag. It’s convenient and safe – a twofer! You should take at least a few sips per half hour of riding on a warm day. 

Cup Holders and Cages

If you’re not into rocking a hydration pack, consider adding a new cup holder or water bottle cage to your bike frame. These accessories also help you stay hydrated on your ride. Fit to attach on the top tube of your bike frame, a cup holder or cage makes it easy to grab your water while you’re riding or during a quick pit stop. Cages are also ideal for big water bottles because their design lets the condensation naturally evaporate while you’re on the go, rather than pooling. 


It’s summer – if you’re not stopping for a picnic or biking your way to the farmer’s market, what are you doing? Putting a basket on the front of your bike means you can bring lots of things on your journey or buy stuff during your day out and about. Baskets are one of the best bicycle accessories because it’s never fun to balance tote bags on your handlebars. 

Moisture-Wicking Tops

Sometimes summer cycling calls for a new way of dressing the part. In the winter, you’re clad in long-sleeved shirts and fleece zip-ups, but your main concern in the summer is sun protection and staying cool. Moisture-wicking tops absorb very little moisture and pull sweat away from your body. Unlike a cotton top that might get heavy and uncomfortable, a Lyra or polyester bicycle top keeps you cool. Some bicycle tops even have built-in sun protection with an SPF up to 30. 

Do you have the best bike gear for your summer bicycle trips? Unless you’ve browsed the sixthreezero inventory, the answer might be no. We have beach cruiser accessories, city bike accessories, and other add-ons that make your summer bike trips better. Pick up a new set of fenders or a water bottle for bike riding today!

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