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Two Wheel Bike to Tricycle - When Should Adults Go from Two Wheels to 3 Wheel Bike?

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the e-bike and bike industry, and today I'm going to answer the question, how do I know when I'm ready to switch from a two-wheel bike to a tricycle? Stick around.

All right, today I'm going to answer the question of how you know when you're ready to go from a two-wheel bike to a three-wheel electric bike or regular bike. But before I do, hit that subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content, new products, and of course giveaways we do here at Sixthreezero. All right, let's say you've been a lifelong bike rider, and now all of a sudden you're wondering or contemplating, man, should I switch to a tricycle now? And I see it a lot. If you check out our YouTube channel, we've done lots of rides with people that have been out of the biking, without biking, for a long time, 10, 15, 20 years. Haven't even been on a bike, ridden a bike, or done anything on a bike, and then they want to jump back into it.

A lot of times, once your kids are out of the house and you're looking for something to do or a lot of riders whose kids are still in the house, and they're riding, and you haven't ridden a bike since childhood. And maybe you have different physical limitations now that you never had. And a lot of times, when you maybe can't ride a bike, a two-wheel bike like you did when you were younger, there's some ego involved, and you think you can do it, but you don't want to do it. I'm here to tell you today maybe the signs you should look for on why you should switch from a two-wheel bike to a three-wheel bike, and what are the most important things to pay attention to. So yeah, let's get into it.

I think the other thing to point out as well is, in this day and age, especially with tricycles, Sixthreezero, we make an electric trike. We make other trikes. There are great options out there where you can find something that will suit your body and your physical capabilities. So you don't have to ride a two-wheel bike just because that's what you rode when you were 10, 11, 12, whatever it may be, 18, 19, 20. There are so many different options out there.

So one thing I will say is, also if you're getting back into biking after a long time being away, test-ride some bikes. Even though in your head you think you can do it, again, we've done this before where we do a lot of test rides with people. They're on video, you can check them out. Look at First Time Riding an E-bike. People jump in. They think I can do this, I can do this. And then we've had a handful of people who couldn't do it. And for whatever reason; either their balance isn't what it used to be, or they can't lift their leg as high as they used to, or quite honestly, they're just scared of falling. And that fear never existed.

And that fear becomes consuming, which prevents you from steering the bike in a way that is necessary to keep it upright. So I would try to test ride, rent a bike in advance and see if are two wheels still good for you. But a couple of signs to look for about when I think it's the right time to transition to an e-bike: number one is mounting in dismounting. So if you struggle in any way, shape, or form to lift your leg, get up, mount, and dismount, and you have any risk of falling, it's probably time to look at a tricycle option.

Obviously, on a tricycle, there's very little risk of falling because you can just step right on and the bike's not going anywhere, right? It's just going to stay right here, and you can just get on, and the bike's not going anywhere. And you can get your body positioned and get ready to ride, and there's no balance involved.

So you can just start moving and no risk. With a two-wheel bike, you're going to have to balance. You're going to have to get the momentum going, the wheels turning to ride. The other thing too is if you've not used your muscles in a while, your legs, or your legs have atrophied in any way, or your leg strength has decreased, it may be time to look at a tricycle because a two-wheel bike's going to require you to get the bike moving. And now, this is why an e-bike could also be a great option because you have the throttle which can help you move. So it may still be a two-wheel bike still may be a great option. But if you don't want to use the throttle or you're scared of the throttle, just know, on a two-wheel bike, you have to get that bike moving to keep it upright. So there's a certain amount of strength involved.

If you just don't feel confident you have that strength, it's time to move to a tricycle, right? Because at that point, you don't need a lot of strength. You just got to turn those pedals over and keep it moving at whatever pace you see fit. There's no balance risk here, right? It's going to stay balanced. It's not going to require you to create the centrifugal force to keep the bike upright.

In addition to that, if you've ever had knee surgery, hip surgery, or anything that's limited your ability to lift or lower your leg, it may be time to switch to a tricycle. And I say that because a lot of accidents occur during the mounting and dismounting process. So if your legs or hips are so tight that it's difficult for you to get off a two-wheel bike or to stop on a two-wheel bike, again, the benefit on a tricycle is you just stop like this, you can put your feet down, and then you can pull your foot off. Right?

In the case of a two-wheel bike, you're going to have to hold onto it more, there's going to be a little bit more risk of falling, and it just can be slightly more dangerous during the mounting and dismounting process. So you got to listen to your body. You have to think about your physical limitations. You also have to think about your balance. You also have to think about the fear, right? If there's any fear in your head, I would advise just going with a three-wheel bike because that fear can be all-consuming, and you don't want to be out on rides thinking that you may fall or having the risk that you may fall. Right?

Three wheels can just give you peace of mind. And I say this because I see so many riders that look at three-wheel bikes as like they've given up, or they've given in. I don't see it that way. You can see this bike still looks super cool. Great design. You can get all the seven speeds you want. This is also electric, you can do electricity. So it's just really being honest with your body.

And let's be frank here. The point of a bike or a trike is to get out, enjoy the weather, be social, and get some exercise, and you can do the same thing on three wheels that you can do on two wheels. So it's just thinking about how are you going to feel safest. Do you have any physical limitations? Are you at risk of falling? Has your balance been compromised at all over the last 20 years? If you think any of those things lean you in the direction of a tricycle, then make that choice. It's going to be way safer, and just give you more peace of mind when you're out riding.

I hope that helps you to decide if it's time to switch from a two-wheel bike to a three-wheel bike. If you have any other questions at all, please comment below or shoot us an email, at, or call us: at (310) 982-2877.

Also, if you're interested in the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle, navigate to our website. You can find it there. And also, if you're in the market for a bike or an e-bike and you don't know what you want, take our proprietary body fit quiz. Answer a few questions about your body and your life, and we'll recommend the perfect e-bike or bike for you. And then we have a 30-day test drive of your e-bike or bike policy. If you don't love it in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

And lastly, before you buy, join our Facebook Pedalers group and download our app. You can talk to existing riders before you purchase, and see how many miles they're logging on the app. And in addition to that, after you have your bike, post photos, make friends, log your rides on the app and compete on the leaderboard. It's tons of fun. Thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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