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Unleash the Fun: Electric Rickshaw EBike Takes Trike 'r Treating to a New Level

The best way to trick or treat with your family and kids is on this electric rickshaw. Stick around to learn more. Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry. And today I want to show you the best way to trick or treat your kids and your family on this e-bike rickshaw. But before we get into it, hit that subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, giveaways we do, and new product releases. All right. If you want to learn more about the e-bike rickshaw, check it out in the description below. It's linked to the Sixthreezero website. Also, there's a link in the upper right-hand corner.

So, I have three kids under the age of eight, so I do trick-or-treating as well. And I know as a parent you're always following your kids along and making sure they get to places safely. In some of the neighborhoods I go to, I see a lot of golf carts now, and people riding on golf carts. The kids can put their bags there or take a rest, or you can zip over to different neighborhoods or different areas of your neighborhood. I've got a better idea though, the e-bike rickshaw. Now I've got lots of other videos on our channel of kids on the back, and showing other riders, and doing other rides with kids. But long story short, if you want to have a cool experience as a parent and you want to stay with your kids and make sure they're safe, but maybe you don't want to do all the walking that they do, follow along with them on the rickshaw.

And the cool thing is, like I said if you want to zip over to another neighborhood, put your kids on the back. You can fit up to three children. And if you want to see better videos on our YouTube channel, you can see the rickshaw playlist. If you go to our channel, the playlist, you'll see tons of videos on there. Now, the other thing too is let's say you want to put yourself on the front and your wife, or your partner, or your husband on the back, you could put a child right here. If you're a more petite rider, you could probably get two kids next to you. In this case, we could fit one right here. And it'd be easy to zip along. Or you could put all your kids on here and maybe your partner, wife, or husband could have their e-bike.

And so, it's just a great way to get out and you could cover more territory. I guarantee your kids would love it. Because there are different streets that you may have heard about that have king-size or better candies. So, you want to do this street and then you want to cruise over to another street. You want to skip a couple of blocks. Or you're going to do one section of your neighborhood and then you want to drive somewhere else to meet up with some other friends. Why not do it on the e-bike rickshaw? Way better than getting the car out.

The other cool thing about Halloween is going around and seeing all the decorations. So, maybe after the kids get all their candy, load them up here and just cruise around and check out what's going on. Check out all the decorations, and everything that's happening. The other cool thing is I know as a kid your bag starts to get heavy and you don't want to drag that around. So, in the back here, they have a little basket underneath, they can throw their candy under here, bring them multiple bags, and relieve them. Now granted, as a parent, do you want your child coming home with exorbitant amounts of candy? Probably not. But for the fun of it, you could let them load it in here. And then you could also drive this. If someone in your block is having hot apple cider or hot cocoa, or just a driveway gathering after everyone's done trick or treating, put everything in here, leave it in there, and you can go enjoy the party so you don't have to hold onto it with you the entire time.

So, the e-bike rickshaw could be a lot of fun for this Halloween and a great way to bring the entire family around as you're going house to house so the parents don't have to walk and be tired. But you can also transport your kids. You can also go around to all the different neighborhoods. The back bench seat, like I said, can support up to 250 pounds up to three children. My children are seven, five, and two. I can fit all three of them across here and I can buckle them with the seatbelt right here. They've got the footrest right here as well. Cool thing. Four-inch by 20-inch wide tires in the rear. 24-inch by four-inch wide tire in the front. Very stable. Set lower in the back to keep it more stable in the back.

This also has a 750-watt front hub motor. This is the largest motor size you can have legally to have it classified as an e-bike. It's a very powerful motor. You're going to easily transport. Loads up to 600 pounds total on this. The cool thing too is you have a pedal assist option. So, you can pedal and have the motor assist you. Or you can use this thumb throttle right here. And the thumb throttle can now turn into almost like a golf cart. So, you have the best of both worlds. If you want to pedal a little bit, you can. If you want the bike to do all the work, go ahead and hit the throttle.

And again, check out our YouTube channel. We have a rickshaw playlist. You can see me riding this all over the place and doing all sorts of fun things, and showing you how to use the pedal assist and how to use the throttle. You also have seven speeds like on a normal bicycle. Gears one through seven. So, you can use those gears in combination with the pedal assist. So, even if you have some hills to take on in your neighborhood, don't worry, you've got the throttle, and you've got the pedal assist. This will get you where you need to go. The other thing too is you can hang bags on here, other places where you can store items.

Now you've also got front and rear disc brakes. So, when you pull this, the bike stops with no problem, very easily whether you're going downhill or on flat ground. And you can see your battery right here. Now this is a 21 amp hour battery with Samsung cells. So, what does that mean? Well, it means you can do rides of up to 50 miles, even with three kids on the back and you're trick or treating. You're going to take on 50 miles. So, I'm guessing when you're out trick or treating or driving through neighborhoods, you're not going to need to go nearly 50 miles. And this battery will take you definitely around the neighborhoods to the different parts of the neighborhood, no problem.

But after Halloween, when you're out riding, you can do up to 50 miles. Now that depends on how heavy of a load you're carrying and also what combination of the pedal assist and the throttle you use. If you stay in a level five assist, that's your higher assist level. More often you will drain the battery quicker. If you use the throttle and don't pedal at all, that will drain the battery quicker as well.

Now, if you use the pedal assist with a lower level two to three, you're going to get lots and lots of miles. Can also use the throttle as well, but don't give it full acceleration and you'll get up to those 50 miles as well. So, it's a lot of fun. I did my trick-or-treating with this last year. I loved it. It was a great way to just have the kids there, have fun, drive to different streets, also do some trick or treating in one section earlier in the night, and then meet up with some other friends because our kids have friends from school, friends from sports. And then family friends you need to meet up with too.

So, better way than getting out of the car, getting on the rickshaw and having some fun. And I guarantee you everyone else that's trick or treating around you will be jealous. So, any other questions at all about the rickshaw? Put them in the comments section, email us at or call us at 310-982-2877. And don't forget, this is a Link in the description below. You can check it out on Sixthreezero's website, also linked in the corner of the video and at the end of the video. In addition to that, we have a 30-day test drive for your e-bike policy. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we're going to warranty everything for the first year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we'll take care of it, parts and labor, and make sure you can continue to ride.

Lastly, we have a Facebook group called Sixthreezero Pedalers and we also have an app. Join the Facebook Pedalers group, ask questions about other people who have the rickshaw, and get their opinion in advance of purchasing so you can be comfortable making that purchase. Then once you have your rickshaw or e-bike, post in the group, and make friends. It's tons of fun. And lastly, you can track your rides on the app and compete on the leaderboard. That's fun as well. So, thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey or experience. Enjoy the ride.


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