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Unwilling Passenger: Hilarious Dog's Reaction on EBike Rickshaw Ride! Bringing Dog on a Bike Ride

We're going to show you how to take your dog for a ride on the e-bike rickshaw.

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry. And today I'm joined by Lisa and her 90-pound German shepherd Rocky here. And we are going to show you how to take him for a ride on the e-bike rickshaw.

Now, Rocky is going to be on the upper echelon of the weight for dogs that you would bring on the rickshaw. But a couple of things I want to show you is I bought a car harness on Amazon, and Rocky is already wearing the harness. and it comes with an attachment to the harness and another attachment that can either go into the buckle if you want to show this over here. So there's a piece here. It comes with a carabiner as well.

Now the carabiner this one came with was too little to fit around the armrest here, so you could buy a bigger carabiner and you can also carabine this to here, which might be better to give, you know, your dog more Leeway, you can also expand this, though, to give them a longer leash or a shorter leash, depending on how big or small your dog is. So in this case, I can actually take the seat belt buckle port, and we're going to put that in here, and now this is going to become Rocky's leash as he's sitting on here. All right, and Lisa's gonna attempt to take him for a ride. There you go, good boy. That's my boy. Okay, make room for Mom, but don't go anywhere. Kids and animals, man. They're the hardest actors to work with. Can he sit is the question. Could he somehow put his paws on you or something? There we go. There you go, Rock. Yes. Okay. Everyone smiles, Rocky.

Say hi. Rocky, give Mommy a kiss. Okay, stay there. All right, Colton, we're on the move. We're on the move. We're on the move. Rocky, just give us a few seconds of riding, bud. You can do it. Here we go. All right all aboard So maybe Rocky's just not a car rickshaw kind of doggy. All right rock. Look at the praying mantis down there. How do you like it back there, buddy? No, Rocky. All right, I'll park. All right, Rocky, we're parking, buddy. Well, Rocky, I don't know if we'll ask you back, but you did a good job. All right, so Rocky didn't love coming on the back of the rickshaw we got to take a little bit of a ride. But I still want to show you the options you have for bringing your dog on rides on the rickshaw.

So, as I said, I bought this harness on Amazon, and comes in all different sizes. Rocky was XL. But I want to show you, too, if you need the leash to be shorter so your dog would stay more secure if you want to come in here, I'll show you. You can just wrap this around here. And you can just kind of keep looping this until you have, you know, the length that you think will keep your dog as tight as you need down here. So that's double knotted and that's not going anywhere. You can hook them up and they'll stay. Or if you need to, you can loop it through again, you know, a third time. But that's getting pretty tight. You could also expand this here.

This is the shortest as it gets right here. You can also expand this out if you want to do that as well. There you go. Now, I don't think you're going to want the leash to be that long because then they'd have the ability to jump down while you're riding. Go ahead and pull this back as tight as it'll go. Show you another way to install the harness for your dog. On the back here, like I said, six screws keep the pad on. So we can just go ahead and remove those. Okay. Now we've got all the screws removed. You can just pull this back pad off. Okay. And you can see we had... some child three-point harnesses on here.

So I will go ahead and remove those. All right, so the connection piece comes with an insertion point that can be inserted into the buckle because it's made for the car. So if you wanna come over here, you can take a look. One option is, to insert this end in the buckle. And now you have the harness in here that you can attach to your dog. And the harness right here would go on them. And honestly, you don't even have to necessarily have this harness. You could keep your harness, but you're going to get this extra piece here, which is what you're going to need. And you would just strap the doggie on and they can sit here. Now, this might be a little bit too much leash that you want. The other thing is, if you have a passenger back here, you're still going to want the seatbelt probably, right? So the better option here is this. You can come on here to where the seatbelt is mounted right here, and we can loosen this bolt. Okay. And from there, we can take our seatbelt off. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put this bolt. Now I'm going to add an extra washer. That's an important part here. Okay. So this extra washer right here is going to make sure that the bolt doesn't slip through my seatbelt clip end here. Okay. So I'm going to put that on top like this. And now I'm going to come back in here and I'm going to put this underneath my seatbelt connection point. And I'm just going to thread that back in. Okay. All right. And then we're going to use our six-millimeter Allen key and we're going to go ahead and tighten this down.

Okay. That's going to be tight. Perfect. So now we still have our seatbelts, which can be used for the human passenger. And now we have our harness point for your doggy. And at this point, if your dog sits right here, you would just clamp them in like so. Okay. And you know, if it's a bigger dog, you can give them more leash. Now, you can, you can extend this out like this if you need more leash. Now I think the tighter, the better just to keep it as taut as possible while they're in the seat here. There you go. Okay, and now they can sit down. And if you're not using this, if your dog is not coming for a ride with you, you can leave it in here and just kinda loop it around and hook it back in through here. Let's see. Just like that, all right. And now it can stay there. So if your little dog or big dog doesn't come with you on every ride, you can keep it safe there. Now, I like mounting it on there. That way, again, you have the seatbelt free and you can use this as needed. You can unhook it and boom, now you have your harness again. And again, it just clips right on here like that. And I think the best bet now, as we've tried a few different options,  is to bring a blanket in like so. If you want to make it nice and cozy back here for them, just kind of drape that on top of the seat. There you go. And you would just pull your harness piece like this and now they can be clipped in and you're off and ready to ride.

So if you have any other questions at all, please reach out to or call us at 310-982-2877. You can find the dog harness for a car on amazon if you just type in dog harness for car you'll find a lot of options that have that same seat by seat belt buckle that you can mount there. Also, if there are ones that don't have the seatbelt buckle, but can mount to a bolt or be bolted on, that's an option as well. You can bolt it to where the seatbelt is already on the rickshaw. Now, don't forget, we have a 30-day test ride on your e-bike policy. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked. In addition to that, we're going to warranty everything for the first year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we'll take care of it, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. Lastly, jump over to our Facebook pedalers group. We have thousands of members in there. It's called sixthreezero Pedalers. You can ask other riders if they've done this with their dog or if they've taken their dogs on rides.

Also, see how they like their rickshaw. Then, once you have yours, post in the group, and make friends. It's tons of fun. And don't forget, to download our app, track your rides, and compete on the leaderboard as well. So thanks for sticking around, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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