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Top Tricycles of 2023 for Seniors Over 60

What is stopping you from getting out and going as a senior adult? If you are over 60, mobility concerns might be an issue. You may also be on a fixed income that does not support a new or used vehicle.

Want to stop buying gas? It only takes 6 cents to power up a 600W electric trike battery, which makes the annual charge expense only $29. This is much cheaper than the annual cost of maintaining a vehicle.

That’s another reason why tricycles powered by electricity are the way on the road for many seniors. Whether you want to be less dependent on fossil fuels, or you need a mode of transportation that is more exciting than a car, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the top tricycles powered by electricity for seniors who are over 60.

Best for Racing Fans: E-Spider 72V Trike

The E-Spider 72V Trike by Massimo Electric is one of the pricier tricycles on this list. However, you can’t beat the super sleek look of this fierce trike. If style is your top reason for picking out an electric tricycle as a senior, consider this full-bodied trike. The unique body of this e-trike is more like a racing car than an actual tricycle.

Trick your friends and give everyone a reason to turn their head as you come rolling out with the E-Spider 72V Trike. While this e-trike looks fast, it performs at some pretty quick speeds. Race around the block going up to 74 miles per hour and up to six hours on a battery charge. The maximum weight for anyone riding on this electric tricycle is 450 pounds, while the entire trike weighs in at 1,101 lbs.

Choose from Red, Yellow, and White, the latter of which looks more like a creamy gray paint color. Either way you go, the E-Spider 72V Trike is easy on the eyes! Your grandkids will have a field day seeing you sport around on your E-Spider 72V Trike. 

Best for Traveling: Eunorau Folding Trike

Are you part of the frequent flier club? Well, now you don’t have to bother with renting an e-trike over the road. When flying or traveling by train, check your new folding electric tricycle by Eunorau. This trike folds at a 170 degree angle and can be stored away with ease. The Eunorau Folding Trike is moderately priced, too, ranging from below $2,500. Choose from White or Blue for this 500W front-mounted motor-powered tricycle. 

A range of 40 miles with pedal-assist on a single charge, yet travels up to 18 miles per hour. The entire tricycle weighs just 80 pounds and holds riders and cargo with a combined weight of 440 pounds. Check off all those bells and whistles you’ve heard about in an e-tricycle. This is also a fat tire bike, adding excitement to the folding-style of trike. 

Fat tire trikes are more unique than standard width tire bikes. Fat tires also make the trike more stable, which is key for seniors over 60 who want to stay safely upright while riding. The front basket and rear cargo basket add just the right place to keep personal belongings while riding the Eunorau Trike. 

Best for Long Rides: Maxfoot MF-30 Electric Trike

Did you know Medicare will pay for your adult tricycle if it meets adaptive equipment requirements for durable medical equipment? That means you could get assistance to pay for some or all of the cost of owning a new electric tricycle. This is very important for seniors who are on a fixed income or have a limited budget. If you qualify, the Maxfoot MF-30 Electric Trike can serve as your new mode of transportation, while also supporting your health and wellbeing.

Go up to 60 miles on a single charge with the three wheels of this handy trike. For seniors who are over 60 years old, the Maxfoot MF-30 is one of the more powerful e-trikes on this list. This is a 750 watt high performance e-trike available in four colors–Pearl White, Neptune Blue, Dark Green, and Black. Each color is trimmed with a black seat and matching handlebars, and black baskets in the front and rear. 

However, the load capacity maxes out at 350 pounds, which puts the brakes on some seniors who want to use their e-trike for hauling cargo. If you plan on using your e-trike for going shopping or traveling, consider your personal body weight along with the anticipated amount of weight you plan on hauling. 

Another interesting feature that stands out on the Maxfoot MF-30 is the use of a seat back on the saddle. For seniors over 60 who struggle to support their lower back while riding, the backrest on this e-trike will be more than welcomed.

Choosing the Best Electric Tricycle for Seniors Over 60

Stay safe with a new electric tricycle from one of these brands. Each company is backed by solid reviews from customers who are already out on the town on the back of their new e-trike for seniors. Now it is your turn to take the handlebars out for a spin. See which one of these electric tricycles is everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a three-wheeled bicycle.


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