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Want a Step Thru E Bike? These 2 Have the LOWEST Step Through Height of Any Electric Bike

The two lowest step-through e-bikes of 2024 you must see.

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I've nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry. Today I'm going to show you two of the lowest step-through electric bikes of 2024. Okay, step-through electric bikes are popular because of how easy they are to mount and dismount. A true step-through is like these, where you can step through the frame. These are the simple step-throughs from sixthreezero. This is the 20-inch version and this is the 26-inch version. I'm going to walk you through these two electric bikes and explain to you the similarities and differences between building. Now, surprisingly, if you were to probably take a guess, and then go ahead and take a guess right now. How much do you think this one weighs and how much do you think this one does? Make your guess. All right. This one weighs 57 and a half pounds. This one weighs 54 pounds. Now, without the battery, this one's going to be 46 pounds and this one's going to be 49 and a half pounds. It's only a difference of three and a half pounds now a couple of differences. We have a folding mechanism on the handlebars here that probably adds a little bit of weight.

Now, the batteries and the boners are the same size bigger tires on this one, smaller tires, but it only adds up to a 3.5-pound weight difference. So, if you're looking for a 26-inch step-through that's light, this is pretty light at 57.5 pounds for an electric bike. And like I said, when you take the battery off, take it down to 49.5, that's a light e-bike that's easy to get on the PowerX and transport. Now, the 20-inch is even lighter at 46 pounds, and like I said, you can fold it, and take the battery off. You can see right here, the handlebars fold down. So, easy to put into the back of a car and transport this way. Now the frame doesn't fold. That was a choice we made because we wanted a rigid frame. But you can take it, lift it, slide it into a car very easily. You can take the seat off if necessary to lower the height down. There you go, that snaps in place and you're back up right in here now as I said, the battery and the motor sizes are the same. This one is a very, it's three and a half pounds lighter. Just that three and a half pounds makes a big difference with how much, how fast this accelerates. So you do get a little more acceleration with the little frame. It's very simple. The other cool thing on the 20-inch cap is fully quick-release adjustable handlebars so you can find the perfect height for you. We also have these eight-hanger handlebars which can come into the rider's body.

It creates a comfortable riding position where the bars are right here. Pretty unique setup to be honest with you now and you can raise the seat. Right here. So you can see my 5’10” and I can get into a very nice ergonomic. Now, 26-inch has the same upright ergonomic riding position as well, but we've got the bars curving into the body right here. Still keeps the back upright, still keeps your head up, and still very, very comfortable. So both of these are very comfortable to sit in. Now, the big difference, I would say, is the step-through height. So the mounting and dismounting of an e-bike is different. important to do for a feature that you are looking for. On the 26-inch version, it's an 11-inch step-through height on the 20-inch version, it's only nine inches. Now, I've done a lot of test rides with people who struggle to mount and dismount and step through the frame, and two inches can be a pretty big deal. So if you're looking for the absolute lowest step-three off for the 20-inch, If you want something with bigger tires but still a low step-through, the 26-inch is a better option. Also, if you're going to do more pedaling, if possible, pedaling without the motor, the 26-inch is a better option because the bigger tires will get rolling easier and will be much easier for longer rides. For the 20-inch, you're going to want to run the motor most of the time while you're pedaling, even if it's at a low pedal assist level like 1. Because of the small tires, your legs are going to have to turn over more frequently. So for longer rides, you're probably going to use the motor more.

Whereas on the 26-inch, you may not have to because you're going to get more roll out of the tire. And it's a little bit easier to pedal in the long term. So 20 inches, both good for short or long distances. Short range, you probably could do more pedaling, and zip around with the motor. Long range, If you have to use the motor more, you may kill the battery quicker. On the 26-inch, you can pedal more and get more out of the pedal system and probably achieve a longer range. Now, the other key feature is the seat height. So, on the 26-inch, the seat height in the lowest position is 32 inches. And the seat height on the 20-inch is lower, which comes in at 29 and a half inches. So again, if the mounting is an issue for you, this is a very low step-through, and you can slide right down onto the seat and be in a comfortable position. And the combination of the smaller tires and that dipping frame creates that with the low seat. The seat's a little bit higher. You can step through and still slide on. But really, you've got to be a rider 5'1 and above for this setup. 5'1 to 4'11 can make the 20-inch be a better option for them. And, both can accommodate riders up to about, I would say, 6'4 on this one and about 6'2 on this one because you've got a lot of travel on the seat post here. You can see that up to here. Step three is even too high for me. And we can still pull the bars up. So you can see that's pretty high for me, right? So now both are going to achieve the same top speeds.

20 miles an hour with the throttle 28 miles it's possible in pedal assist, but you're probably going to get more to about 22, 23. You'll be able to get higher in the pedal assist on the 26-inch versus the 20-inch just because of the tire size and how you can get them going when you get up to speed. Both have seven-speed derailleurs. You can use those with or without the motor on, totally up to you. So you've got seven gears to play around with. You have thumb throttles on both, so you can utilize those and not pedal. The choice is yours. And like I said, from a range perspective, the range as on paper is going to be the same, but it depends on how much you use the pedal assist or the throttle on your rides that will dictate the range. So, that summarizes the two lowest safety bikes on the market for 2024. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at In addition to that, we offer a 30-day test ride to your e-bike. If you don't love it, the first 30 days, send it back.

In addition to that, we're going to warranty everything for up to a year, including parts, labor, and anything wrong. take care of it, gets you the parts and labor. Lastly, join the Facebook group, sixthreezero Pedalers. We have thousands of members there. Hop in there, and ask existing members questions about their e-bikes so you can get comfortable before you purchase. Then when you have your e-bike, post in the group, and make friends. It's tons of fun. So thanks for sticking around and building your journey and experience.


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