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Will Medicare Pay for Your Tricycle?

July 14, 2022

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services advises adults to get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. Biking is a great way to get that exercise, and you may be considering a three-wheeled adult bike. Based on its ability to provide a health-promoting activity, you could also be wondering if Medicare will pay for an adult tricycle.

Covering Your Tricycle's Cost Through Medicare

When it’s justified to meet health care needs, Medicare will cover the cost of durable medical equipment, also referred to as DME. If your doctor determines that an adult tricycle is needed for medical reasons, he or she can prescribe an order for one. You could also be required to submit to a prior Medicare approval process but your doctor’s determination will be the first step in obtaining coverage. If you’re unable to obtain an adult trike through Medicare, however, there’s a range of affordable financing plans you can also consider.

What Is an Adult Tricycle?

Adult tricycles are three-wheeled bikes and a great choice if you’re concerned about your coordination or sense of balance. You’ll get a solid and stable ride from three wheels and you won’t need to worry about tipping over. They’re also easier to mount and dismount. The step-through frame of an adult tricycle enables you to keep one foot on the ground while you simply bring your other foot through the frame. The seats on adult trikes are comfortable and distribute your weight better.

Benefits of Using an Adult Tricycle

Riding an adult tricycle can help you stay healthy. It’s a low-impact activity that doesn’t stress your joints while you enjoy the fresh air and gain cardiovascular benefits. Many adult trikes come with accessory cargo baskets, which makes them well-suited for a refreshing jaunt to the grocery store. You also won’t need to worry about your trike falling over while you’re off it. If you wish, you can add accessories such as a cellphone holder, rear view mirror, lights or horn.

Types of Tricycles for Adults

In addition to a standard adult trike, you can also get a recumbent or semi-recumbent version. The recumbent versions let you sit in a reclining position. If you have back pain issues, you’ll appreciate the support the recumbent seats provide your spine. You may also wish to consider an EBike that has an electric motor to assist in your pedaling.

How To Choose the Best Tricycle

To make your best choice, consider how and where you intend to use your trike. When you buy from a reputable and established dealer, you’ll get expert help in matching your needs to the right trike. Terrain can be a factor in determining your best choice. Three-wheelers provide a smooth and comfortable ride on pavement, but if you plan to take your trike off-pavement, a heavy-duty wide-tire model may better suit your plans.

EVRYjourney Tricycle

The EVRYjourney Electric trike is a choice well worth considering. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable ride and the rear basket provides enough carrying space to cover a wide range of chores and excursions. You’ll get on and off easily thanks to the step-through frame, and the relaxed ride minimizes body strain. The electric motor provides ample power in pedal-assist and full-motor mode.

EBike Tricycles

If you’re a senior, disabled individual or anyone concerned about your pedaling stamina or ability to cover a steep incline, an EBike three-wheeler will put your mind at ease. The electric power the battery provides the drivetrain will keep you going when you need to lay back on the pedaling. Look into what EBike tricycles have to offer. You’ll find a range of power options, speeds and motor-assisted travel distances to serve the needs of just about any rider or intended use.


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