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UCLA Campus Bike Tour | March Madness Ride Along

Hi, guys. It's Alanna here with Sixthreezero. Today, we are here at UCLA going on a bike ride, so stick around.

If you've been following March Madness, then you know that UCLA has made it to the Final Four. And Nate and I, the videographer, are both UCLA alumni, so we're really proud of our team. We decided to do a UCLA bike tour. It's really nice to be back here on campus. It's really quiet because as you know, a lot of people are taking classes online because of the pandemic. So it's actually a really good opportunity for us to bike around campus, check out our old stomping grounds, and probably bike around west so we can grab something to eat. So, let's go.

When you go on your orientation tour, the tour guide always tells you a bunch of myths about the school, and one of them is that if you step on the sixth step, you won't graduate on time. So anytime you would walk these steps, you would see freshmen avoiding the sixth step.

Do you think UCLA is going to win on Saturday?

It's not looking likely, but I still believe.

Wow. You heard it here first, folks. If we lose, it's all because of Nate.

We are at the UCLA store. Going to check out some gear. Nate wants a sweatshirt. I was sure I wouldn't get anything, but I end up getting a sweatshirt, even though it feels like the hottest day of the year right now. It was really cute, so I couldn't say no. Nate got a sweatshirt too, as planned. Ready for summer.

Now we're here at Pauley Pavilion. The dorms are that way up the hill. Campus is that way. Yeah, this is Pauley, where our basketball team plays.

There's Bruin Bear. We're leaving campus and heading to Westwood now. Now that we're in Westwood, we want to hit up some of our favorite eateries. Our first stop is Diddy Riese, which has 50 cent cookies. They're so good. But when I went here, they were only 25 cents, I think. Right?

I think so.

Well, they weren't 50 cents. They've upped their price, but we're going to get some cookies, and then we're going to get some pasta, and then head back to campus before going home.

We are back on campus. We biked up Bruinwalk coming back from Westwood and it was pretty tiring, so I think we're deserving of some cookies, which we have here. I already took a few bites. But I'm up here by the fountain. We've got Royce Hall right behind us and the library right here, and it's just the perfect day to be on campus. It was really hot earlier, but it's cooling off now and it's just so nice to be here. I didn't realize the campus was so bikeable. I never biked when I was actually a student, but it's been really nice touring campus by bike.

Hopefully, the weather is nice where you are and you can get out on a bike ride. Don't forget to tag us if you do, and don't forget to log your ride on the app so you can be eligible to win our weekly giveaways, which we're giving to the number one spot on the leaderboard. And yeah, enjoy your weekends. If you're watching March Madness, hopefully, you're rooting for UCLA like we are. Go Bruins. But get out there on your bike and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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