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TRICYCLE RIDERS! This E Trike has a Back Rest Seat, It Folds & It's Insanely Comfortable!

Hey everyone. I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to show you the best electric tricycle that has a backrest seat. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to show you the best electric tricycle that has a backrest seat, but before I do, hit that subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're doing, giveaways we do, and of course, new product releases.

All right, so let's say you're in the market for an electric tricycle and you want something with a backrest. I've got the Sixthreezero Easy Transit Folding Electric Trike here, 750-watt front hub motor. Now, one little caveat, the standard seat that comes with this is not the backrest but we've developed this seat as an add-on for this trike to make this the best electric trike with a backrest, and I'm going to show you why.

Today I've got Stella with me and I've got Arden with me. Stella's 5'7, 250 pounds, and Arden's 5'10, 300 pounds. And I'm going to show you how comfortable they are on this trike and how great the seat is for them and how overall you're going to see the seating position and what it looks like for them. So let's go ahead and get this position here. Stella, why don't you be our first rider?

All right, if you want to go ahead and sit down. Now, firstly, you can see the low step-through height, so that it's easy for her to step through and she can get onto the seat. We could actually lower the seat if that would be better for her, but it seems to be okay. Now, look at her upright position, and she's got the backrest here, which is supporting her back so she can take some of the strain off and relax if she wants to. The other thing is with the adjustable handlebars they come right into her body, so her arms are like, I mean, you can describe it, but-

Stella: Kind of relaxed.

Dustin: Yeah, you're not even straining at all.

Stella: Your arms are in a relaxed state. I don't have to be like this. [inaudible 00:02:01] I can just relax like this.

Dustin: Yeah, and I mean steering, it's like all right there.

Stella: It's right here.

Dustin: You've got the quick-release clamp here to raise and lower the handlebars, and you also can adjust the tilts if you want to bring them farther or closer to your body. And we've got it pretty much dialed in exactly to Stella's body. Now, a 750-watt front hub motor. This is going to be able to bring riders or loads up to about 350 pounds, and we're going to show you how easily she can ride on it. And the comfort position is really, really important. When you're on a tricycle, you're going to be going at a more leisurely pace than if you're on a two-wheel bike and you want your body comfortable, you want to be relaxed, you want to feel great about the rides you're doing.

So the 750-watt front hub motor, it's going to be great for getting you up hills with the pedal assist. It's also going to be pretty zippy, which we'll see with Stella riding here in a second. Now, these are 16-inch tires, so very low center of gravity. It's going to be very balanced like I said, easy to get on and off. 10.4 amp hour battery, you're going to get up to about 50 miles. Now, that depends on if you're using the throttle, or if you're in pedal assist mode. Also, the weight of the rider, the load, and the conditions that you're riding in.

Lastly, it has a seven-speed derailleur. So if you want to ride it like a normal tricycle and shift the gears, you can have that option as well. The other thing too is we have a reverse function. So if you want this to be your mode of transportation in a store or your house and you need to cut corners or any offices, wherever you're going with it, you have a reverse option. You get yourself into a tight corner, throw it in reverse, and you'll be good to go. I'm going to go ahead and let Stella demonstrate that quickly. So let's flip it into reverse and go ahead and pull the throttle. Push the throttle with your thumb.

Yep, here you go. You can stop.

Stella: Whoa, okay.

Dustin: All right, and we'll flip it back to forward.

And the other thing I want to show really quickly... Stop. I'm just going to pull you this way. Let me just hold on for the ride here for a second. We're going to steer her toward the camera. Now you can see, not only does this seat have a backrest, but it has 14 a half-inch-wide base. So she's going to get great support down there, and she's getting the support of the backrest here like I said, so she can lean back. And again, most standard seats are going to be like 5, 6, 7, 8. Our standard seat is 9 and a half inches wide. With this 14 and a half inches wide, it's supporting all of her rears, so it's not cutting into her. Making her feel uncomfortable. And you love this seat, right?

Stella: I love this seat.

Dustin: Stella's been on this seat before, and she's liked it. All right. If you want to go ahead and take a lap for us and give everyone a little demonstration, you can just see the kind of relaxed seating position she's in. You want to make a little loop. Oh, you can turn there. That's fine too. Yep.

Stella: A loop over here? Okay.

Dustin: Easy to steer, right?

Stella: Yes. It is easy to steer. Woo hoo hoo.

Dustin: All right. You can come over and park it, and then we'll let Arden take a spin. All right. And then just pull your leg out. Good job.

All right, Arden, you're up.

Arden: Okay.

Dustin: All right, so same thing. He's getting great support back here. You love the backrest, right?

Arden: I do, yeah.

Dustin: And yeah, go ahead and take a loop lap for us. The beauty is this has a fully adjustable seat clamp as well. It has a double seat clamp that you can adjust up and down for different riders. So we can have heights, actually 4'9 to 6' 5 on this electric trike. Now, have you tried the throttle at all yet, or not really?

Arden: Not too much.

Dustin: Do you want to give it a shot?

Arden: Sure.

Dustin: Now just easy on it. Easy, easy. There you go. Yeah, just touch it a little bit. You don't have to engage it all the way and get yourself going this way. There you go.

Arden: That's very nice.

Dustin: Fun, right?

Arden: A lot of fun.

Dustin: Okay, now let's show them. Why don't you turn a little bit over here? So exactly kind of like that too. When you're in a tight quarter, you can also ease the throttle a little bit, which helps to turn. Let me go ahead and position you here. Hang on for the ride for a sec. All right, so let's demonstrate too with Arden's weight, 300 pounds. Let's flip this. Go ahead and push the throttle. Just a little ease into it. Actually, you can push it more, push it more. There you go. And no problem. Now he's going backward. And you can stop. So you can see the reverse too, there's enough power to get him going backward as well. The other thing is it comes with the front and rear basket, so you can bring things with you, but don't forget, it's got the backrest on there that you can add onto it, and it's going to be super, super comfortable, and easy to ride. How do you like the riding position?

Arden: Super comfortable. Can ride for miles.

Dustin: And you can see his arms, back are upright. The arms are really relaxed. Again, we brought the bars into his body. If you have longer arms, you can shift those out. And as I said, you have the quick release here to raise and lower and the quick release on the seat. So an awesome folding electric trike for adults, if you're looking for something with a backrest that's ultra comfortable.

So thanks for sticking around. If you have any other questions about this e-bike, comment below. Email us at or call us at (310) 982-2877. And if you're in the market for an electric trike, find us on our website, But if you don't know what you're looking for, take our proprietary body fit quiz. Answer a few questions about your body and your life, and we'll recommend the perfect e-bike or e-trike for you. And you have a 30-Day Test Ride Your E-bike Policy. If you don't love it in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

In addition to that, we'll warranty everything on it for a year. If anything goes wrong, we'll take care of it. Lastly, be a part of our Facebook Pedalers group and download our app. Compete on the leaderboard on the app. Make new friends in the Pedalers group, even before you purchase, talk to other riders. See how they like their bike so you can hear what they have to say before you purchase. So thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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